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  1. Clete Thomas for sure hope he gets some more PT
  2. I saw him Thurs and Frid during BP seemed alright to me but has not played at all last three days. Granderson has played 2 of three games alot of inns at that.
  3. We watched BP on thurs on lower fields at Lakeland w/no problem.
  4. Guys I'm at ST now for the last couple of days and yes Clete has all the tools canon for arm and BP yeterday yanked about 7-8 out one into the streets in the lower fields. Ramerez looked he was in severe pain in left put is hand down to dive for a ball in left took awhile before he got up. Pudge had a great game he hit one out to left today ith winds 25-30 blowing in from right.
  5. I wonder why Joyce is rated so far ahead of Thomas their about the same age. Thomas seems to have about a career ave in the .285 range with Joyce aroud .255. I know Joyce has more power but defensively what I have seen in person and read I consider Thomas better defensively. There ops is about the same so where is the separation of the two?
  6. I would bet Thomas gets an invite. With Gorky and Maybin both being traded I think he will get a chance to play with the big club some this spring. He had a great second half of season last year. Joyce and Larish should both get invited also they both had great second halves.
  7. I'm pulling for Brent D. too come back healthy. Joyce and Thomas are two good ballplayers.
  8. I was lucky enough to be in Erie when he was there. I caught batting practice that day and he was killing the ball and the games he played his bat was on fire. I know I had a small sample size while I was there but at that point in time Joyce and Thomas were both taking better routes to the ball both made outstanding catches. No doubt about it Thomas had the best arm of the three.
  9. They both deserve it great seasons for both!
  10. Raburn could play center not the best defensively but could fill in. Clete Thomas had a solid season in Erie. Batted .280 led league in runs. Has alot of speed for a leadoff hitter, good defensively won best arm in EL. Viable option IMO.
  11. I was looking out our minor league prospects we had several league leaders. Penn League Wells 3B and TB Midwest Gorky SB Below Wins Florida Suero SB Eastern Thomas runs Larish HR and RBI Trahern INN Pitched and CG International Hessman HR and RBI Hannanhan OBP
  12. Since Joyce and Larish kind of got off to a slow start I did these stats from June 1st added Gorky at end Hollimon 319/366/502 Thomas 302/373/432 Larish 292/414/605 Joyce 292/363/525 Wilkin 256/325/328 Gorky 284/333/392
  13. Micro, What about some of the other outfielders? Torres I know is going to turn 30 in Jan but what a season he had 20 triples OPS just under .900 pretty amazing does he have much value at his age? Ramirez still young but not very productive this year. And Clete very solid season led the league in runs top ten in several other offensive catergories?
  14. Erie is being shutout through six Thomas and McIntyre only Erie hits
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