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  1. Believing man made global warming isn't caused by man is loads different than believing in creationism. There's many scientists and research professors at top universities (Harvard, Duke, MIT, UVA, Princeton, etc) that challenge the theory on scientific grounds. And isn't that what science is? Good scientists attempt to disprove hypotheses and theories.
  2. I rage when I see football teams not even try at the end of the half. Take a couple shots down field, try to set up for a field goal. You have a quarterback with a cannon arm and the best WR in the game. Use your tools, stop playing conservative.
  3. I actually like the Cardinals. My favorite NL team and I root for them to win. I don't like or root for them when they play the Tigers, however.
  4. One of the worst calls I've ever seen. First time I've ever seen an infield fly rule in the outfield.
  5. I knew they weren't going to try for anything. I hate conservative ball.
  6. To make it more interesting...Would anyone trade Cabrera for Bryce Harper straight up?
  7. Jacoby Ellsbury last year: .321/.376/.552/.928, 32 HR, 105 RBI, 39 SB Matt Kemp last year: .324/.399/.586/.986, 39 HR, 126 RBI, 40 SB Haven't looked past last year, but I'm sure there are more who compare in previous years.
  8. For next year only? Absolutely not. If guaranteed to have Trout for the next 15 years? Most likely yes.
  9. But this time it's for being a hero. Quick-thinking Joyce helps save woman's life | MLB.com: News Saw a woman collapse before a game and gave her live saving emergency CPR until responders arrived. The woman ended up surviving, thank goodness. One of the biggest class acts in baseball. Kudos to Jim for his quick thinking. It's too bad he'll be forever linked to "the call".
  10. When I see the question "who is the best pure hitter in baseball?", I look beyond who has the better stats for this season. I consider recent career numbers in addition to my own eye test. Cabrera has been putting up great numbers since he came into the league and hasn't slowed down. I've never seen a hitter like him, who's able to go to all fields with power with ease. Trout is a great player, but it'll take more than 3 months of solid hitting for me to call him the best hitter in baseball. So I think it comes down to the wording of the question. If you're asking "who's had the best hitting season stat wise this season?", It's Trout. If you're asking "who is the most skilled hitter in the game of baseball?", I say Cabrera. I think the same thing with Justin Verlander. Jered Weaver has been better than Verlander in many stats this year, but do I think Weaver is a better pitcher than Verlander? No.
  11. He's just an Angels homer/trolling. He posted this on his twitter yesterday: Here's his "further analysis" on Halos daily: Better Pure Hitter: Trout or Cabrera? So he's saying since Miguel Cabrera can't sustain his stats of the last week, it means Trout is the better hitter.
  12. I really like Mike Trout, but I'm rooting for him to slide for the rest of the season. Cabrera deserves at least one MVP in his career. This season really reminds me of 2010, where Miguel finished 2nd in the MVP voting. He had a fantastic season, but Hamilton ended up having a career year. A Trout slump would also help Miggy in his outside shot for the triple crown. .012 behind Trout for BA, 4 HR behind Dunn and Hamilton, and leads AL in RBI. That'd be cool to see.
  13. Going to have to miss the first half of the game because of class tonight. Ughhhhh. Hopefully I'll be able to catch some of Miggy.
  14. Is it just me or does one of Fielder's sons look like Miguel Cabrera?
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