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  1. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    WTF is going on lol
  2. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    huge game..... I think stafford goes off finally statistically but still may be a loss. A win would be huge with a bye and a few easier games coming up.
  3. Panthers @ Lions on FOX 1pm eastern

    I know who they play. Then they play PItts. That's why i said if they can sneak a win this week coming up they have the bye then a bad pitts team. Brees isnt the old Brees he stinks... Winnable game
  4. Panthers @ Lions on FOX 1pm eastern

    Ebron should never see the field again... The O Line was horrible - we got killed today. Good news is Pittsburg looks terrible as well so sneak a win next week and see what happens
  5. Lions at Vikings Game Thread

    ugly win but it's a road win so that's Huge. 3-1 should be 4-0 and Sched does't look that bad now.
  6. Pregame: Lions -v- Falcons Sunday 1:00pm on Fox

    im going to game tomorrow - the most excited Ive been to attend a sporting event in a while. Huge test.
  7. Caldwell signs extension

    I wasn't a fan at first but he does let the coordinators do their jobs and they are doing it well. It's Staffords show now anyways
  8. MNF Lions @ Giants 8:30pm on ESPN

    im happy good game
  9. Stafford .... Would you trade him for ???

    OP here - I wouldn't trade Stafford For anyone considering Age, experience contract status and guts....
  10. Sept 10, Cardinals @ Lions, 1pm est, Fox

    Stafford For MVP
  11. Sept 10, Cardinals @ Lions, 1pm est, Fox

    stafford is a legend
  12. that was a terrible game by a terrible team coached by a terrible coach... Oh well pitches and catchers report soon!
  13. I got a strange feeling............