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  1. this .... STFU kelly nobody cares. She ruined him.
  2. Patricia has to get fired tomorrow AM
  3. we are down by 100 in the 4th lets run it up the middle followed by a 1 yard QB draw
  4. patricia is such a fat slob how can anyone respect him. And I could beat Okudah off the line for 10 yards no problem
  5. season will be over in 1 hour so thats a positive I guess
  6. that is the worst ive ever seen Stafford look He's so mentally checked out it's crazy.
  7. how do you punt that?? Unreal
  8. I want a win. F it. Playoffs baby!!!!!!!!
  9. If i wanted the lions to make the playoffs who should I be cheering for tonight
  10. He did it was perfect - 87 stopped running
  11. that was entertaining 87 should have caught that pass Lets win the next 2 then wait for them to crush us. Ill be watching next week F it. So will all of you
  12. stafford gets hit in the head and they pick it up
  13. how did they not decline that penality??
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