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  1. 1A and 1B. I'm watching KC and being reminded how innovative their play designs are. Edit: I'm also watching the playoff picture on NBC. Chicago "in the hunt" at 5-5, and the Lions wet the bed.
  2. Can we put Eric Bienemy at the top of the interview list for the offseason?
  3. Objectively, William Clay Ford is the worst thing to happen to Lions football, by an order of magnitude over the second worst thing, the hiring of Matt Millen. And the hiring of Matt Millen is an order of magnitude worse than the third worst thing to happen to Lions football, which was the hiring of Matt Patricia.
  4. Cephus looked shocked the ball was there. He has never played with a QB who can make that throw.
  5. Well, Prater just bailed out Coach Patty.
  6. Alex Smith... from almost dead to throwing for 400 yards against the Lions in his first start.
  7. He takes the penalty and gives up 3rd and 13. A new low.
  8. Let's see if Staff can go three drives in a row. (Is it too late to suck for Luck?)
  9. Screen play and both linemen miss their blocks, including Ragnow. Edit: Doesn't matter. RB dropped it.
  10. The SOL have lost seven straight home games. If they stretch that streak to eight — that would mean a loss to Washington — all options should be on the table.
  11. Yes. There are no excuses for Quinntricia. They are who we thought they are — a pale shadow of their great mentor Bill Belichick. (And Belichick is being revealed as a pale shadow of his own reputation without Tom Brady behind center.)
  12. Myers has been butchering NFL games for years.
  13. Griffen could have a mediocre season by his standards and still lead the team in sacks.
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