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  1. Replacing coordinators every few years is fine.. Durkin was employed for what, 11 months?
  2. I was surprised, too. A little relieved now though. I'd rather not replace the coordinators every year or two when they get looked at for HC jobs.
  3. Did I hear Spielman is doing this game? I thought Herbstreit and Fowler called the game involving the teams where Gameday is?
  4. anyone have a link for the broadcast? My Comcast crapped out again (surprise surprise)
  5. Wings may very well win this game, but jesus is there ANYTHING they do even above average?
  6. If you're going to be there in early July, try to catch the Dave Matthews Band concert. Best show I've ever seen, hands down.
  7. Does a fielders choice count as a hit against the pitcher? Just wondering for No-Hitter scenarios, if Kinsler elected to go to 2nd with the ball to avoid a runner in scoring position (who reached 1st on a walk, obviously), would that break up the no hitter?
  8. It's like they're so afraid of getting an icing call that they make stupid decisions. Makes no sense.
  9. Yea far too often I see a Wing softly throw the puck behind their net rather than try to outlet it out of the defensive zone. So annoying.
  10. I'll chalk this lousy week up as part of the ebb and flow that is bound to occur during a long season. I'm not frightened, yet.
  11. I feel like it's been worse than that stat indicates.
  12. Yup, Pistons the beneficiary of every call late in that quarter, but couldn't separate at all.
  13. I don't remember Buffalo being President's trophy good; must have blacked that out. Wonder if they would have won anything had Dom stuck it out there.
  14. As soon as clock hits 0:00 in OT, Howard absolutely ***** his pads. Guy can just not handle this aspect of the game.
  15. Are the Wings the worst team when in comes to play in their own end? Holy hell, night after night
  16. Tuned in 5 minutes ago; looks sloppy as hell. That been the story all game thus far?
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