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  1. I actually love the pic... he's going to be a beast. I actually respect quins balls for taking a TE.
  2. Im going to the game. I have no idea whos pitching or whos starting but I'm super pumped to watch baseball live!
  3. gimmie peterson and wait for another WR. Draft Oline round 1 and all D after that. 6-10!
  4. you know what the team isn't that horrible if the young guys step up and play ball
  5. I have no clue what the lineup will be opening day... Can anyone guess? Guess the Rotation? Key bullpen pieces??
  6. every time i watch a Lions Game I think it's the worst game ever but then they play an even less entertaining game. This season has been a disaster
  7. what a joke first two drives play calling on 3rd down. Honestly the play calling is horrible. Don't ask why Im watching.
  8. gimmie Clowny and landon collins and bring back suh for a year Draft all D. Wait for a few WR TO get cut and pick them up for a song.
  9. what would have to happen today for the lions to still be mathemattically alive for the playoffs? Stupid question but I would like to know the answer.
  10. that may have been the worst NFL game in the history of the entire world.
  11. Drew Brees threw 4 TDs to undrafted slow White guys who wouldn't sniff any starting lineup if the good players were healthy. All this separation crap and bla bla bla is all BS. The QB make the WR and the players around them better. Who the F has Rogers or Brady thrown to over the year???? Gave Brady one good WR and he set every record imaginable. All the O lines are similar - they are all stars - Get rid of the Fing ball and you won't be sacked over and over again. Sorry about the Rant but I'm so over stafford and I've loved him for years
  12. stafford sucks final judgement after sucking him off for 10 years.
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