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  1. yes of course that Stafford and 7 for Tua 3 and 18? I would do Tua and the 3rd. I would do the 3rd and tell them to keep Tua. I think Stafford nets a 1st. He played great down the stretch and the national media was all over his nuts. San Fran? Chicago? Miami? Dallas?? Oakland? Pitts NO Indy - lots of solid teams that need a QB. I think you have to take even a late 1st rounder - Draft at 7 and late first and Take D with both Pics and Sign a Journeyman QB for 1 year.
  2. Im neutral on the hire. His first step is to figure out the Stafford Situation. I've said it before I love Stafford but it's time to go. lets see if he can get a 1st for him but not holding my breath. If he stays I'm ok with that as well as long as they draft wisely.
  3. The Picked up Flag vs Pettigrew vs Dallas in the Playoffs ruined a promising Young Team. That was a Win. And everything could have been different.
  4. Careful what you wish for. I agree it's time to move on as well but to say Stafford isn't good is Insane. He's a fantastic QB but needs a clean pocket
  5. Tua is garbage his delivery is like Byron Leftwhich / Watson that big looping throw - minus the big arm. He legit is trash. I still think the Okudah pic might be the right pic rookie CBs always struggle. I wanted Isiah Simmons and he hasn't done squat this year either although he did heat up near the end of the season.
  6. Stafford has played his last Snap as a Lion
  7. I agree I think he quit as well. he can walk
  8. not sure about that. Unless you get a 1st or high 2nd you have to keep him - or trade him and get darnold or wentz for penuats after they get cut.
  9. National Media is talking about how great stafford played today. They are really pumping him up to get traded. I think It might happen.
  10. I'm going to miss him. Honest to God he's my Fav athlete of all time. What a waste
  11. Stafford having himself a day! Great Showcase for a trade.
  12. I can't stand him. Most arrogant guy hes whole thing is to constantly yell and bash the lions. I'm so over him .
  13. i think they should put a statue of stafford outside ford field but man you gatta get what you can for him at this point. I bet he retires in the offseason
  14. somewhat entertaining game so far. At least it looks like they are trying
  15. Hock might be the best TE in football in 2 years
  16. what are the chances the Packers score a TD every possession ? about 75%?
  17. Assuming I'm the only person here cheering for a win who else should we root for to continue the 1 percent chance we have to make the playoffs.
  18. hes such a Dusche. The only reason he is on the air is to scream and ***** about how bad the Lions are. We know Mike. Go back to NY.
  19. The players want to win. You really think they give a **** about draft position? The players don't the coaches don't the franchise doesn't. Honestly only fans on a internet forum do.
  20. amazing! Ill take the win lol I hate the bears. NEW ATTITUDE!
  21. one play 40 yards with the penality? Lions gonna Lion
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