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  1. WHOAAA... I wasn't paying attention, but no worries I'll take DLS grad P Jake Sabol!
  2. It's all a crapshoot, even the "experts" don't know who is actually good beyond the obvious
  3. Are you sure he is eligible? He hasn't been pro for 4 years yet.
  4. Being on a good team can mask how good you actually are.
  5. he is the clear cut #2 free agent starter on the market this winter, behind CC. but with that said, its still a risk, and a risk that doesn't make sense for a team for us... its seems like a yankee or red sox type... or maybe a cubs team now with theo running it now... just because hes from japan doesnt mean he is dice k, and he's only been getting better ever since being on the radar the last 5 years.
  6. WAIT!? Charlie doesn't have cancer?!
  7. Its my 3rd in a row, but im only 20... so hopefully i can hit a double digit streak like some of the vets
  8. the Lions are smarter than to pay a 3rd for him, and the Saints knew if they gave him a 3rd round tender that it might generate trade interest. If the Lions like what they see, and if he's changed completely which I hope for his sake that he is clean, then why not give up something later in the draft, this years or next.
  9. Ian Johnson is still able to sign with us, and he's been practicing with an NFL team recently helps a little more.
  10. She's such a fan, she didn't get the memo that Roy is still a member of the team.
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