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  1. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    Well, I have to say I’m ready for this bye week, too. Seeing Stafford get sacked 18 times over the past three weeks has left me emotionally bruised. I need some time to recuperate. ;-)
  2. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    Yes, I’ve seen some of that speculation. Or Kap, but I don’t see that going over well with the cheeseheads.
  3. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    If they finish 6-10, maybe. But don’t bank on it. i do think it’s time to let go of Ron Prince, who has had enough cracks at the OL to demonstrate he’s not the man to fix it.
  4. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    I thought they needed to start him, but I wish they would have yanked him when it got out of hand. He was bad, the line was bad, they had an infinitesimal chance of coming back. He could have gotten Aaron Rodgers-ed, ruining a season where, even at 3-3, their late season schedule puts them in position to win 10 games and the division. Regardless of the near comeback, I think it was a bad decision to leave him in.
  5. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    Ha! Yes, GB’s third string QB could still throw for 555 yards and 5 TDs against the Lions in Week 17, to clinch the division for GB and send the Lions home for the winter at 9-7. And then get highlights of the game immortalized in a commercial that we will have to watch over and over, like the Hail Mary game.
  6. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    Everything you say is true... and yet, that one play was a perfect summary of the offense’s struggles so far this season, and a perfect foreshadowing of their struggles the rest of the day. My first thought at Stafford’s fumble was, “He is not ready to play today.” And, as crazy as that near-comeback was, and as much as I admire Stafford for his toughness, he just was not ready to play. He was too beat up, physically and mentally, to make consistently good decisions. The bye is coming at the right time. And if they don’t get their players healed and their OL fixed and their offense settled, and win the division this season, someone will have to pay.
  7. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    After the game Sean Payton said they knew the OL was banged up and Stafford would be getting the ball out quickly, so the Saints DL was coached to get their hands up in throwing lanes. That strategy was a resounding success. And, not to be contrary, but the real back breaker was Stafford coughing up the football in the end zone on, what, their second offensive play? Stafford is experienced enough to know he has to get the ball out. And Cooter has to be experienced enough to coach Stafford to get the ball out. That play was a microcosm of their offensive struggles.
  8. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    The constants between Lombardi and Cooter are Stafford and OL Coach Ron Prince. Stafford was awful today, from the first drive when he went for a long leisurely stroll in his own end zone. Inexcusable. And while the OL has had a lot of injuries this season, Prince’s units have left a lot to be desired since he came in with Caldwell. Unrelated, but Bob McAdoo fired himself as play caller, and Manning is moving the ball with Evan Engram and a bunch of guys from the practice squad.
  9. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    No depth. Robinson has been an unmitigated disaster at LT. With Lang out, and even Wagner missing a few plays today, and when Swanson was out previously, the OL has been hanging Stafford out to dry.
  10. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    Agreed. But this is a team that can still lose to anybody if every 1st down call is a run into Swanson's behind, and every short yardage run is the exact same play to Zenner running behind a LB as lead blocker.
  11. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    Yeah, this was an awful game by Stafford, and another awful game by Cooter. But with Rodgers done, the Lions are likely to be the favorites in every game after the bye except Pittsburgh. Need Decker back badly, need Cooter to figure out how to get Marvin Jones involved in the offense, and need Stafford to heal up.
  12. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    And there you go.
  13. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    This team is insane.
  14. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    Molested Abbraderis and no call.
  15. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    Caldwell is not the play caller. But he missed once on OC, and he’s now on strike two.