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  1. Hey everyone, just a heads up as we have had a ton of questions about this, but Curtis will not be on the road trip to rest his groin. I know some thought he might actually still make the trip. hope you guys are well!
  2. kgeorge, I THINK you're thinking of Astoria, which has some amazing dessert and pastry choices. puredetroit, Slow's BBQ is one of my favorite places and just a few blocks from there is a great sandwich place called Mudgies. Someone mentioned the Old Shillelegh. If it's a game night, The Well, The Baltimore or The Town Pump are all good choices for a dive bar atmosphere... Not sure what they're looking for on those lines, though.
  3. Oblong, you get it But I'm on ignore, so it doesn't matter haha
  4. Hmmmm, but you don't trust Curtis himself based on his quote above? Like I said, it's the Tigers vs. him on that one. Given that they've told a lot of stories to their fans this off-season, I might tend to go with my client. But I'm just a "flunky"... I don't see how you can call it accurate, though. What are the other players' excuses for their seasons? One more time, thanks for proving my point Henning was reporting what are perceived to be organizational concerns - concerns that weren't being given to one single writer not named Lynn Henning, and concerns that he has to this day refused to give specifics on, except mentioning a sports bar 300 miles away that Curtis is a minority owner of and has no say in day-to-day operations (which obviously is a huge distraction). Hmmm.
  5. And other posts also have proved that other people now AGREE with me that the organization did what they did. Though I guess I don't see how I have no credibility. I said all along that Henning was being fed this info purposefully from the organization. Based on what I've seen lately, I'd call that pretty credible No, I really don't care about your opinion of him actually. I've been pretty open about that. I can think of 3-4 people on here that don't like me (at least that have stated it). I can think of an entire sports organization that doesn't like me either. As stated before, my job isn't to be your friend - and sometimes there are casualties. But some of those casualties I have no problem with. It's part of my business. And yes, Curtis does know that I make these statements. You think he blindly made that quote to the Free Press above? lol... Fact is, your arguments aren't holding up, so now you want to shame me into not defending the "junk" you've attributed to me statement-wise which just isn't true. In my opinion, YOU have no credibility.
  6. Good job Ron. You talked in circles so you resorted to the classic "costing fans"... honest answer? I think the Tigers have lost more fans than Curtis did this off-season since they can't seem to give a straight story on the trade anyways. Don't worry Ron, he's already beloved in NY Losing a "fan" who can't even live up to the wit of the character he named himself after doesn't concern me. Otherwise, you are just proving my point. So Leyland now makes a statement about Curtis' off-the-field work... which Henning utilized (and was the ONLY journalist to utilize mind you) a couple of months back. It further supports what I have contended - that he was their lapdog on this. Otherwise, why would EVERY other beat writer for the team (including Beck) argue against that theory? As time continues to float by, the assertions I made that you claimed were crazy a few months back are now starting to come through. I think it's pretty clear that the organization was feeding this to Henning, yet somehow you don't find any of that classless... Like I said, they should just come out already and say that they don't think Curtis is that good. We all know that's their thought process, but they don't have the guts to do it in case it backfires. I guess I would qualify that as organizational spin. I love you you quote one word out of an entire statement. That makes me laugh more than any of this. Have a good night.
  7. The argument was that Henning was writing what the Tigers were telling him to (this only steers in my direction there) and that it was his opinion, not a fact. You've said nothing to prove otherwise. Funny how you continue to try to discredit me as a "mouthpiece" and that I spin things, yet you only spin my arguments to favor you (and don't even spin them correctly). So maybe the organization should just grow a pair and say they don't think Curtis is that good. Making no-lose comments like they are is only bush league. If they say they don't think he's good and he has a good year next year, they look like idiots. But if they say it was focus, no matter what kind of season he has next year they can claim they're right. So it doesn't matter who is making the requests? I beg to differ. If coaches and those in the front office DID feel this way, maybe they should have stopped (Leyland, MClendon, McLean included) making personal requests of Curtis as I asked them to on numerous occasions. It's classless to put a player in such a position to their personal benefit, and then try to use it against him when you trade him. And yes, I've argued this before. Lastly, from the Free Press following his celebrity basketball game... So it looks like it's Leyland and the Tigers vs. Curtis on this one. And like I said, it was the organization making all the requests.
  8. So did anyone else read in the quote were his concerns that the ORGANIZATION itself was asking him to do too much? Let me get this straight. The organization itself pushes you to do things. They take full advantage of someone being kind and having trouble saying no when other people ask for help. Yet, then they trade you and they then use that as their reason for trading you. Hmmmm... Ron, I argued that Henning was speaking as though it was fact, and it is merely his opinion. And yes, I am still have the notion that it was being fed by the organization. I'll put this here one more time - I provided Lynn with Curtis' schedule over the past three years, which is much more proof to my argument than he's EVER provided for his. Let me add this - in this same exact thread, many of you (some being the same people) discount Leyland stating multiple times to the media throughout the year that he simply does not like to run with Polanco and Ordonez coming up. It is discounted because you think he is just spinning to the media. But for this, you don't think that's possible? So at which point are his comments pure and at which points do you discount them? When they fit your argument?
  9. If you guys give a post of the year award, this is my early nominee...
  10. Running a business in Chicago? Meaning the sports bar he is a minority owner in and has no say in day-to-day operations? Interesting way of putting it I guess... lol, and sportz, well of course I disagree with his opinion on Curtis. HOWEVER, I'm cool with what he said, because he stated this more as his opinion - something he is entitled to for sure. Last chat he stated it was an absolute fact.
  11. Duane, where do you get this stuff? Show me when I said that... Normally you're not even worth responding to, but seriously, this is two blatant lies in one thread. Give it up... sportz, Lee said it right, at least in my opinion - Curtis finally has an attentive hitting coach
  12. Ahhh, sportz, give me a little credit. You think I don't know what I can get away with here vs. NY? I've worked with way bigger than Curtis, and I've worked in NY. The press conference was like a homecoming for me brotha...
  13. Duane, if you remember correctly from that PM, I DID answer ALL of your questions. You may not have liked the answers, but I most certainly answered every question. That would be a lie to say I never responded. In fact, I initiated contact out of respect TO answer your questions. So if you worked for Chevy, should I render your opinion on cars null and void? Silly argument. I'm not sure what it matters that I respond since it is already rendered null and void anyways. A) My argument was not a "toady" for the organization. It was that it was utilized in one specific circumstance. Always was... B) I didn't explain how your "facts" jibed because that wasn't my argument in the first place. It's not my job to explain away an argument I made which you skewed. I can only say that I've never lied on here.
  14. sportz, again, I didn't offer a perspective on the green light on basepaths thing. I don't know why you continue to attribute that to me. I brought up something Leyland said to the media on multiple occasions, that's it. I've never offered my opinion or perspective on it. That aside - I agree completely with this point. Just because someone knows people in certain positions doesn't mean that person actually knows any more about anything. If that were the case, Regis Philbin would be the most knowledgeable man in the world! haha... Outside of my relationship with Curtis, which we all know and is obvious, I try not to jump into that land of "I know such and such and he said...". I don't think you do either for the most part. I do appreciate your perspectives and insight without a doubt. A couple of times in the past you've actually changed my opinion lol, but I still think the base stealing thing is officially an opinion, not a fact . I don't disagree that math is a BIG part of things (though it's not fair to talk stopwatch time if you don't know that time), I just don't think it's all of the decision.
  15. Honestly sportz, I could take this a lot of places. Obviously it appears more bias because it is my client. From a personal standpoint, and this has to do with any subject (sports, politics, history, religion, science, etc...) I cannot stand it when people present thing as fact when it truly is opinion - some opinions have more facts to SUPPORT them than others, and I'm not disputing that, but it's still opinion. Again, I haven't disputed any of your supporting statements, but what I'm saying is that maybe there are other factors involved on top of your math. For some reason you refuse to admit that, which kind of blows my mind. That's all this is about. I only read threads on here about my client, though, so naturally I jumped in with this one.
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