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  1. I was able to catch some of the game against Penn State Saturday afternoon on the Big 10 network. I didn't watch enough to judge any of the players, but I am not a big fan of the hill in right field.
  2. When I was in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago, a bouncer referred to himself as Avatar. He claims it was his name before the movie though.
  3. I have read it was filmed in Suh's hometown of Portland.
  4. Can you name the Major League Baseball franchises East to West based on the location of their home stadiums? | Online Games & Trivia by Sporcle Name all 30 teams in east to west fashion in five minutes. Let's see how good you guys really are. I got it with 1:42 remaining.
  5. Cheater! You studied mine and then did it! You don't know baseball teams! BAN HIM! BAN HIM! Fine, you may have won fair and square.
  6. I got all 30 with 3:57 left on the clock. High Score! If you can do it in less than 1:03 you win!
  7. I think an NHL team in Winnipeg or Milwaukee could, would, should outdraw Phoenix. Winnipeg beat that number every year from 1979-80 until they left after 95-96. Tough to Bettman to say this project was successful in any way when the transplanted teams attendance is below a ~15 year average in the old spot.
  8. The Admirals play at the Bradley Center. This past season they averaged around 5700 fans per game, slightly above middle of the road for the AHL. Obviously a jump would happen due to the product, but I don't think that translates to filling up a 17,800 seat arena over the course of an NHL season. TheAHL.com | The American Hockey League | Home Bradley Center - Milwaukee's Sports and Entertainment Center
  9. How's your wife and my kids? One of the best lines from the Major League movies.
  10. Much more of a Jimmy John's fan than Subway myself. There is a place around here that serves either 15 or 18 inch subs for around 7 dollars, and they are delicious. That's the way to do it.
  11. I'll admit I was a Sbarro fan. You could do a lot worse at a mall food court than Sbarro, that is for sure.
  12. MLB 99 through 2005 actually. 989 Sports Major League Baseball series - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  13. Credentials: -Joined MTS as a 16 year old kid -Butted heads with longtime and top posters -Low tolerance of poor grammar (sometimes hypocritically) and lack of punctuation -Frustrated by thread police and at times intolerance Point Being Made: I can see where you are all coming from. It sucks that Sam writes in the manner that he does, and claims it is because he is too busy. I remember being 14, because it was not that long ago. If you have enough time to write a couple of paragraphs, you can add four periods and a comma here and there. On the other hand, I remember being 14 and having these ideas. One of my first threads I started was a What could have been thread comprised of some players we had from the mid to late nineties up until around 2004 or 05. Some people took to it and had fun, and a couple others ripped it apart. Looking back, it wasn't nearly as great of a thing as I thought at the time, and the team wasn't even that good really (not counting the fact it had 4 first basemen). Fact of the matter is, he is 14, and some of the things he posts may not be up to snuff compared to the writings of Lee (just an example). The other side of it is there is no reason to not write in a matter that is easy to read. The best way to do that is to just use some punctuation. It doesn't add any time to your post, and will be generally accepted by the readers and they won't get on you so much. Moral of the story here: You won't find a better community to talk Detroit sports. We all give each other good-natured ribbings now and then, and there is not a reason to chase any one of us away. It will be a little give and take for all parties, but it is not unreasonable. I need a beer.
  14. It may be blacked out for you on ESPN3 if you are in normal Tigers blackout area. I looked this morning and it said it would be blacked out for me.
  15. Spent a day in Pittsburgh on a stadium road trip last summer. Loved the city and the ballpark. PNC is probably my favorite park that I have been to. We sat in seats about 20 rows up behind the plate, but due to August sun moved up the level a bit. The park felt very intimate to me, more so than some of the other new parks. I took a picture of the view of the entire field from our seats, with the skyline and Roberto Clemente bridge that remains my desktop background still. We also spent some time over by the incline around dinner time, getting dinner in a (forget the name) warehouse-y type little area and then riding up the incline and enjoying that little neighborhood feel on top of the hill. Overall, we were very impressed with Pittsburgh.
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