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  1. Tavai has looked pretty good so far. Bring in Davis next week on the outside as a edge rusher and they might have a good young LB core
  2. zenner is garbage. His fumble vs the Giants a few years ago cost the playoffs. There are 2000 Zenners out there
  3. FUCCCC OFF Preseason Davis better not be hurt. Does't look good. He had a pretty good 2nd half of the season last year.
  4. I actually love the pic... he's going to be a beast. I actually respect quins balls for taking a TE.
  5. Im going to the game. I have no idea whos pitching or whos starting but I'm super pumped to watch baseball live!
  6. gimmie peterson and wait for another WR. Draft Oline round 1 and all D after that. 6-10!
  7. you know what the team isn't that horrible if the young guys step up and play ball
  8. I have no clue what the lineup will be opening day... Can anyone guess? Guess the Rotation? Key bullpen pieces??
  9. every time i watch a Lions Game I think it's the worst game ever but then they play an even less entertaining game. This season has been a disaster
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