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  1. This ain’t college... both teams are getting paid.
  2. Exactly. A Pro Bowl WR and borderline HOF QB are going to get theirs. Slay made the biggest play of the game. Checkmate. After the flag on Chubb for hitting a QB in the numbers with his shoulder while the QB was still holding the ball, I guess anything goes. But I don't even think Roethlisberger got hit. He looked like a baseball pitcher dialing up some Tommy John surgery.
  3. Yeah, which is probably a big reason why Hock was not featured as a receiver like last week. Also, the staff clearly made the decision to put Slay on an island against a Pro Bowl WR and a borderline HOF QB. Why, I don't know... maybe they wanted to keep assignments simpler for Tracy Walker. But all of this talk I've seen from the beat writers that Hock/Slay's "stock is down" is silly.
  4. If another team hands you the game, take it. It is a long season, and everybody is getting paid. Did Stafford miss on a few deep throws? Yes. But those mistakes were nowhere near as costly as Rivers chucking it into double coverage in the end zone just because he wanted to rub it in Slay’s face. Rivers let his ego get the best of him, and lost the game for his team. Wentz? I don’t know. He missed a series last night (time to start calling him fragile?), and when he was in, he did not seem to be lighting the world on fire. And he might not have anybody to throw to next week. My biggest concern is that the DL has not showed up yet. Let’s hope they are just knocking off rust from no preseason, and once Hand/Davis get healthy and Flowers/Snacks hit their stride, we see an actual pass rush.
  5. Well, it was a sloppy game. But there were a few positives. 1. Patricia seems to be letting Bevell open it up a bit, and we are starting to see Stafford throwing those laser beams that few other QBs are capable of throwing. 2. Crosby did not get destroyed by Bosa/Ingram. 3. Ty Johnson looked like he deserves more carries. 4. Agnew did not muff another game away (though Coach P said after the game that they will stick with him, so...) 5. Tavai does not look like a miss, or even a reach, after a game with nine tackles and a forced goal line fumble.
  6. Atlanta has been testing — and beating — Philadelphia deep. Philly might be down to WRs 4/5/6 next week.
  7. Slay made the game clinching interception.
  8. Stafford is Rivers, with like eighteen fewer kids.
  9. Who came out on top today? Rivers/Allen, or Big Play Slay?
  10. The vaunted top five DL lets a statue run for first down on 3rd and 10.
  11. Eff yeah Stafford. Connor Cook or whoever else the haters want cannot make those throws.
  12. This was the Stafford that Jim Caldwell was brought in to corral.
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