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  1. Looks like I picked the wrong week to see the Lions play for the first time. I mean, they’ll probably still beat the Washington R-words, but I kinda wanted to see Stafford.
  2. The pass rush has actually been better later in the season than at the start.
  3. I’m wondering what happened to the secondary. At the start of the season, they were allowing among the lowest completion % against in the league. Now every QB looks like Johnny Unitas against them. And Slay is (justifiably) spouting off, and uncharacteristically left two pretty sure interceptions on the field. Something is wrong back there.
  4. Boy this team is poorly coached. Penalty, penalty, penalty.
  5. Is that the best run by a Lions RB this season? And nice trickery to let Driskel run right in for the TD!
  6. Belichick was fired because he threw the QB (Bernie Kosar) off the bus, and because Art Modell wanted to start his franchise's midnight move to Baltimore with a new coach.
  7. This defense looks better when the other team fumbles.
  8. But but but... If Mike McCarthy was such a great coach, why did his QB throw him off the bus? And why did nobody in the NFL hire him? And why, when people talk about his offense, do they use words like “archaic”?
  9. 1. Yes. 2. He had TWO HOF QBs in thirteen seasons and won one Super Bowl.
  10. Aaron Rodgers is going to the HOF. Mike McCarthy is not.
  11. Seriously. Every year it’s the same thing. Stafford keeps them close, and they lose a few games, and the season, on unprecedented calls, or SOL errors. I see what Q/P are trying to do with the 3-4 defense. It’s more versatile against the short passing attacks that are common now. And the Pats, at least, have been able to build their defense without paying top dollar for an edge rusher. They spend their big bucks on CBs, who are cheaper. I also think they are closer than it may appear. Injuries to Hand and Daniels, then Slay and Walker, and now KJ and Stafford, have really made a difference. That’s six of your top... eight players? Ten? They shoulda stacked up some wins early, but... SOL. If they can’t get their roster set up for MP to run the defense he envisions in his third year, it is without question time for both to go. But I agree with those who say the fates of Quinn and Patricia are tied.
  12. My concern with Patricia was that he would come in and blow up the defense, and not be able to get it running again. Seems like this is still where we are. The offense was doing tolerably well under Caldwell; under Bevell, it shows potential to be explosive. I would hate to see them do a clean sweep, and get rid of Bevell, even for a potential offensive guru like Riley. The problem on offense now is that everybody is hurt. If they make a coaching change at this point, I would want someone who is coming in to be a head coach, not a glorified OC or DC. Alternatively, give Bevell a shot as HC and bring in a DC with extensive head coaching experience.
  13. Are we sure he would be an upgrade over Bevell?
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