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  1. Very nice 8th inning for Castro! 1st MLB hit! 1st MLB steal! 1st MLB run, and it’s a game-tying run!
  2. That’s the updated-at-mid-season 1976 yearbook. Here’s a bad picture of his original page in the beginning-of-the-season 1976 yearbook.
  3. Nice catch by Kepler to steal a potential extra base hit away from my 2014 Adopt-A-Tiger in his 1st MLB at-bat. http://www.motownsports.com/forums/topic/91667-2014-adopt-a-tiger-draft-extravaganza/?do=findComment&comment=2265483
  4. I'm sad to hear that he's died. I know him more as HueyTaxi than Roger, but he always seemed to be one of the friendliest posters here. My interactions with him in different threads were always pleasant. I enjoyed being able to use his photos in my Adopt-A-Tiger posts. My heart goes out to his family and friends.
  5. I'm kinda bummed out that he had to go and ruin what were otherwise amusing qoutes by using the lame "taken out of context" cop-out.
  6. If Joba can be a productive contributor, that will be a nice surprise. Biggest disappointment will be if Iglesias' shin splints are a recurring problem throughout the season.
  7. I think the thing that bugged us the most about DK is that Leyland thought he was a better player than he really is, and so Leyland gave him more playing time than a guy like that should get. Is Ausmus going to see what Leyland saw in him? That's the question.
  8. With a Free-For-All pick in the 2014 MotownSports.com Adopt-A-Tiger Draft Extravaganza, TigersFan81371 selects Harold Castro Second Baseman Photo by Potthole Born: 11/30/93 Birthplace: Caracas, Venezuela Height: 6'0" Weight: 145 Bats: Left Throws: Right Signed by the Tigers as an international free agent on March 15, 2011. MiLB.com Profile Page Baseball-Reference.com Page Here is a brief blurb from a page of free TigsTown.com content that was posted prior to the 2013 season: Here's a brief scouting report that Jordan Gorosh wrote for Bless You Boys after seeing Castro this past season: Click here for a more detailed write-up that Brian Sakowski wrote for Bless You Boys prior to the 2013 season. Castro made his professional debut in 2011 as a member of the VSL Tigers and posted a nice .313/.352/.365/.717 slash line with 24 steals in 63 games. The organization brought him stateside for 2012, and he turned in a nice .311/.343/.420/.763 slash line in 51 games with the GCL Tigers. He began 2013 in extended spring training before being joining the Lakeland Flying Tigers in May. He singled in his very first LFT at-bat and scored the only run of the game in a 2-1 loss to Clearwater. In 21 games at the High-A level, he turned in a respectable .274/.316/.329/.645 slash line. When the organization decided to promote Devon Travis from West Michigan to Lakeland at the end of June, Castro was sent down to the Whitecaps to take Travis' place there. Castro went hitless in his first two games for the 'Caps. It's likely that he'll always remember his third game, which took place on July 2nd against the Great Lakes Loons at Dow Diamond in Midland. The game was tied 3-3 in the top of the 9th. Castro (who had notched his first hit, first stolen base and first run as a member of the 'Caps back in the 5th inning) stepped to the plate with one out. He then hit what would turn out to be the game winning home run! Click here to see it. (I was disappointed about missing that game. It turned out to the only game in Midland that Castro would play in.) Unfortunately, there weren't many highlights for Castro during his 41-game stint in West Michigan. He finished the season with a .231/.240/.313/.553 slash line. Castro will likely return to the Whitecaps to begin the 2014 season, and it'll be interesting to see what this talented, but still raw, player can do over the course of a full-season.
  9. Playing Ball with Legends, the Story and the Stories of Don Lund: James Robert Irwin: 9781587265686: Amazon.com: Books
  10. The Royals are only dangerous when they're playing the Tigers. (Insert sadface here.)
  11. Instead of picking a new player to replace the traded Vasquez, I'm just going to extend my existing adoption to include the whole trade.
  12. I've never had an AAT traded in mid-season before. This is kinda weird. I'll pass on Veras. I've got another minor leaguer in mind. Just have to put a writeup together.
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