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  1. same Wont' happen though lol. After a few games of his locking onto 1 WR and happy feet the fans in LA will turn on him. Just a gut feeling I hope I'm wrong. I wish the Lions would trade goff and really really really rebuild.
  2. goffs best is as good as wentz best?? He makes good decisions?
  3. honestly I'd take a 2nd or 3rd for Goff. I think he's that bad. A second this year would be nice. I hope I'm wrong but the people who hated stafford are going to wish Goff was 10% the QB he was.
  4. he sucks that's why. He has no arm strength, he can't run and makes stupid decisions. He also fumbles a lot. They gave up a 1st round pick to dump him. I hope he is Decent here but Im assuming he will be terrible. When Wentz is good hes 100x better than Goff.
  5. If you guys didnt notice Suh played unreal yesterday. It was nice to watch
  6. Haskins is fat and slow. he's not athletic
  7. are you kidding me???? Thats a Kings Ransom for Stafford!! Best trade since Tigers Fleeced Florida for Miggy
  8. when davis make a good play (which is few and far between) you wonder why he doesn't do it more often
  9. my brother lives in dallas - its all over sports talk radio - they want him
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