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  1. This is it I"m a retard i looked all over the Tigers shop site for this how did I miss it. THanks a lot.
  2. - Alright i've seen the whole club wearing these but I can't find anywhere on the web. I'm looking for the Long Sleeve warm up jersey's (if it is a jersey or warm up) that the club has been wearing with just the very small Old English D in the center of the upper chest. In fact all major league clubs i've seen wearing it, looks to be a Tech Type or Dry Fit type material long sleeve, for the Tigers of course navy blue with like I said the Small Old Eng D in the center of the chest. If anyone has seen these on the web for purchase let me know..Any help would be greatly appreciated. And I don't think its BP gear because every major site has BP jersey's and thats not what i'm looking for.
  3. we did give the Yanks their worst road loss ever last year, Maybe we can do it in their house this year!
  4. 1. No, but Kenny should really consider it. 2. Vance is doing keg stands with ZOOM 3. For the love of Pete please cut him side note- what are the chances of Galarraga staying up when D-train comes back?
  5. Over the past 7 games Detroit is the 2nd best hitting team in baseball behind the BoSox. And KC is on a 4 game losing streak.
  6. Any chance of sitting Jaque Jones and playing Clete in Left when Grandy returns?
  7. Kyler81


    Yeah I saw this thread didn't know if anyone had any new news. Bullpen sessions? or minor league games?
  8. Kyler81


    Anyone have an update on Cruceta?
  9. Anyone have an update on Cruceta?
  11. Call me a retard but I have Dish any time i try to go to the tigers game it says I'm blacked out why the hell doesn't dish have a MLB package.
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