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  1. I would be surprised if they make a decision about keeping Riddick on the roster before the end of training camp. They will likely give Ty Johnson a chance to win the role, though a knock on him was that he did not offer much on third down at Maryland. They will also field offers for Riddick to see what they can get, and watch for opportunities for picking up an upgrade at LG, before making the call at the last minute.
  2. At Maryland’s pro day, “Johnson did more than run [4.29]. He also recorded a 34-inch vertical jump and benched pressed 225 pounds 29 times, which would’ve been better than all but one running back at the NFL Combine.” https://247sports.com/college/maryland/Article/Maryland-Ty-Johnson-NFL-Pro-Day-Terps-Football-Draft-Sleepers-40-Time-Running-Backs-130615939/
  3. Some scouting reports on Gronk: WalterFootball: “Gronkowski will never be an elite tight end in the NFL [!!!], but if he stays healthy he should certainly be a productive contributor and starter.” NFL.com: “Unfortunately he has missed a total of 16 games over the past two years due to injuries or illness. He has an elite combination of size, speed and athleticism for the position and while he lacks great downfield speed he can be an effective receiver at virtually all levels of the passing tree.” Oakland Raiders: “Best all around player in the draft.” I draw no conclusions from this. It is surprising to see the difference between the media’s evals and the one evaluation out there by a team, though. Edit: Also, 2010 was a great draft. Gronk was picked at #42, but there were 18 Pro Bowl players picked before him, not to mention several other outstanding players, who are still in the league.
  4. It is surprising that none of the draft-niks knew anything about Tavai, but it seems now that several teams were eyeing him (including the Pats and Dolphins, now run by Patricia’s successor as Pats DC). Apparently there are still some secrets that at least some teams keep about the draft.
  5. You know whose opinions are always reliable, and never subject to hidden biases or agendas? Anonymous sources.
  6. Cosell offering a highly qualified judgment about Tabor saying that he is “solid” against college competition, appears to lack speed to defend NFL receivers, and is a “good prospect,” but only if “you put aside the timed speed.” Seems reasonable.
  7. Greg Cosell is not employed by the Lions. Per Wikipedia: “Greg Cosell is an NFL analyst and a senior producer at NFL Films. He is the nephew of iconic broadcaster Howard Cosell. Cosell is widely regarded by NFL insiders as one of the most knowledgeable and trusted football analysts.”
  8. Hock had “no weaknesses.” “...the tape really showed Tavai handling multiple responsibilities with poise, maturity and almost always playing under control. He was assignment disciplined, yet played with high energy and competitiveness.”
  9. God forbid that any opinion should go unexpressed, and any opinion un-second-guessed.
  10. Perfectly fair, but that’s why I focused on teams that are known for their defensive systems... especially Pittsburgh, which has been using its scheme over multiple coaches and QBs. And look at Seattle. They lost, what, four anchors of their historic defense? And in a rebuilding year they ranked 11th in scoring defense. Throw in Baltimore, too. They have OLBs listed at 261, 252, and 242. Imagine what the draftniks would have said if Baltimore drafted what’s his face where the Lions did. “Genius move by one of the best front offices in the league, going off the radar for a player who fits their scheme perfectly.” They would get the benefit of the doubt, and they have earned it. Quinn just hasn’t earned it yet.
  11. The Lions have had lousy coaches and a lousy front office for decades. As a result, fans suffer from something like “battered fan syndrome.” All the various regimes blend together, nothing looks like progress, every pick that is not immediately endorsed by Mel Kiper’s Minions is suspect. Give us a few players that ESPN will talk about, and that’s good enough as long as the team hovers around 8-8, and sometimes falls bass-ackwards into the playoffs Anyway, I have no idea what “they value scheme over actual talent and production” means. After a horrible start to the season, the defense finished in the top half of the league in PPG and the top third in YPG. Does that count as production? Or do only individual counting stats, like sacks, matter? Does “actual talent” include the ability to play multiple roles on the football field? Or does it only refer to times in the 40 yard dash? Anyway, I’m pretty sure Patriots fans, and Steelers fans, Seahawks fans, for instance, don’t mind that their teams have a certain scheme that they play, and certain styles of players they like, because over time the schemes have worked. And it’s not like the scheme the ex-Pats are trying to install is all that complicated... it’s just a base 3-4 with big bodies up front to clog running lanes, and with a diverse secondary to match up against a wide range of receivers. Maybe the ex-Pats will fail, but they’ve come closer to instilling faith in me than any other regime that has blown through town.
  12. This is exactly what a Lions fan would be expected to say.
  13. They play a base 3-4 two-gap defense. They want to take up a lot of space in the middle and push RBs to the edges, where big linebackers can finish them. Size is more valuable than speed to Matt P. As nearly as I can tell, there were 42 LB prospects at the combine; only 5 weighed 250 or more. One was Josh Allen, who is about as physically freaky as it gets. Of the other four, we picked one in the 2nd round and another we signed as UDFA. There are very few physical freaks. They get picked early. By contrast, a DB who runs a 40 in the 4.4 range is not a freak. Looks like 54 DBs ran the 40 at the combine, with 26 running better than 4.5. Why did what’s his face get picked in the 2nd round? Positional value. If your team needs LBs>250 lbs, who have additional skills to go with size, you’re going to have to pick them early. There will be a dozen more DBs to choose from later. http://walterfootball.com/combine/
  14. Ha! Maybe that would advance our understanding of the game of football. I was just as surprised as anybody else that they picked what’s his name in Round 2. I get all of my draft information from the same place as everybody else... by looking over Mel Kiper’s shoulder. So on the one hand, I was irritated that they didn’t pick a player I had heard about. But on the other, I was glad that they are getting better and broader info on prospects than I am. Clearly Quinn and Patricia think they are smarter than the rest of us, and they think they can take a particular body type, plug him in to their system, and make it work. Maybe they can, maybe they can’t. But even though I don’t understand it, that makes me like it better than Martin Mayhew’s approach, which was basically to take the best available player on Mel Kiper’s Big Board and let ‘em play a game of chuck and chase. Anyway, this is their prove it year. Stafford’s too. If they **** the bed again, the pitchforks will be out for all of them, and they’ll have them out for each other.
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