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  1. TigerFest 2018

    I haven't been to a TigersFest in several years now... I understand the draw of having it at Comerica Park and allowing fans to see parts of the facility that they wouldn't normally see, but with the unpredictability of weather in January, being outside in the cold is not something I'm interested in. Joe Louis Arena or the State Fairgrounds were not the best of locations either, but at least they were indoors and you could enjoy the event without dealing with the potentially harsh winter weather. With all the new facilities popping up in downtown, I would love to see them do something different in future years and hold the event elsewhere. Some teams have done a two day event in the past, which is something that would be nice to split up the large crowds of a one-day event.
  2. Pistons trade for Blake Griffin

    Good eye, you noticed!
  3. 2018 Home Uniforms

    Here's some interesting information... https://www.toddradom.com/blog/2018/1/11/the-detroit-tigers-old-english-ds-finally-match
  4. 2018 Home Uniforms

    The Tigers are changing their home uniforms for the 2018 season... The Old English D on the jersey will now match the Old English D on the hat. https://www.facebook.com/Tigers/videos/10159838861940521/ Discuss...
  5. New Server

    Awesome! Technology has apparently improved in the last 6+ years. Nice benefit in addition to the cost savings! Thanks for letting me know you've seen some improvement in site performance.
  6. New Server

    Why does you URL show https? We do not have a secure URL.
  7. New Server

    Starting this thread in case anyone has any questions about the announcement I posted today. Simply put, we are moving the site from an old server, to a new server. This is scheduled to take place late night and should be completed sometime tomorrow. As always with changes like this, issues are bound to happen. So if they do, please be patient and I will do my best to get the site up and running as quickly as possible. I do anticipate some initial issues with the website portion of MotownSports.com, so please make sure to bookmark the forums so you can bypass the website until everything is resolved. I plan on turning the MB off tonight at 11:00pm EST, so that once the migration starts, we don't have users online posting messages that get lost due to the timing. We've been online now for nearly 18 years and every so often we need to make some changes to keep things moving in the right direction! -MWG
  8. Upcoming signings

    BTW, Jack Morris will be appearing at DC Sports at Lakeside Mall (Sterling Heights, MI) on February 17th. http://www.detroitcitysports.com/jack-morris-february-17/
  9. New Layout Problems/Comments

    The issues on the main page are related to the Flickr images it pulls in. Perhaps I will look into eliminating that option since it occasionally causes issues for no apparent reason. It's working now for what its worth...
  10. Tapatalk

    Login issues with Tapatalk should be resolved. A new version needed to be installed after our recent MB software upgrade. Sorry for the delay. On a related note, this MB software does have a pretty sharp mobile edition now so unless you use Tapatalk for other sites, you might want to just give the our mobile version a shot.
  11. New Layout Problems/Comments

    FYI... I just performed an upgrade of the message board tonight. We went from version 4.19 to version 4.25, which includes a pretty significant upgrade (at version 4.20). There are bound to be some things that have changed (for better or worse), so sorry to those of you like things to remain constant. In order to keep the MB running smoothly, we need to upgrade from time to time.
  12. New Layout Problems/Comments

    Have you looked into changing your... Notification Settings
  13. New Layout Problems/Comments

    Rhino, I appreciate the offer but as a "business" I'm not really in a position to accept donations. With the old message board I was able to "sell" premium VIP memberships which helped bring in extra revenue by allowing users to support the site with an additional purchase. However, this software does not have any type of premium membership features. So I lost that opportunity for some additional support when we upgraded last year. Perhaps I will figure out something in the future, but for right now I just have to find some other ways to bring the revenue up a bit to balance out the expense.
  14. New Layout Problems/Comments

    There are different options of information that could be shown in the right hand column. I chose what I thought was the most interesting based on the features of this MB that are actually used. For instance, that area could be used to feature information about the blogs and online chatroom, but those are areas that are not used enough to warrant featuring the content in the sidebar. There is some other content that could be shown there, so I'll take a look and see what other options might exist. Not too many options, but a couple others.
  15. New Layout Problems/Comments

    He hasn't posted here in 12 months because we've made little or no changes to the message board in that time. One thing you can always count on is when a change is made on this message board, Chasf will be by soon after to provide his "feedback." Unfortunately it's not useful feedback, it's him complaining that something has changed and he doesn't like it. He can call it what he wants, but it's beyond rude.