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  1. i trade down to 5-6-7 and take the CB or Simmons and pickup a WR later in the 1st with the pic.
  2. Jamie Collins 3 years 30 mill not horrible not great
  3. if tua goes at 2 and Chase young is there and the Lions don't take them I might lose my fing mind.
  4. I had a vision. Lions sign Brady for 2 years. The trade Stafford for a 1st. They draft D with both 1st round pics and all throughout the Draft. Next Year Draft a QB. Why not.
  5. Stafford is a legend. He has become my favourite Lion of all time. He is tough as nails. Having said that I almost hope they trade him so he can chase a playoff win.
  6. probably the worst game ive ever seen
  7. bring him in as( Rivera) DC keep patricia another year and draft Chase young
  8. I would give the current regime one more year. Sounds crazy but a good Defensive draft with few Def Free Agents and try it again next year.
  9. I still think the season would have been different if they ended up winning that game
  10. no 2 min warning. A simple calculation would have realzied that. Garbage
  11. lol makes no sense that they went for 2. I guarantee they thought they were down by 9.
  12. sad what happened to the season. After the KC game i was sky high. Bad Reffing ended the season and now its not even worth watching. ******* disaster.
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