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  1. http://cfn.scout.com/2/861713.html I suppose this is one way of "formalizing" it . Although, Pete fiutak isn't exactly the most credible college football analyst. I think you were referring to MSU as "Wide Receiver U" for their accomplishments in the NFL, but personally I am more concerned about how an athlete produces while they are attending the university I root for. Anything they do in the NFL, is just icing on the cake. (e.g. SEE Brady, Tom) I also thought it was pretty interesting to see the Big Ten so well represented on that list. 3 of the top 6, 4 of the top ten, and 6 of the top 20.
  2. NFL: Pontiac Silverdome Ford Field College: Michigan Stadium Spartan Stadium Ohio Stadium Camp Randall Stadium Notre Dame Stadium Memorial Field (Nebraska) Citrus Bowl Rose Bowl Doak Campbell Stadium (FSU) Folsom Field (Colorado)
  3. Just an observation, but doesn't Neitzel always look like he just finished chemo?
  4. Having experienced the Izzone firsthand, I would be the first to admit that their student section creates a tremendous homecourt advantage. One that is rivaled by only a few other schools in the country. Their chants/cheers are very well orchestrated and their students are extremely loud and enthusiastic. The way they go about policing the Izzone, however, is absolutely absurd. First of all, you must wear the designated Izzone shirt when using a student ticket/ID in order to gain admission into the Breslin Center.* I attended the Michigan/Michigan State game mid-Winter two years ago and the ushers had everyone in the Izzone entrance line open their jackets in order to make certain that they were wearing the appropriate attire. As a Michigan alum, I was naturally wearing the Izzone shirt I had borrowed under my maize and blue, but it still felt somewhat criminal to even have the shirt on my person, let alone while attending the U of M/MSU game. Seriously though, this wasn't too big of a deal and I can at least rationalize the policy behind it. What is absolutely ludicrous, however, is that within 5 minutes of tipoff I was instructed by an "Izzone Usher" that the Izzone shirt must be my outermost layer of clothing. I immeditaely pointed to the twenty or so people within fifty feet of me that were all wearing clothing other than the Izzone shirt as their outermost layer. She conveniently ignored my observation and and instead repeated that I must comply (remove my Michigan apparel) or I would be escorted out of the arena. I hysterically laughed in her face and proceeded to watch the game. She wouldn't leave my side until I complied, so I grudingly removed my shirt. Within minutes of putting my Michigan shirt back on, I was confronted by the same girl again, except this time she brought her "supervisor" with her. The man forcefully grabbed my arm and threatened my removal from the Breslin if I did not remove my Michigan shirt. I once again complied, but watched the rest of the game in complete disbelief because of the way I had been treated in this "free" nation. As a passionate sports fan, especially of collegiate athletics, I love the "harassment" that rivalries invoke. In fact, I invite it, as it is normally all in good fun, but I found this harassment to be just a little bit over the top. Anyway, sorry about the longwinded rant, but till this day I still can't comprehend compelling visiting fans to wear the hometeam apparel in order to watch a game in their student section. Just thought I would share why I am reluctant to annoint the Izzone as the best student section in the nation, or at least the implication that it is. Also, having read the linked article that this entire thread is predicated upon, I saw no mention of how the supposed decline of the Cameron Crazies as the gold standard of college basketball student sections, translates into the passing of the torch to the Izzone. *My statements are based on my experience in the Izzone two years ago, so it is possible that their policies have since changed.
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