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  1. Hi Brian, I wish I could report that our nation has become a safer and saner place since that awful day in 2007 on the campus of Virginia Tech. Unfortunately, now we are reeling from a terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon which has resulted in the loss of life and limbs for many innocent victims of another senseless tragedy. On a much brighter note, I'm sure you are looking down on your beloved Detroit Tigers and eagerly awaiting to see how this 2013 season plays out. With a little luck, no major injuries to key performers and just a little help from the bullpen...this Tigers team may be poised to bring another World Series Championship to Detroit. May your spirit live on in all those you touched at Motown Sports!
  2. I select Al Avila, Vice-President and Assistant General Manager. Not only is he DD's right-hand man, but without him we wouldn't have Alex!
  3. I would like us to take a business approach to rationally assess Gunther's job in charge of the Lions defense. I think it would be reasonable to include the following categories (feel free to add any I may have missed): Run Defense (e.g. Opponents Rushing Yards Per Carry) Pass Defense (e.g. Opponents Pass Completion %) 3rd Down Defense (getting off the field) Opponent's Time of Possession Red Zone Defense QB Pressures (Sacks, Passes knocked down) Tackles for Loss Interceptions, Passes Defended Forced Fumbles/Fumble Recoveries Defensive Penalties (Pre-snap and Post-snap included) Points Allowed while Defense was on the field Points Allowed in last 2:00 of the half (1st & 2nd) Opponents Yards Allowed after the catch Missed Tackles You may grade by letter (A through F) or by point system (0-10 ) (10 being the best; 0 being the worst)
  4. Thanks for an entertaining season. The biggest way to improve for next season would be to fire Gunther Cunningham. Not only did Drew Brees do whatever he wanted against the Lions but they were also repeatedly torched by the not quite legendary Joe Webb and Matt Flynn.
  5. The Lions won the Monday night game vs. the Bears in Detroit. I'm sure you meant the late Sunday afternoon loss in Chicago where the Lions got blown out.
  6. I was amazed that no penalties were called on some of the late hits Stafford was taking clearly after he had thrown the ball. You know that if that were Drew Brees being hit by a Lion player in the same situation, the flag would be flying!
  7. Until the Lions can stop shooting themselves in the foot with ridiculous penalties at critical times in games, I suggest that we refer to them as the DUHtroit Lions. Definition of duh: Used to comment on an action perceived as foolish or stupid.
  8. My son and I will be at the Falcons game. I would have loved to see the Lions unbeaten going into that game. I hope they'll be ready to play for 60 minutes. These slow starts were bound to bite them sooner or later.
  9. I'm hopeful that Ryan Donahue will not be called upon very often this season, but am confident that he will do a better job of pinning opposing teams inside their 20 yard line than Nick Harris has done the last few years.
  10. Would this NFL veteran Midnight Blue and Gold product of the University of Toledo enjoy a career resurgence in Honolulu Blue and Silver?
  11. The Sports Network The Chicago Bears cut veteran running back Chester Taylor on Saturday, the deadline for NFL teams to trim their rosters to 53 players. Read more: NFL cuts include Bears RB Taylor - Football Wires - MiamiHerald.com
  12. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Tom's viewpoints on the Lions and will greatly miss him on WDFN. It was wonderful to hear all the nice things this gentle giant did for others without expecting anything in return...a great example for us all!
  13. I was watching the game on TV yesterday and was absolutely incredulous that, late in the game with the Tigers trailing 3-1, Miguel Cabrera stopped at 1B on his drive up the right center field gap. Cabrera isn't a fast runner but he generally seems to be smart on the basepaths. Ordonez made it from 1B to 3B on the play. As a result, with only one out, the Double Play was still in order. Then on a ground ball to 2B, Magglio seemed to initially hesitate off of 3B before coming home. The Angels got the force at 2B and Aybar alertly threw home in time to nail Ordonez who did his best Victor imitation as he tried to dance his way to the plate. After watching Jacob Turner continually work of out jams with runners in scoring position, I have to say I'm very glad the Tigers didn't include this 20 year old in a trade for Jimenez (or some other rent-a-wreck pitcher). He demonstrated remarkable poise and had good movement on his pitches. I hope he gets called back up in September and is a main cog in the Tigers starting rotation for many years to come!
  14. That was 10 minutes very well spent!!!!!!!!!! I, like Curtis, never met Brian but he continues to inspire me on a daily basis. I am proud to wear his bracelet! Curtis Granderson may no longer be a Detroit Tiger, but he still is and always will be, an incredibly awesome human being!
  15. Happy 30th Birthday Brian! You will be long remembered on these message boards and in our hearts!
  16. Just saw a promo for this. Program to feature how Curtis is helping Brian Bluhm's family deal with the aftermath of the Virginia Tech massacre.
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