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  1. I saw this site in the paper this morning, and wanted to check it out. I hadn't talked to estrepe (Brian) in a very long time, so I wanted to see what others were saying about him and stuff. He came around to kffl.com mostly during the draft season, which would be right now.
  2. Hi, I am from Iowa. This is weird, but I post on a message board called www.kffl.com. I always knew Brian as estrepe. I was doing some mock drafts that he was participating in and I had his AIM through that. I didn't talk to him much other than most of the time to say hey, it is your pick in the draft. However, one time, he and I struck up a long coversation he told me how he was orginally from Cedar Rapids. I hadn't talked to him at kffl or via aim in a long time. His college roomate when I knew him was also part of the forum and in my mocks, that is how Brian got my AIM name and took part in the mock draft I was doing. Today I was reading the gazette. Was reading about Brian (not thinking anything of it) and then I came across this familiar name "estrepe1" I thought why is that familiar? Then it hit me, this was the poster I had, had a few IMs with and chatted about Iowa. I had no idea what his name was just knew him as estrepe1. It really surprised me, although I never knew him personally he and I had a few good chats about football and Iowa. R.I.P.
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