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  1. I don’t understand dropping eight guys into coverage and giving up the seventh most completions in the NFL. And then trading your best CB. But they think they are replacing Slay with two comparable CBs at less than Slay’s cap hit, and bringing in Harmon and Collins to supplement coverage further. I can’t think of a position group now where they don’t have “their guys.” So now go out and win.
  2. As hard as I have been on Quinn and Patricia, it is clear that they have largely succeeded in building “their” program with a roster full of “their” guys. If they are as smart as they think they are — and they might be — this will be the year that we see it.
  3. It’s all Quintricia’s roster now. No more excuses.
  4. I agree 100%. But Quinn will blame the pick on the old coaching staff.
  5. All good points, and demonstrate that all draft pools are not created equal. In a draft pool that was as deep as the most recent pool apparently was, it is disappointing that Quinn was not able to make more of it. Though I think Cephus may be better than we expect.
  6. Then let’s grade his 2017 draft. On second thought, let’s not. It makes me sad to think about.
  7. And here is part of an epic thread on him by Alex Reno:
  8. Speaking of wild comparisons, here is Gil Brandt on Quintez Cephus:
  9. An incomplete pass on third down is a drive killer. A QB getting hit relentlessly even if he’s escaping sacks is a morale killer. That said, it looks like the team only has about $15 million in cap space after estimated rookie contracts. (If I’ve read this right: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/detroit-lions/cap/)
  10. It is a nice draft on paper, but let’s hope he found the right OL to keep Stafford from breaking his back a third time.
  11. Everson Griffen? Maybe he’s not crazy anymore.
  12. Barry Sanders won the Heisman Trophy and averaged almost 240 YPG in his junior season, after Thurman Thomas graduated. “Decent speed and decent moves.” Get out of here with your ridiculous Barry Sanders take.
  13. Yes he filled needs. But the key reason people are so happy with his draft is that this draft had a lot of good players in it, not because of Quinn’s genius Quinn is not a genius for picking up the consensus top RB in the second round, or a possible first round edge rusher who fell on injury concerns to the third round. There were just a lot of players in the 6-60 range that appear to be able to step in and play right away. If Okudah turns into a ten-year starter and perennial Pro Bowl player, this may be the draft that saved Quinn’s job. If Okudah merely turns out to be as good as Slay — which is not a given — Quinn will probably get good marks for this draft, but he might not deserve them. If Okudah is merely a good CB, but (as seems likely) Miami was willing to package its two late firsts and a second or third to move up, Quinn will have missed an opportunity to get two additional starting caliber players in a talent-rich draft.
  14. And a DT. “Penisini gets penetration!”
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