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  1. no 2 min warning. A simple calculation would have realzied that. Garbage
  2. lol makes no sense that they went for 2. I guarantee they thought they were down by 9.
  3. sad what happened to the season. After the KC game i was sky high. Bad Reffing ended the season and now its not even worth watching. ******* disaster.
  4. They are holding on for deal with even with a win but I think Chicago runs all over the Lions and this might be Patricias last chance to save the locker room. They played hard all year until recently but a win will extend what little hope I have.
  5. Sincerely doubt you hate the lions with 1300 posts on a Lions message board. I think they should have pushed for Drake or Freeman or Gordon. Season is far from over.
  6. I made this list 5 years ago..... After 5 years there are now only 3 QB I would trade stafford for. Wilson Rogers Mahomes Maybe Watson ... maybe.... Wentz? Brees, Big Ben, Brady too old. Goff sucks. Non of the young QB have proven anything. And I actually would only trade him for Wilson because I hate rogers and Mahomes so much! I love stafford. My son loves stafford. My family and friends love stafford. The more you watch the NFL the more you realize when you have a good QB you keep them.
  7. i don't think detroit is 'wasting' staffords carreer. I think stafford is amazing. The best QB LIons ever had and a top 5 qb in the NFL. He's been good for a really long time and he's more than entertaining enough for me. I would love for him to win 1 playoff game to validate his career. He might end up in Canton when it's all said and done.
  8. i hope the giants pass all day
  9. you're lucky if you don't get cut in the offseason. Slay been burned more times this year than ever. Beat it.
  10. that would equal an entertaining game that I would be up for!
  11. over under barkley 180 yards rushing??? I think Win but who knows at this point. They can win 8 in a row or lose 8 in a row
  12. the only positive is I wont be stressed out watching the rest of the season. Already in meh territory. Ill spend my Sundays watching my kids play hocky and golfing on whatever days we have left.
  13. Doesnt matter what we thought. They had the game won 100%. Division loss, from first to last because of a few bad calls. Such an uphill climb now. GB Sced is a cake walk as well so hand them the division. The best Lions can hope for is a road playoff game. Unless of course they win 10 / 11
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