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  1. that was a terrible game by a terrible team coached by a terrible coach... Oh well pitches and catchers report soon!
  2. I got a strange feeling............
  3. Im a sunshine guy T&P But If you think Caldwell can take them anywhere you are smoking crack. He is one of the worst coaches in football. Pompus self righteous arrogant goof (Know him personally unfortunately). He refuses to make adjustments, refuses to challenge obvious calls, can't adapt to 2nd half changes from other teams, generally has poor clock management and Will never coach again (Any takers??) After this job... Having said that I think the Lions can beat Seattle - Their O line is hurting and our D Line actually got to Rodgers quite a bit but Rodgers is playing superhuman right now so we didn't take him down. Earl Thomas out makes a huge difference
  4. imagine if they win - Actually Im calling it now - they beat Seattle. Seattle sucks.
  5. seriously though how was that not PI lol
  6. Collinsworth - Single coverage safety's on WR - Lions - Hand off to ZZ
  7. he pushed off lol it was an obvious call
  8. lions would lose this game if they were the giants! lol Pretty pumped thanks cousins! Obviously want to win tonight but its nice to have a backup plan.
  9. refs have nothing to do with it Stafford has 2 seconds to throw and is running for his life Dax has 234343 seconds to pass common guys Dallas is 20x better than Us
  10. refs have nothing to do with it, they are who we thought they were!
  11. haven't been this excited for a game since the NO playoff game a few years ago.... No chance in **** they beat GB next so I hope we win this one!