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  1. It was always going to be a work in progress on the defensive side due to the massive scheme and personnel change. It was hard to imagine the defense would look so abysmal to start the season, but they looked solid against a one-dimensional offense last night. Even without what’s-his-name who gets paid $17 million at DE. Getting defensive stops on 3rd down let them ride the running game more than this franchise ever has. It was a thing of beauty to see Lions RBs find gaping holes and get five yards upfield before getting touched.
  2. Lions win!!! Perfect cap to an improbable Sunday.
  3. Tracy Walker with an outstanding tackle on the kickoff.
  4. “These are some of the biggest holes I’ve seen in the National Football League.” — Cris Collinsworth
  5. One sign you’re dealing with a competent person is that they try to hire other competent people.
  6. The franchise where HOF careers go to die.
  7. Lions and Pats were closing in on trade for Gronk. He threatened to retire rather than suit up in Honolulu Blue. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/24768502/new-england-patriots-nearly-traded-rob-gronkowski-detroit-lions-star-tight-end-intervened
  8. Which one of you guys called in to Moving the Chains on Sirius NFL today?
  9. The “eye test.” Again, try using data next time. Anyway, my point is that they are clearly worse on special teams so far this year than they have been the past few years. If you are arguing against that, I don’t trust your “eye test”.
  10. Last year they were 11th in opponent starting field position. The year before they were 7th. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/drivestatsdef2017 Try using data next time.
  11. They were an embarrassment in every phase of the game... yet Stafford, Tate, Jones, and Golladay had enough natural talent to get them within reach. Patricia has made them worse all across the board. Even special teams used to be a strength. Today they gave up multiple long returns, and had multiple penalties on their own returns. They look amateurish.
  12. Kennard had two sacks and they had six overall. They just can’t tackle a ******* running back.