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  1. I had one message in my box and didn't have issues sending or receiving a message. So if you are having issues, check the amount of messages in your inbox and perhaps delete a few.
  2. Haven't we had this issue before were message inboxes were full?
  3. Up until a few years ago (1974-2015), Mazda was part owned by Ford and had their own version of the Escape. I believe it was the Mazda Tribute.
  4. I'm a Ford guy and between my wife and I, we've had two Escapes (2003 and 2013). We've enjoyed both and have plans to get another this year once my son starts driving and inherits my wife's current vehicle (2019 Ecosport). I'm driving my second Ford Edge (2008 and now 2015) and will be upgrading soon myself, but I'm not sure which Ford model I may look at since the Edge may not be around much longer. Other family members have Escapes as well and all love them too!
  5. Love Sonos! I upgraded a few of my older models this spring to get them on the new platform and look to upgrade my older basement models soon, which are Play:3s. I have a Denon AV receiver hooked up to my basement TV, and I'm considering replacing that with a new Sonos sound bar to simplify my basement entertainment setup. As much as I like the fancy stereo system, I hate having to deal with all the settings and remotes just to watch a show or movie. I went simple on the setup in my living room and enjoy that so much more. The Sonos Move is also great for taking your sound to areas where you don't have a Sonos plugged in.
  6. Is anyone still having speed or performance issues with the forum? Some server changes were made a few weeks back that could have been the cause of the issues experienced, but I myself have not noticed any problems. If they have continued, please respond. Thanks!
  7. Pontiac Norte Dame Prep has had at least 3 confirmed cases at last count. It has not avoided the private Catholic schools in the metro Detroit area.
  8. I’m not aware of any site compromise.
  9. A couple actually... We've also increased our fiber intake and added an occasional bran muffin as we've aged.
  10. My family (wife, son and myself) all got our flu shots at CVS on Saturday. Earliest I have ever gotten one, but thought it was a good idea to do it early this year.
  11. https://www.motownsports.com/detroit-tigers-fulmer-alexander-starting-rotation/ New Tigers blog posted today from Bob Heyrman... Bob looks at the possibility of the Tigers using Fulmer and Alexander as a combo in the 5th spot of the rotation. With Norris out for who knows how long, interesting opportunities may exist for Fulmer and other young players to get work in.
  12. https://www.motownsports.com/detroit-lions-where-does-jamal-agnew-fit/ New Lions blog posted yesterday from Bob Heyrman... Topic is Jamal Agnew and his chances of making the Lions roster this year. Do you think they find a spot for him, or has he fallen down, and off the depth chart?
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