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  1. Jason_R

    Bosio Fired

    Right, but clearly Bosio had been disliked a lot by a lot of people before whatever happened in the locker room. I’m wondering if the press ever reported that dynamic, or hinted at it. The impression I got from reading the beat guys every few days was that Bosio was working wonders with a staff that was young and cobbled together. Then there is the locker room incident heard round the world and suddenly the national reporter has all of this inside information about how much the guy was hated. It’s a quick turn.
  2. Jason_R

    Bosio Fired

    I don’t live in Detroit anymore and don’t follow the Tigers closely. Had anybody reported on this widespread dislike of Bosio? His abrasiveness? His strategies?
  3. Jason_R

    Bosio Fired

    It’s becoming clear that a lot of people did not like him.
  4. Jason_R

    Bosio Fired

    The Tigers have been racists since Ty Cobb, you know.
  5. Jason_R

    Bosio Fired

    Press isn’t going to get players or coaches to say anything on or off record, given the circumstances. Nobody will talk unless you get them in depositions. Bosio says he has consulted an attorney. We will see what happens. Until then, it’s just the stupid game of “Bosio said, anonymous clubhouse attendant said.”
  6. Jason_R

    Bosio Fired

    Assuming Bosio is telling the truth, Avila looks like a stooge for sacrificing a successful pitching coach over a comment that was overheard and misunderstood. Clubhouse attendants are easy to find; effective pitching coaches are not. This was Avila’s decision, backed by Ilitch. Gardy was explicit that he was not consulted. He and everybody else have been gagged on this, with at least the indirect threat of immediate termination (like Bosio) if they talk; Tony Paul’s tweet that the staff would be backing Bosio up if they liked him is utterly asinine. Fenech hinted that Avila’s analytics people didn’t like Bosio. If we’re speculating, let’s throw that into the mix.
  7. Jason_R

    Bosio Fired

    Clubhouse attendant rather than player... That’s even a worse look for the Tigers, again assuming that Bosio is telling the truth.
  8. Jason_R

    Bosio Fired

    I think the “more to the story” is probably that a black player heard the word “monkey”. These days, offense is in the ear of the hearer. If I were Bosio, and if things really went down the way he says they went down, I would be in my lawyer’s office right now.
  9. Jason_R

    Bosio Fired

    If Bosio is telling the truth, he should sue the franchise for wrongful termination and breach of contract.
  10. Snell’s new article is vague. It talks about new records recovered but doesn’t say how they were found, or by whom. It is also unclear whether they are in the possession of the News, of the South Padre Island PD, or some other entity. Again, maybe Snell likes to stay up late and type people’s names into Lexis-Nexis. Or maybe he has someone feeding him anonymous tips.
  11. Jason_R

    Grading The Lions 2015 Draft

    Though it is certainly possible that they decide to go with Johnson, Blount, Riddick, the new FB, and if they want an RB5 Zenner/Washington. I think they can save around $1m against the cap if they cut Abdullah, though I admit I don't always understand the cap implications.
  12. What bothers me about this story is the assumption that this decades-old allegation - improved and apparently recanted - should still have been a deciding factor in Patricia’s hiring, not only by the Lions, but also the Patriots and every other organization he has been with. Yes, the Lions look stupid for not having found out. But what if they had found out during a background check? The assumption of so many in the press is that an unsubstantiated allegation like this should destroy his reputation and career forever.
  13. Well, it is currently the top two stories on SI.com. They don’t seem interested in X’s and O’s. Edit: SI has dispatched at least six reporters to the story. One quote that caused me to roll my eyes: “In an e-mail to The MMQB, Snell wrote that he ‘ran across the indictment while conducting a routine check of public records that are widely and readily available—even after 22 years.’” Imagine that coincidence. There is a greater than zero chance that this story costs Patricia his job.
  14. Very interesting. But I would still think MA employers can do their own criminal background checks on candidates, even if they can’t ask candidates directly. That is what makes the Lions look so bad here. You are paying a coach millions of dollars a year, and you are paying a research firm thousands of dollars to investigate him for precisely this kind of thing, and you don’t even search a legal database. Rod Wood’s star was starting to rise, but this mistake blots it all out. Who here thinks Martin Mayhew heard the gossip and gave the tip to the News?
  15. How can we even be sure there was a “this”? The original charge, that “two men burst into the upscale hotel room where she was sleeping and took turns violently sexually assaulting her,” at best seems surprising, if not implausible, and calls out for clarification. After the Rolling Stone/UVA debacle and the Duke lacrosse scandal, it seems a bit of caution is in order when reviewing such dramatic claims. A grand jury indicted them, but as mentioned previously, that may say more about the zeal of the prosecutor than the strength of the case. The accuser refused to cooperate with prosecutors in the trial. Maybe she was legitimately traumatized, maybe she had other reasons, but clearly she had a sympathetic prosecutor. In any event, the accuser has every right now to come forward. The #metoo movement has diminished the stigma of speaking out, though it certainly hasn’t made it painless. If there is any truth to the charge, I would hope the accuser steps forward.