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  1. kgeorge78

    Green Bay Game

    decent game... Pretty obvious outcome. Win vs. Miami and we're talking
  2. kgeorge78

    Green Bay Game

  3. that's the dumbest thing I've ever read.
  4. it was a good game. One perfect Dax throw for the win. They are what they are. Davis actually had a decent game but Zeke is a top 1 or 2 RB in the league and he made a monster play. Meh.
  5. not over need a score here
  6. wow Tate lined up Heath and made him look like a fool
  7. I said supposed good team. not teams with winning records
  8. the most dominate game vs. a supposed good team I've seen
  9. Darius Slay is good at football
  10. that's not all on special teams. Could be defensive stops, interceptions, .... The eye test shows the special teams has been weak for a while