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  1. Listen, you may be the kind of person that likes to take a person's worst moment and rub their face in it. Fine. I'm not. I never said Kraft did nothing wrong, and I never said that he shouldn't face legal consequences. I did ask why the cops and the press (and others) were making the whole story about Kraft, but saying nothing about the owner of the spa -- who is actually the one guilty of any human trafficking that is going on. I did ask, shame on me, that we keep hot button political issues out of the Lions forum. For all of this, I had people like you make moral judgments about me. Suddenly you are the Spanish Inquisition? I stood my ground, and you got your panties in a bunch. If you are going to dish it out, you'll have to be a man and take it. Understood? Back to talking about Lions football, please.
  2. Is this the thread where people talk about Lions football? Anyway, I have seen a few people mock Devin White from LSU to Detroit. My first thought is, doesn't he play the same position as Jarrad Davis? My second thought is, the team is now largely based on 3-4 alignment. My third thought is that the draftniks seem really high on White, especially on his ability in coverage. I've never seen him play. Does anybody have a read on him?
  3. I presume that is me you are misquoting. In any event, I would appreciate it if you leave me out of your circle jerk. I’m not the kind of person who gets turned on by talking about other people’s sexual peccadilloes. And that’s why I beseech the mods, please, to keep this thread and forum focused on Lions topics. If people want to talk about allegations of a crime by another team’s owner, let them do it on the NFL forum.
  4. It is on the Lions forum, not the NFL forum.
  5. Put the owner on the news. Edit: And for what it’s worth, what the **** is this doing in this thread? It is totally irrelevant to the Lions’ 2019 Offseason and Free Agency.
  6. Who cares. He’s 75 years old and just buried his wife. Leave the guy alone. But this dirtbag ambulance chaser Tom Winter can’t wait to kick him when he’s down.
  7. That would be so Lions. I was excited about the pick at the time. In retrospect it seems that he missed several years of developing a football body by not picking up football until college... and then by playing in a weak conference against weak competition and in a program that probably didn’t have the quality of physical training you would see in the SEC or Big 10. The result is that he gets seriously injured on plays where you think, “Wait, that was it?”
  8. Let me flip this over. At the top of the draft you can usually find draftniks talking up an “athletic freak” with a “high ceiling” — but with limited tape against quality competition. So you get a guy like Ansah, who had three years of college experience playing football, but a 6’5” frame, so everyone talks him up to a top-5 pick. But he doesn’t have a football player’s strength or durability, just freakish athleticism which nobody can see during his long stints on the injured list.
  9. Wait... did you just call Ziggy Ansah a “franchise perennial Pro Bowl edge rusher”? Put down the kool-aid. You’re drunk.
  10. Your data proves my point far more convincingly than it proved yours. Listen, what Gronk and Jimmy Graham and Tony Gonzalez and now Travis Kelce have done has changed the NFL. We don’t hear “smash mouth football” anymore. We don’t hear (much) “defense wins championships.” Instead we hear how a team “creates matchup problems.” And most of the time, it is a TE who creates the problem. Travis Kelce didn’t get picked until Round 3 (2013). I’ll bet half the teams in the NFL look back and think they made two mistakes in that draft by not picking him in the second, even the first round. Kelce would have been a better pick than Ziggy Ansah, just to pick a name from a hat, but Ansah was “a freakish athlete” with “a high ceiling” — and no track record as a football player. And after all, you have to get your pass rusher at the top of the draft. Right?
  11. Eh... 6th round flyer on a raw QB prospect from a major program. Could work out. That late in the draft you are scratching off a lottery ticket anyway. The potential jackpot is bigger at QB than anywhere else. Anyway, I agree on the LS... he could have filled a need for 10 years, if Muhlbach wasn’t nursing a secret ambition to become the Lions’ longest tenured player. But Tabor is far and away Quinn’s worst pick.
  12. Quinn whiffed. He said at the time that he watched more film on Tabor than on any other player he had evaluated. He should only have watched Tabor’s 40. Instead, he outsmarted himself, like with the long snapper. But he seems like a fast learner, and probably won’t repeat those mistakes.
  13. Four TEs in the first round of the last two drafts. That seems like kind of a lot. Maybe the position is being revalued by the NFL, just like the RB position has been devalued. Also, remember that teams can only pick players who are in this year’s draft. Arbitrary rules like “Don’t pick TEs in the first round” are what got the Lions Bryant Westbrook in 1997 instead of Tony Gonzalez. But who picks a TE at #5?
  14. Agreed. I thought the Mark Bavaro comparison (Bucky Brooks, NFL.com) was interesting. I don’t know if it is apt. But for the sake of conversation, here is Parcells on Bavaro: “Mark was a powerful blocker, I mean powerful. He would not only block linebackers, but he was one of those rare guys that could handle defensive ends, too.... when you consider the entire package, Mark brought it all to the table. He was a complete guy, able to do everything required of the position." https://www.eagletribune.com/sports/national_sports/with-hall-of-fame-calling-parcells-makes-case-for-mark/article_24500340-e468-5c61-bf92-ab19289934af.html FWIW, I know almost nothing about any of these prospects. But we’ve seen the things Quinn, Belichick, and The Godfather Parcells value: toughness, versatility, using 1st pick on three-down players. I assume a player like Hockenson is very high on their boards.
  15. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001017849/article/bucky-brooks-top-5-2019-nfl-draft-prospects-by-position-10 Correct answer: If Hockenson is (or might be) the next Gronkowski, take him 8th. I'm not sure fans understand that not every draft is 1983. I'm also not sure they understand that you can only draft the players that are actually in the draft. Saying "He's not a first round talent" is meaningless if there are only six "first round talents" in the draft. By all accounts, this draft has three or four standout DL prospects in Bosa, Williams, Allen, and Gary. They are pretty likely to be gone by pick 8. Opinions vary widely on Ferrell, Sweat, Ferguson, and Simmons, and you're starting to get into some red flags on some of them. (Plus, how do they compare to Harold Landry? Every year there are pass rushers that people want to project as top talents, but who turn out to be average.) The consensus top CB is Greedy Williams - though people say he doesn't like to tackle, gets beat too often in press coverage, and may have an attitude. The best chance the Lions have is if there is a run on QBs and one of the blue chip pass rushers falls to them, or if Miami or Washington gets antsy and wants to trade up to #8 for a QB. If not, you have to seriously consider Hockenson at #8 (or, hopefully, at #13 or #15). Saying Mayhew picked a TE at #10 or #20 therefore we need to sharpen our pitchforks in case Quinn does the same makes no sense. By all accounts, Hockenson is a complete TE and highly polished in all parts of his game; Ebron was never thought to be a blocker, and was always known to struggle with drops, and Pettigrew was merely competent in both phases. Reports on Hockenson are that he is a three-down player who excels both as a receiver and as a blocker, and who is likely to take on a complete role very early in his career. "Well Gronk didn't get picked until the second round, so blah blah blah." How many teams regret not having used a higher pick to get Gronk? And don't you think the Lions regret not having used the #5 pick in 1997 on Tony Gonzalez? He went #13, but the Lions refused to waste a top 5 pick on a TE and picked a CB, Bryant Westbrook.
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