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  1. Bears at Lions SATURDAY 4:30 pm

    With a 7-9 finish? I think Quinn would move on without interference from Mrs. Ford. 8-8? 9-7? Here we might see whether Mrs. Ford is pulling strings for Caldwell. 10-6 and no playoffs? Hard to believe Quinn would let Caldwell go at this record, given that other staffs could do a lot worse, though Quinn might be tempted to move on. Maybe this scenario gets Caldwell an extra year on his contract... an extra two would be a surprise. In any event, I see no circumstance in which Caldwell stays without adding more coaching talent on the OL/run game side of things.
  2. Detroit Vs Tampa Bay 1pm (est)

    Quantum fandom: If we don’t watch the Lions, they will win.
  3. Bears at Lions SATURDAY 4:30 pm

    Sadly for the Lions, Aa-Rod is expected to be back by our Week 17 matchup with GB. And as bad as the Lions have looked recently, they are as likely to finish 8-8 as they are 10-6. But with Caldwell and Cooter coaching for their jobs, perhaps they will show some urgency.
  4. Caldwell signs extension

    Before the press misreported that Caldwell’s extension was multi-year, I believed that Quinn was expecting a division title and/or playoff win before making his bed with Caldwell. The misreported multi-year extension puzzled me, but I’m now back to the belief that, without a playoff win, Caldwell is out. Maybe their failure to report the length was some compromise with Ford/Wood to keep from embarrassing Caldwell, while not forcing Quinn’s hand too much.
  5. Detroit Vs Tampa Bay 1pm (est)

    Well, at least the Lions have not lost ground on Green Bay.
  6. Detroit Vs Tampa Bay 1pm (est)

    A great day but two unforced errors throwing into double coverage. Do Stafford’s blind defenders want to blame those two bad decisions on someone else? When Glover Quin is this team’s best player, they usually win. He has been that today.
  7. Detroit Vs Tampa Bay 1pm (est)

    This officiating crew doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. Edit: Mike Periera: “I think it’s ridiculous.”
  8. Detroit Vs Tampa Bay 1pm (est)

    I didn’t say he needed to be replaced. I said he needs to play better. Prepare better. He has the physical talent to be MVP of the league. Something is off with his mental game, not to mention the cohesiveness of the offense. He probably needs to be coached better too. But he has been under three offensive coordinators now. Given that someone (Quinn?) leaked that Caldwell’s contract only has one more season, let’s hope the fourth one is the charm.
  9. Detroit Vs Tampa Bay 1pm (est)

    Here's Stafford letting the N.O. game get out of hand, literally, twice. Yes, his protection sucked, play calls may have sucked, blah blah blah. Your QB cannot hold the ball for five seconds in the end zone; he has to have a plan to throw it away. Your QB cannot extend his throwing arm, with football, into an unblocked rusher; he has to turtle, protect the ball, and take the sack.
  10. Detroit Vs Tampa Bay 1pm (est)

    It’s some Stafford’s fault.
  11. Caldwell signs extension

    This just in... Caldwell’s extension was just one year, through 2018 season. Speculation: Quinn gave Caldwell a “prove yourself” year, is angry that Caldwell’s team has been unprepared to start games all season (as well as through his whole tenure), and now is leaking news of the one-year extension to let the whole NFL know that Caldwell is likely on his way out. http:// http://www.mlive.com/lions/index.ssf/2017/12/jim_caldwells_extension_report.html#incart_2box_lions
  12. Lions @ Ravens 1pm (est) FOX

    Nope. I’ve said that Stafford is in line for criticism just as much as any other player or coach. Others want to apologize for him - “He’s the best QB we’ve ever had!” - but the fact of the matter is that he has made a lot of costly mistakes. If he is going to be an MVP candidate, and win playoff games, he cannot have so many mental lapses. I don’t understand why that is controversial. And my statement that the team could buy better players had Stafford accepted a smaller deal is incontestable. Whether he should have been motivated to do what is best for himself, or best for his team, is a different question.
  13. Lions @ Ravens 1pm (est) FOX

    You are missing the point. When the team and Stafford agree on a contract like this, and not, say, a Tom Brady-like contract, both parties are agreeing to forego other investments that would improve the roster. Clearly the roster as constructed is not a winning roster. There are a lot of factors there, going back to Mayhew’s draft misses, and including the schemes implemented by the coaching staff that may put players in poor positions to succeed. But would the difference between Stafford’s contract and Brady’s buy a stronger defensive line? I think so. I am not saying, and never have said, that the problem is all Stafford. But you cannot give him a pass on the poor decisions he has made that have lost games. Running around in the end zone in the Superdome and getting sacked for a fumble and defensive TD? That is the nonsense I expected out of Dan Orlovsky, not Matt Stafford. I am glad he sought a private QB consultant in the off-season. I hope he doesn’t stop there. I want to see him on the sideline chewing out Jim Bob Cooter for passive play calls, or Ron Prince for blown OL assignments.
  14. Lions @ Ravens 1pm (est) FOX

    I don’t have a problem with him making a lot of money. But what he gets paid has a direct correlation to the construction of the roster. Stafford has lost seven fumbles this season. Leads the league, along with Tom Savage. That is not OK. He has not been playing good enough.
  15. Lions @ Ravens 1pm (est) FOX

    It’s not just this game. He has a pattern of slow starts and early mistakes that puts the team in desperate situations. The top paid player in the NFL can’t be immune from criticism if he doesn’t execute. He’s been better under Cooter, but he may turn into the highest profile coach killer in the NFL. What roster additions could Quinn afford if he was paying Stafford as the 12th best QB in the league?