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  1. Got the hat at the mall, thanks again!
  2. The pizza in Comerica Park is actually smaller than the regular $5 Hot and Ready, too. Smaller pizza, more than triple the price! Lol
  3. I'll probably check the mall anyway, just to be safe. The stadium isn't open today and I don't know the next time I will be on this side of the state. I know you can get them online, but I don't like buying fitted hats like that because they all fit a little differently.
  4. You are also allowed to bring in juice boxes or something similar for kids in your group. I used to take Capri suns for my ex's kid all the time. To me, the best value is the brushfire grill. You can get a lot of different things there (burgers, chicken sandwiches, etc...), but I usually go for the hot dog basket. For around $8 you get two grilled hot dogs, a bag of chips, cole slaw and a pickle. The beer hall also has some pretty good food. I don't eat there very often, but when I do it has been alright.
  5. I am in Grand Rapids for the weekend. Aside from going to the stadium, does anyone know of a place that I would be able to get a fitted whitecaps hat? Thanks!
  6. I will be there with some friends. Our seats are scattered all over the park though, so we will probably just watch from the Pepsi Porch. We did the same thing last year and we had a blast.
  7. I've been wearing this one for a little while now....picked it up at Marshall's for $5. My favorite though, is still the plain old blue with white D that they wear during home games. I always have one of those, too.
  8. I hate this guy. He's annoying as hell when you are at the games, and a lot of times he is just as annoying when you watch them on TV. The ketchup thing that he has is absolutely ridiculous. If a little boy (or anybody for that matter) asks for ketchup with his hot dog, you give it to him. When I sit in his section I will intentionally go to another one to get dogs.
  9. I was in Cleveland this weekend, too (for Saturday's game). Aside from having to come back the same night because of work, I had a great time. I'm going to try to make it to Baltimore for a game this summer, but I dunno.....
  10. This picture was actually a mistake, but when I looked at it on the cpu I thought it turned out kind of cool.
  11. I ended up going and getting in (at the Henry Ford). I lineup as I can best remember it was: Rod & Mario D.D. Leyland Knapp Lamont Robertson Ryan Verlander Thomas Santiago Porcello Thames Granderson Hessman Galarraga Raburn Everett Jackson ....I know I am forgetting one or two.
  12. We called Henry Ford to get details, and the woman on the phone said that in order to get in you had to call ahead and reserve seating. Which I can understand, I guess, but it is kind of lame that it didn't say that on any of the websites or in the paper (actually, the paper said to get there early because seating is limited). Seating that people don't show up for will become available again at 1:00, but I don't know if I want to take my boy up there and get his hopes up to find out we won't be able to get in...
  13. I have been to 10 games so far this year (going to #11 this evening), and my record is 4-6. I started off really well, but the last few games I have been to have all been losses.
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