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  1. Ronz has a pretty good memory! Yes, this message board community originally started in the fall of 1999 on the Tigers official website. At that time I was known as TigersWebGuy because I ran the official website for the Tigers (the name was changed to MotownWebGuy after we became MotownSports). I was actually employed by a company called ACSports which had offices in New York city and Baltimore. ACSports had contracts to run several professional sports teams websites, including 9-10 MLB sites. They employed me as their local contact working directly with the Tigers organization. I ran the Tigers website until May 15, 2000 when a new company took over the contract for the Tigers website. On that date, ACSports and I relaunched our Tigers website as MotownSports.com. The company that took over the website contract with the Tigers (Ignite Sports Media) ran the Tigers site for the remainder of the 2000 season. MLB Advanced Media eventually took over all MLB team sites in 2001. I continued to work with ACSports and run MotownSports.com (and other MLB message forums) until they went out of business in 2001, at which point I tried to acquire the MotownSports.com domain for my own. Due to the pending business situation with ACSports, the domain was tied up in for a spell, which is why we operated as MotownTigers.com for a bit in 2001-02. After I was able to secure the domain, we were back up and running on our own. The rest is history... CJ Nitkowski was one of our original users and did post a few times. Not sure if he made the very first post, but it was certainly an early post.
  2. Yes, Friday May 15, 2020 was the 20th Anniversary of MotownSports.com! There was a brief interruption at one point early (2002) on when we were known as MotownTigers.com due to a changeover in business ownership, but that was eventually resolved and we went back to using our original name. Been going strong ever since. Lots of memories over the past 20 years, some great, some not so great. I don't think I have to go into too much detail, but we've obviously lost some users along the way in very unusual and tragic ways... Overall this has been a wonderful experience for me and I've met a lot of great people throughout the years that have become close friends, and that is something that would not have happened without this website. For those of you who have been around since the beginning or close to it, can you believe how fast the time has gone? I was a newly married 20-something when this place started, now I'm a crotchety old man yelling at my teenaged kid to take a shower and comb his hair. It's been great and hopefully there will be many more years ahead!
  3. BTW, MotownSports.com is celebrating our 20th anniversary next month on May 15th. Twenty years... imagine that! However, our time is short without the ad money that both stanpapi and MAROTH4MVP drove to this website. It was a good ride...
  4. They still do... I've enjoyed their emails.
  5. Most of you should realize by now that I do not participate in the political forum... therefore I have no idea what candidate you support or do not support, nor am I familiar with your overall political views. When I ban people due to their actions on this (political) forum, it’s not based on politics or your viewpoint. It’s because I generally think you’re a waste of my time and board resources. Just being honest.
  6. I went ahead and made this clowns banishment to include the entire board instead of just the political forum. Probably should have done this much sooner... sorry. For the record, users can support whomever they wish as long as they are civil to others with differing opinions. It’s when you go above and beyond and act like a total disruptive idiot that usually gets an early exit from the board. Both stanpapi and MAROTH4MVP have been permanently sent to the showers.
  7. Nope, I will not be at the National this year. I had the opportunity to attend the All-Star game in Cleveland this year, so that was my big expense for the summer. Next year the National will be in Atlantic City, so I'm probably not going to one until 2021 or 2022, when it returns to Chicago and Cleveland. Kinda bummed because there are a lot of newer baseball HOF players at the show this year that haven't been at the recent Nationals.
  8. Basically we needed an adult to help oversee this group!
  9. Tony Packo's across the street is always a decent choice for something unique to the Toledo area. However, when I went to a game last year, I ate at the BirdCage Bar & Grill inside the stadium. It is an all-you-can-eat feast for $20 for each adult ($10 for kids). Reservations are encouraged, especially for a Friday night game (if still available). They have a great menu. http://birdcagebarandgrill.com/
  10. I expect to be there on Friday (as well as Saturday and Sunday), so let me know if you indeed make it to Cleveland.
  11. There is a way to bookmark a website and create an icon for it on your mobile device. If you do this, it is really no different than using an app. If you use Tapatalk, you still have to open the app and log in to connect to this message board.
  12. Tapatalk has been disabled on this site for the time being. I upgraded the message board today and the Tapatalk software needs to be upgraded as well. Waiting for them (Tapatalk) to make the upgrades available... On a related note, this message board is very mobile friendly. I highly recommend using the board directly if you wish to post from a mobile device. I'm not sure how much longer we will make Tapatalk available as an option, since their software and support has been lacking in recent times. In addition, there are plans to make all of MotownSports.com mobile friendly in the next month or two.
  13. The message board software was just upgraded to a new version. This was a pretty large upgrade, so there are bound to be some new features uncovered. Sorry that the upgrade took as long as it did... I didn't anticipate it would take more than a couple of minutes, but it was nearly 2 hours. Ooops!
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