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  1. kgeorge78

    Bobby Higginson today

    no idea why but i was thinking about higginson today lol. he was a pretty good player and had a great arm! hes a ghost on social media though
  2. kgeorge78

    Detroit Lions 2018 Free Agency

    they can all walk
  3. kgeorge78

    Packers @ Lions 1pm

    this. But do they win as easily if the pressure was on?? (Actually yes because if they lost and seattle won Seattle would have been in so)
  4. kgeorge78

    Packers @ Lions 1pm

    this might be the first game in 30 years I have no interest in watching.
  5. kgeorge78

    Lions @ Bengals

    it was funny on NFL preview with Michael Irvin he called it. Predicted the lions would lose because the Lions are the Lions.
  6. kgeorge78

    Lions @ Bengals

    get Patricia from NE Pay Bell whatever he wants and draft D and lets go
  7. kgeorge78

    Lions @ Bengals

    caldwell and it doesnt matter
  8. kgeorge78

    Lions @ Bengals

    season over
  9. kgeorge78

    Lions @ Bengals

    even the announcer is laughing at caldwell
  10. kgeorge78

    Lions @ Bengals

    ive seen enough of Abduallah for 10 lifetimes
  11. kgeorge78

    Lions @ Bengals

    this game is like watching paint dry
  12. kgeorge78

    Lions @ Bengals

    jesus christ can't get 1 fricken yard all year
  13. kgeorge78

    Lions @ Bengals

    SLAY is fricken awesome