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  1. Kinsler to Angels for 2 Prospects

    me too. Even though 2003 was a disaster It was my fav time as a fan. Went to 50 games. Don't ask me why.
  2. Bears at Lions SATURDAY 4:30 pm

    8-6 is better than 7-7 . let's do this.
  3. Detroit Vs Tampa Bay 1pm (est)

    I mean its hard to win in the NFL. I'm hoping they win out and make the playoffs. Anything can happen. Sure Caldwell sucks and we can't run and the D line is a joke but whatever I'd rather watch the lions on the road in the playoffs than watch another team. What the **** is the difference in draft position between 10 and 15 anyways. Look at the history of 1st round pics. Same amount of pro bowlers from 10 to 15..... We are Getting Matt Patricia in 2018 anyways. (fingers crossed)
  4. Detroit Vs Tampa Bay 1pm (est)

    not being able to run the ball on the goalline in 2 separate games will be the reason
  5. Detroit Vs Tampa Bay 1pm (est)

    true but who cares - they will do what they want anyways. They will finish 10-6 and miss the playoffs because of the call at the end of the Atlanta game
  6. Detroit Vs Tampa Bay 1pm (est)

    i love me some Road wins
  7. Detroit Vs Tampa Bay 1pm (est)

    good D stand. Lets win this
  8. Lions @ Ravens 1pm (est) FOX

    what a horrible game. I predicted we would get wrecked and we did. They aren't good. Now even if they win 4 straight which they wont they probably still won't make the playoffs. Oh well.. Tiger Woods is back at least!
  9. Lions @ Ravens 1pm (est) FOX

    i think we get wrecked I hope I'm wrong
  10. Wk 12: Vikings vs. Lions: 12:30

    Van Noy sucks for new England too. He's still horrible. They Need a Real Running Back. Abdulha is trash - he can't break a tackle. yes the line plays a part but come on it's obvious we don't have a RB - you see Gurley breaking tackles left and right. Any of those guys that were avail would have done the job - Ajay, Blount, ... 2 more wins 100% if we had a RB that can get one yard on 4th and 1.
  11. Wk 12: Vikings vs. Lions: 12:30

    lions are garbage and will always be hot garbage. We wasted Barry Wasted Calvin and are Wasting stafford by not giving him a running back that can break a fricken tackle. oh well hopefully the NFL goes away in about 10 years and we won't have to worry about it anymore
  12. Wk 12: Vikings vs. Lions: 12:30

    he is absolute hot garbage
  13. Wk 12: Vikings vs. Lions: 12:30

    lol hahah fitting ending
  14. Wk 12: Vikings vs. Lions: 12:30

    im nervous as ****
  15. Wk 12: Vikings vs. Lions: 12:30

    the refs are blind today. Need a TD here.