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  1. Jason_R

    2019 Offseason + Free Agency Thread

    Yeah, but it’s going to happen one way or another. Just don’t let it be a system where a team on defense can throw the flag to look for holding when the offense converts a third down pass in the two minute drill.
  2. Jason_R

    Lions not playing an international game.... GOOD!

    But will they be drafted to participate in “Hard Knocks”? As I understand it, they are one of five teams that could be compelled to do so. (But so are the Giants, Raiders, and Redskins.) Anyway, it would be karma if Patricia had to open up the whole operation to TV cameras.
  3. Jason_R

    2019 Offseason + Free Agency Thread

    I feel like making every non-call reviewable would go too far. The game is already cut up by too many reviews (and commercials). As a first step, for the playoffs, perhaps they could stop splitting up the crews that worked together all season. A crew that was familiar with one another may have just huddled up and gotten that DPI call right. Then maybe you add challenges for PI calls (15+ yards) and personal fouls, but place a sharp limit on the booth review time so you only alter really blatantly missed calls. It would be a disaster if they spent five minutes dissecting different camera views of hand fighting or incidental contact, but if you can see from the replay that the WR got cracked in the head by a DB who had no idea where the ball was, fine, flag it and move on. But this is the NFL, so they will probably overcorrect. And sell more ads as the game slows down.
  4. Jason_R

    What exactly does this team need?

    Let’s not forget that the Saints got inside the red zone on their first two drives (including after an awful pick thrown by Goff) and could not put the ball in the end zone. They could have put a nail in the coffin right away, but failed... due to a ferocious defensive line that could have belonged to the Detroit Lions.
  5. Jason_R

    2019 Offseason + Free Agency Thread

    PS: If the Lions has waited a few days, they could have rehired Scott Linehan. Schefter reports he is out in Dallas.
  6. Jason_R

    2019 Offseason + Free Agency Thread

    Kaepernick was denouncing and dehumanizing police officers within weeks of the ambush and murder of five police officers in Dallas. Maybe some think that was fine, but maybe others think it was not.
  7. Jason_R

    2019 Offseason + Free Agency Thread

    Remember, Kaepernick started his anti-police rhetoric right after five police officers were ambushed and murdered in Dallas. If an owner were to conclude that Kaepernick’s dehumanizing of police officers was even remotely connectable in the minds of fans to that mass murder of police officers, I could see how that owner would view Kaepernick as a far bigger PR problem than Ray Rice or Kareem Hunt.
  8. Jason_R

    2019 Offseason + Free Agency Thread

    Brent Farve... classic.
  9. Jason_R

    2019 Offseason + Free Agency Thread

    For the record, I don’t want Murray, but maybe he ends up looking like Baker Mayfield.
  10. Jason_R

    2019 Offseason + Free Agency Thread

    I’ve also wondered what would happen if Murray is still on the board at #8. I kind of doubt whether Mrs. Ford and Rod Wood would sign off on it... even if it may turn out to be the right move.
  11. Jason_R

    2019 Offseason + Free Agency Thread

    It’s a good article. I think Bevell is a good hire. A base hit, maybe he can stretch it into a double, but not a strikeout. And not a home run. This is Quinn’s prove-it year. He’s going to have to take a risk somewhere, on the player personnel side.
  12. Jason_R

    2019 Offseason + Free Agency Thread

    Pure speculation... hiring someone as experienced as Bevell — a “retread,” some might say — indicates that Quinn doesn’t feel like he has a long enough leash to gamble on a hot, young, offensive mind. I know, Quinn said it was Patricia’s decision, but I think they are joined at the hip, and if Quinn doesn’t make the playoffs next year he (and Patricia) will officially be on thin ice. In any event, Bevell will be the best OC Stafford has played under.
  13. Jason_R

    2018 Playoff Predictions

    I was glad to see that storyline come out. Otherwise that poor kid Parkey would never hear the end of it. Probably still won’t, but at least he has an extenuating circumstance. The whole thing reminded me of George Carlin’s bit about football being like the army. You have all these guys battling it out in the trenches... then the place kicker is like the pencil-neck logistics guy who effs up and misroutes the bombers leaving the infantry to certain defeat.
  14. Jason_R

    2018 Playoff Predictions

    Loved seeing Tate score the game winner. Loved seeing Chicago lose. Hated seeing that poor kid have his worst nightmare. Cody Parkey will be remembered in Chicago lore alongside the billy goat and Mrs. O’Leary’s cow.
  15. Jason_R

    2019 Offseason + Free Agency Thread

    Cooter not renewed. https://twitter.com/ttwentyman/status/1080231613735280641