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  1. Tiger never ceases to amaze me: Mortgage - Tiger Woods receives $54.5 million mortgage
  2. List of the strangest injuries http://www.playersbehavingbadly.com/Off/Strange_Injuries.html
  3. How many beers do you think Wade Boggs can drink in 1 sitting? http://www.playersbehavingbadly.com/Off/Wade_Boggs_64_Beers.html
  4. Its shocking what a huge homerun during a huge winning streak would do to a person. This Cubs player came out of the closet on national televsion. video--> http://www.playersbehavingbadly.com/On/Aramis_Ramirez_Cubs_what_video.html
  5. Here is a link to the Derek Lee fight video and photos: http://www.playersbehavingbadly.com/Fights/Derek_Lee_vs_Chris_Young.html
  6. It is now official. Dennis Rodman has started his comeback. He wants to be ready for the start of the 2007-08 season. Here are some good videos of his antics and amazing plays: http://www.playersbehavingbadly.com/Hall/Dennis_Rodman_Videos.html
  7. Below is a link for information on the casting of the latest Will Ferrell comedy. The movie is about the ABA in the 1970's. They are currently casting for the movie when filming begins in Detroit in a couple of weeks. http://www.sports-venue.info/Movies/Update_Semi-Pro.html
  8. They can still save face with putting a national retailer. But all the long time fans that wanted to buy a seat, they will now have to pay double because there are so few to sell.
  9. I did not know that tours were ever offered after it closed. I would be somewhat surprised if they offered tours again, with its current shape it might be too big of a liability.
  10. Here is the latest news on the Tiger Stadium demolition and the sale of memorabilia. Tiger Stadium Demolition News Source: http://www.sports-venue.info/Demolitions/Tiger_Stadium_Detroit.html
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