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  1. Anybody know the status of Brandon Dixon? He was DFA'd 12 days ago, and I thought 10 days was the window in which to either release, lose on waivers, trade or outright. Asking for a friend.
  2. Isn't today the day minor-league free agents get sprung? ("5 days after the World Series ends") Haven't seen any lists yet. Anybody know anything?
  3. Always looking for ways to cheer up our long-suffering Tiger fans, I thought I might point out that the following 9 pitchers: T-Bull (3-17), Norris (3-13), Zimm (1-13), Soto (0-5), Carp (1-6), Greene (0-2), Cisnero (0-4), Reininger (0-3), and Hall (0-1) combined for a record of 8-64. (The rest of the staff went 38-51)
  4. Was going to start a new thread: "Reasons to have hope for next season", then I realized it would have no posts.
  5. Rainouts today and tomorrow would be the perfect capper to this season. Almost poetic.
  6. Anybody know where I can find a list of Rule 5 eligibles? Also need a list of the Rule V eligibles....... And just to prove that life isn't all bad, Ryan Carpenter has been released (to make room for Troy Stokes Jr, picked up on waivers).
  7. For the sake of everybody's collective sanity, but especially mine, can we PLEASE stop mentioning the name of a certain F. Perez in any discussions of pitching prospects, at least until further notice? Did I remember to say please? I'm actually begging.
  8. Can anybody here explain the bizarre news out of the Tigers' GCL camp in Lakeland? They have 2 teams in the league: GCL Tigers West and GCL Tigers East, and today they switched shortstops: Kelvin Smith going to the Easties and Alvaro Gonzalez going to the Westies. Here's what's strange: they are each listed as 'rehabbing' with their new teams, but neither is, or has been, on the DL (you can call it IL if you want), and both have been playing regularly right up to the present. Bizarre. If someone does not explain this soon, I'm afraid I'm going to start abusing my cat.
  9. Don't look now, but the Connecticut Tigers, at 25-26, are but one win away from giving the Tigers three (count 'em, THREE!) teams in the 10-team Org at .500 or above. The other two are the mighty Erie Seawolves (despite their shabby starting rotation) at 65-48, and the Gulf Coast West Tigers at 18-14.
  10. "Community outreach" ?????????????????? I'm sorry, but could you explain what that means? Thanks. Signed, Chris I.
  11. The Tigers' Organization celebrated Avila's extension yesterday by playing 10 games and losing 9 of them.
  12. Anybody know when the deadline is for signing draft picks?
  13. He's 6'7. Hugh Smith (6'10) calls him 'Tiny'.
  14. Sorry Bert, but ain' gonna be no bike and ain' gonna be no clothes either. But let's look on the bright side: On Opening Day we could very possibly have the worst defensive OF in the History of the Game...Stewie, Goodie, and Nick. (Any way of measuring this?) And if that doesn't do it for ya, there's always Gordon, sittin' on the bench just waitin' to strut his stuff.
  15. Is it a bad sign when there are, say, 6 guys still competing for the final 3 spots, and you find yourself rooting for all 6 to be cut? Asking for a friend.
  16. Dustin Peterson cut. Not surprised that he's cut, but I kinda thought he'd go right down to the wire. (Good news, though, for my secret fave, Harold Castro..............there, now I've probably jinxed him).
  17. Right now it's Kade Scivique and Wilson, at least until Rogers comes up from Erie sometime mid-season. Of course, injuries to catchers are always an issue, and I don't see who's going to backfill then....Chace Numata? Austin Athmann? (he was an all-star at Lakeland last year). Don't be surprised if they pick up someone else off the AAAA scrap heap. I think Pena's into managing big-time now, so he's probably not a candidate.
  18. Just to be clear, the 'worst idea ever' is whatever idea MLB happens to come up with.
  19. Just scratching my head here, wondering if there's anything more over-hyped than the Rule V draft. Sure there are things that are more hyped, but I'm referring to the size of the gap between actual hype and deserved hype. Haven't come up with anything yet.........................
  20. Should be at 38, but Matt Moore hasn't been made official yet.
  21. Anybody know when the non-tender deadline is? The prospect of dumping McCann has me almost embarrassingly aroused.
  22. They already have 2 spots open on the 40-man, and what with the other garbage still on it, no problem opening up a few more.
  23. That's right, but as discussed above, 19 of them (with more to come) have already been moved to the Toledo roster to protect them from the minor-league phase of the draft, but total protection would come only with a move to the 40-man roster.
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