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  1. Just wanted to post this link of Leyland talking about my AAT: Sounds like he's off to an impressive start. Hope he can continue it when he gets assigned to his minor league team....most likely Erie Outfielder Avisail Garcia makes impression on Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland during BP (photos) | MLive.com
  2. Thanks for making my pick and posting a pic, Yoop! Happy to have Avisail under my wing this year. I think he'll have a big year this year....most likely in Erie. Can't wait for the season to get going!!!
  3. #33!!!! I'm so excited! I'm out of the 100s!! Now I can look at some of our top minor leaguers for a pick this year! Lol
  4. I'm in...::crosses fingers:: Top 30 pick this year!!!
  5. I'll be at the game this Sunday too! Going w/ a large group from Lansing. Bus down and back w/ a tailgate set up 2 hours before kickoff. Not sure of the location yet. Should be fun! Go Lions!!
  6. Well, I hate to see my adopt a Lion have his season come to an end like this. Glad that it was caught early enough that his post NFL endeavours will not be affected long term. Get well soon Jerome and best of luck with your future!
  7. Agreed, I think he's nursing an injury/injuries and is just worn down from having to catch basically every game down the stretch for the division. And, during that stretch it seemed he took an above average amount of balls off his body. His postseason has been lackluster thus far but I can't hold it against him.
  8. Sure, I didn't care that other guys were downstairs watching the game. But these were my brother in laws that I made best men in my wedding. But, I don't expect you to understand....
  9. I LOVE ILITCH! Very happy to hear this news. Can't wait for the FA period to start....after the Tigers win the WS of course!!
  10. My wife and I set our wedding date for 9/18/10, not thinking about anything sports related. Just the church and reception were available on the same date and we wanted to get married in September. Turns out, it was the MSU-ND game w/ MSU at home. My wife and I are UM fans so it wasn't a big deal....and it wouldn't have mattered if it was a big UM game. Anyways, my groomsmen were MSU fans and were very hard to locate when it came time for them to be around cuz they were downstairs watching it on a big screen. It got pretty annoying. Definitely felt like that game was more a priority than our wedding to them.
  11. So excited for the Lions season to be starting!!!! Lions win....final score 31-21.
  12. I demand a re-order of the draft....no? alright fine, i'll just have to start looking into adopting cheerleaders.
  13. Oh, I don't know.....alright. You talked me into it, I'm in!
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