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  1. Hey guys, First of all I would like to extend my condolences to all of you who knew Brian Bluhm (estrepe1). I first heard about Brian’s story from another board that I frequent, blindsideblitz.com and came over here to read your thoughts. It soon became clear to me that you all liked if not loved Brian, as he appeared to be a valued member of your community. The outpouring of affection you had for him and the shock and grief that I could feel through your posts inspired me to try to put together some way to honor Brian at one of the sites that I frequent – MVPMods.com. I mentioned Brian and provided the link that I was given, and steps have been taken towards putting up tributes to Brian at MVPMods and at another site – MVPTotalClassics. The links to those sites I have provided below. Also, the artist who produced the picture at MVPTotalClassics has made that picture available in a couple of formats for anyone who wishes to utilize it here on the site. From all of us over at MVPMods, we express our condolences to you and to Brian’s family. We have a tribute to Brian and the other victims up on the front page at MVPMods now. http://www.mvpmods.com/ http://www.mvpmods.com/Forums/viewtopic/t=28847.html http://home.mvptotalclassics.com/
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