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  1. Awesome win! Heck I even scored well in my all Lions fantasy league. If they play like this all year then it will if not successful, be fun to watch. The passing game was impressive! Great job defense, many teams around the league got scorched today several recievers put up huge numbers so we are still in good shoes. Bring them purple pussies!
  2. I hope Peyton suffers a broken arm! I would also like to see a big TD pass to CJ! Go Lions!
  3. I think the Lions will sell additional tickets just because of the hopefully highpowerd pass attack! I personal find it easy to bash the Lions allot, however I am genuinely excited about this years passing game.
  4. j.wood


    Sweet... You know this really changes nothing. He was a horrible pick, we just get to find out faster that he is a bust. I guess we better go sign Culpepper?!? I am seriously about to consider going to Lions Anonymous and perhaps switching to the Colts or Bengals!
  5. I am laughing after reading all these posts! The Lions are still a crappy team! I think they will win TWO games, both at home, Greenbay and Minny. No runningbacks, No Oline (really), No Dline, No linebackers, No Secondary. If the Lions are going to be good, a whole crop of guys will become NFL stars as the Lions don't have anybody besides Ernie Simms!
  6. Rice saves the Lions! sounds good to me, cut 7 of the WR's we have!
  7. Joey Checkdown will make Warrick Dunn look like an all-star reciever... At least Atlanta better hope so. I hope he breaks his collar bone while watching a dog fight and gets arrested for smoking marijuana with charles rogers, from dope he bought from Jimmy Williams.
  8. The N.F.L. may need to start screening its "people" and perhaps even locking people out of the league! I posted before complaining about the negative image the N.F.L. has as of late, now its even worse. Good job Jimmy Williams, arrested for marijuana. I know I had to submit to a background, credit, and refrence check to get my job, I don't even make $100,000.00 a year. I have decided today that I will NOT visit NFL(dot)com again. I am tired of the poor representation these players have given the NFL, and I am even more sick of the NFL reporting it. I am sure guys like Walter Payton are looking over them thinking "This is exactly what I worked so hard to build". Go Lions, and please stay out of trouble!
  9. nada, but my guess is that they are still in negotiation's... lol.v
  10. I would be intrested, I don't yet have tickets for a game but I plan on going to at least one.
  11. Apparently they were waiting to see if they could snatch up Redding for a record breaking deal...
  12. Crazy! WTF!!! Why does it seem like we are paying big money to guys who really have no past, probably no future? This season will be one of two things... The worst Detroit has ever done, and it will take the longest to recover from (or) The best we have done in 50+ years. How can I apply to be the next G.M. of Detroit Football Operations? I don't think I could make as many mistakes as often. Does that make me a "potential" candidate?
  13. I really like Furrey, I like all the history the guy has as well. Calvin seems humble to me, he seems like a kid with good work ethic and a positive attitude. If this is true he will do well, hopefully his mind will be on playing as a team and not about 100 catches!
  14. he made "lewd" comments about a girl performing "lewd" acts... Go figure!
  15. I just logged on to the NFL Shop and purchased both a Stanley Wilson and Keith Smith jersey. I also saw a deal on NFL Shop buy 6 WR jerseys get 6 free! Personally I think the Lions will suck just like they always do! A plaque hangs to my right and reads 1957 Detroit Lions NFL Champions! I have also assumed that the Lions are like a certin popular comet that appears every 76 years. Go GVSU Lakers!
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