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  1. OTOH, maybe Quinn pulls off a massive draft day trade and ends up with two new starters and two other immediate contributors, and Stafford comes back and picks up where he left off.
  2. Their plans haven’t worked, and they are arrogant about it. Their plans haven’t worked, because they are arrogant about it. Their plans haven’t worked, because their players don’t believe in them. They will be fired by week 10 next season, and they will look at each other and say, “We needed more time to build the right foundation, but the family just doesn’t know football.”
  3. It’s not a conspiracy to note that Patricia’s players grumbled when he came in suggesting they were soft and put in a hill for them to run on after practice (when he is himself two hundred pounds overweight). It’s not a conspiracy to note that Patricia’s players quit on him in the first game of his first season. Every beat writer commented on it. It’s not a conspiracy to note that Patricia axed a defensive captain who didn’t respect him... and that player has gone on to have three interceptions, a forced fumble and recovery, a touchdown, and three passes defended... in seven games. It’s not a conspiracy to note that Vrabel has twice as many wins in the same period of time than Patricia. None of this is a conspiracy. It is all reality.
  4. https://www.prideofdetroit.com/platform/amp/2020/1/13/21063406/detroit-lions-new-defensive-coordinator-cory-undlin Well, at this point my expectations for 2020 could scarcely be lower. Matt Patricia is a know-it-all who has done nothing to justify his arrogance.
  5. What does McVay have to do with this? Between Vrabel and Patricia — both of whom the Lions interviewed — Vrabel was then, and has been proven since to be, the far superior coach. But I believe Quinn hired Patricia over Vrabel because he was afraid of being challenged by a strong personality — and someone with the credibility of NFL experience — like Mike Vrabel. This fits into Quinn’s profile of playing things too close to the vest.
  6. Vrabel had experience as a player, which has given him credibility as the leader of his team. Patricia struggled right out of the gate because he did not have experience or credibility with players. And neither did Quinn. Neither Patricia nor Quinn is capable of leading, let alone getting peak performance out of, the kind of men who become professional athletes. It was clear from the start.
  7. That’s jibber jabber. The fact of the matter is that Vrabel had better credentials then, and the gap is unbridgeable now. Quinn never should have been allowed to pick “his guy” as a GM with no experience in the role.
  8. I see people say that Okudah is a very good player, who “projects” similarly to Marshon Lattimore and Denzel Ward, but who was tied for 51st among CBs this season for INTs (3), 79th in PBUs (9), and below 150th in tackles. I would not hate the pick at 3 because I’m sure college QBs were terrified to throw towards him. But I’m not on the bandwagon. Still I would love him at 5, 6, or 7. Jerry Jeudy put up 24 TDs and 2,500 yards in two seasons as a starter, when everybody has known the ball was coming his way. And, of course, he took the Michigan secondary to the woodshed. He would make the Lions offense — which showed sparks last season — legitimately explosive. I am on my way to loving Jeudy at 3.
  9. Need for WR will come soon enough... and, in fact, showed up at the end of last season.
  10. Agree. Mrs. Ford did not give them one more year so they could blow up the team further. And now that Rhule is in at Carolina, we have three teams who will want QBs, but only two QBs deemed worthy of top-of-the-draft consideration. Quinn needs to come out of this with a trade that lands an all-pro player with the #5, 6, or 7 pick, and another starter from a second #1 pick this year (MIA) or two more picks this year from rounds 2-4.
  11. Matt Rhule in at Carolina. What are the odds he will want to pick his own QB?
  12. This is why I want him. Plus good stories for the beat writers.
  13. With his 60 years of experience, and his dad’s history, he instantly makes the beat writers’ stories better, even if the team has another lousy season.
  14. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001094960/article/rams-to-move-on-from-wade-phillips-as-dc Git-r-dun, Quinntricia.
  15. Good news... if someone wants to leapfrog Miami to get him. Fingers crossed.
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