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  1. gzbach

    6/17 @2:10 Detroit Tigers vs Chicago White Sox

    Visiting my daughter in London (England, not Ontario) a few years ago, she forced me to go shopping. When we returned home her roommates asked me what I got. When I said "some pants", I was greeted by poorly concealed snickering. Little did I know that in Britain "pants" means underpants. I guess it was "trousers" (or "slacks"?) that I got.
  2. Anybody know when the signing deadline is for draftees? Sometime in August?
  3. gzbach

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    Anybody know when the signing deadline is for draftees? Sometime in August?
  4. gzbach

    Who Did Miguel Pass Today?

    Today Miggy passed: .....a stop sign held up by the 3rd base coach.
  5. gzbach

    Zimmerman will start opening day

    Sorry, but I don't remember what happened in '16 that leads to this statement. Can anyone fill me in?
  6. gzbach

    3/6 @1:05 New York Yankees vs. Detroit Tigers

    Apparently he was re-signed to a milb contract. But I thought he was already signed to a milb contract and was in camp as a NRI. Can anybody explain?
  7. gzbach

    3/6 @1:05 New York Yankees vs. Detroit Tigers

    Travis Wood released, so they don't have to pay him the Three Dollars and Twenty-Five Cents he would have earned on his minor-league contract.
  8. The Tigers currently have three players on the shelf, all LHP's (Liriano, Hardy, Wood). That sound you hear is the pitter-patter of the hearts of guys with names like Carpenter, Norris, Stumpf, Bell, and Russell (although they wouldn't admit to it).
  9. Anybody know if Labourt is allowed to play in ST games while DFA'd?
  10. Aren't they playing a split squad tomorrow, with Lewicki starting the other game?
  11. I think the key to understanding this conundrum (quagmire?) is that the scenario has no good guys in it. Of course, in this respect, it will never come close to matching the all-time greatest such example.....Hitler vs Stalin in the 1940's, but we can at least enjoy it for what it is.
  12. I was speaking with a friend the other day about my long-standing desire (obsession?) to see a season in which all 32 NFL teams go 0-16. He told me that there was a mathematical difficulty in my scenario. Since he did not explain further, and I am not a mathematician, can anybody on the Forum help? Thank you in advance.
  13. Bruce Rondon signs with the Chisox.
  14. That's easy. No DH's on this team! That means that once we've gotten rid of Nick, we need to get rid of Victor, Miggy, and Stewart ( know he's not in Detroit yet, but he's too close for comfort.). I have no problem with the DH rule, but it should be used to give regulars a rest from playing in the field, and to give bench players more PA's than they would otherwise get, and to give multi-position players the place in this world that they deserve. I don't want anybody on my team (please excuse me for calling the Tigers 'mine') who is a liability in the field.
  15. gzbach

    2018 Transactions

    Have seriously fallen behind in transactions, but can't help but post the really big news. I thought the addition of a 2nd DSL team would mean the elimination of the GCL East team, but apparently not: http://www.mlive.com/tigers/index.ssf/2018/01/tigers_coaching_assignments.html Ten teams! (I know it's about quality, not quantity, but let's not be unkind).