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  1. I'm so grateful for this thread. As Potthole stated, my computer went crazy with this stuff just the other night. We thought it was a lost cause, but I followed the tips in this thread, and the computer is now virus-free, thanks to the fine people at motownsports.com. Thank you!
  2. I hope this is your best birthday yet! I love you!
  3. Well, I have a feeling that any future girlfriends should prepare themselves for an intense screening process. This boy is loved near and far:classic: I'm so thankful he's doing well and look forward to celebrating all of his milestones with you!
  4. Thanks. We're ripping out the flower beds in front of the house. There used to be very nice landscaping there, which the previous owners destroyed. Why? Perhaps another effect of being Steelers fans. So we're going to try to recreate the downward sloping/better landscaping. The neighbor lady told us that the current beds are lakes when it rains. Right by the foundation of the house. They'll be pretty easy to take out though. There is a school/track/open grass/softball field behind us. So no neighbors really. Our neighbors on either side are pretty close. Good thing there are mini blinds!
  5. They left the letters if you'd like them.
  6. Zimm, glad you like the blue-grey color. It is one of my favorites, and I'm very pleased with how it's looking. The color is called "Down Pour," and the number is 760F-4. I literally spent hours picking out the colors; Potthole picked out the greenish color in his man cave in about ten seconds. It blends nicely though. The downstairs bath will be a color called sage gray. If you like the other color, you might like this one too. Stay tuned...
  7. Thanks everyone! You all take care of my Potthole while I'm gone, okay?
  8. He lies. When I found him in the fabric paint section, he had a bottle of "Winter White" in his hand. Clearly not what he needed. So while he talked on the phone, I dutifully found the bottle of "Bright White." And the thanks I get is being hustled out of the store. Sheesh!
  9. The boy stooped low enough to enter Michaels of his own will ... twice. And twice he forgot the dang 40%-off coupon!
  10. That's not the only thing he sprung for!
  11. Thank you for the kind wishes everyone! I had a wonderful weekend--dinner out with Potthole, gelato, flowers, nice weather, Stars on Ice, and dinner out tonight with Potthole and Mr. and Mrs. Melissa G. My heart is full and happy.
  12. The girls will be hanging out with me for a friend shower/bachelorette party that night, i.e. Melissa G and I will not be far away. However, the game/Motown get-together sounds like fun, but I know I'm not invited. I trust Potthole...I'm not sure about the rest of you though.
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