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  1. Begals had a Lions loss - maybe worse lol
  2. stafford is a ******* legend
  3. Mitch might be the worst QB in football. It;s not even close
  4. Swift on the injury report?
  5. I honestly think "on paper" this is the best lions draft ever. Filled needs, got some value didn't reach no headscratchers Now sign Clowney and this win this fucccccing division
  6. I acutally agree - at this point with the extra 3rd it would be a Value Pick.
  7. tua will never be as good as stafford. Hes glass.
  8. i want simmons. Take him at 3 if you have to. He can play outside LB
  9. i trade down to 5-6-7 and take the CB or Simmons and pickup a WR later in the 1st with the pic.
  10. Jamie Collins 3 years 30 mill not horrible not great
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