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  1. Should be three outs right about now not sure what that umpire at home plate was seeing on that ball four pitch in the first at-bat of this inning Doesn't matter tigers win
  2. That's what a ninth inning should look like. TIGERS WIN!!!
  3. I'm starting to think that Hicks or Adduci should be pitching. They seem to have it together.
  4. I know it's early in the season, but I don't understand why we have a lack of interest in improving the BP each off season. Does management actually think they are good? Rondon has been useless this year, Wilson is probably better than what is showing right now, but still...At least we have a decent closer if we can get to that point.
  5. Question about last night's game. I'm watching it right now and I just saw the play were Vmart interfered with the throw to the plate. Vmart had hit a foul ball and it was caught, this out number 2, but then the inning ended. Who was the third out? I thought it would have just been a dead ball. Why was Kinsler called out? Shouldn't he have just had to go back to third base?
  6. Does anyone else feel this umpire is all over the place for his strikezone? For both teams, it seems rough.
  7. Nice inning...Would have liked to get some more in, but now we just need to hold them. Looks like we might be able to get to CC sooner rather than later.
  8. In 30 degree weather, that looked like it hurt...
  9. Calm it down. This is his first start for us, and it's actually snowing. I can't imagine it's super easy to pitch when it is 31 degrees.
  10. TIGERS WIN!!! Rodriguez needed that. His ERA was 27
  11. Oh I know, I'm just so use to this that when I see it start happening, I think to myself, "Oh here we go again." It is also only two games in. There is plenty of time for the BP to get right and still have a very successful season.
  12. I kind of feel bad for Ausmus. If he has another crappy bullpen, he is going to become the scapegoat. I feel like that happened last year quite a bit. Yeah, there were some times he made questionable calls, but he took the brunt of a bad BP.
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