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  1. Incidentally, it seems that any Ebron comparisons are not justified. I don’t like the catch ratio, but maybe that was more the passer than the receiver. I do like zero drops and ferocious hands.
  2. Yes. People say Pitts is one-of-a-kind. That could be good. But maybe he’s just a “tweener” — and tweeners often have a hard time finding success in the NFL. I don’t prefer Pitts as the choice at 7; if they stay at this spot, I would hope it is because they either a QB prospect they love or a game-breaking WR, or possibly even Sewell, falls to them here. But I wouldn’t be distraught if they picked Pitts. Instead, I would assume it meant they see Pitts as a massive target who will be a mismatch for LBs and safeties in the middle of the field, and who will complement Hockenson.
  3. Pitts: 6'6" 240 Calvin Johnson: 6'5" 235 Mike Evans: 6'5" 230 Brandon Marshall: 6'5" 230 Andre Johnson: 6'3" 230 Rob Gronkowski: 6'6" 265 Travis Kelce: 6'5" 260 George Kittle: 6'4" 250 TJ Hockenson: 6'5" 250 Pitts is bigger than the biggest WRs ever, smaller than the prototypical TE. I don't know what to make of it, but I'd want to ask whether he has the speed to run away from NFL DBs, or the physicality to stand up to NFL LBs.
  4. Trade down a few more times and pick up a new starting 22.
  5. At this stage everyone is playing nice together. I hope it works and I hope they all continue to play nice together. I am glad that Sheila is heavily involved. The problem before has been from a lack of ownership knowledge about or involvement in the football operations. (And no, this is not me saying I want Sheila to be Jerry Jones.)
  6. If there’s not another side to the story, I agree.
  7. I would love it if Sewell lasts until 7, but I can't imagine any scenario in which the team takes a RB but not a WR.
  8. I don’t like that it is allowed anywhere. But do you really think the reporter who ran with that anonymous source cared one way or another whether it was true?
  9. But they don’t care about putting the truth out there. The leakers want to shape the narrative. The press wants our clicks “Let’s plant a fake story and see if we can drive up his value.” ”The assistant to the assistant GM gave me a tip that is probably fake, but if I write ‘Sources say,’ I won’t be lying and I’ll get attention.” If you want to hold them accountable, know their game and don’t play it.
  10. I don't think they should trade Goff, even for a first round pick in this year's draft. But Wentz's fall has been far more dramatic than Goff's. Wentz was arguably the worst QB in the NFL last season, and has had a terrible injury history. He got a meager trade return, but is a much bigger risk than Goff.
  11. It’s not that she was wrong. She was a tool. Some unnamed source was using her to spread false information to advance his team’s interests. But she knows she’s being used and doesn’t care. It gets her tweets clicked and her stories read Just assume that every journalist is doing this all the time.
  12. Yeah, I’d like to see that adjusted for distance.
  13. Yes, this is a great idea. The Lions should sign Herschel Walker and then trade him for three firsts and three seconds. Why didn't Holmes think of this?
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