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  1. Joe Salatamaccirayburnicca will fracture a sliding runner's leg with his formidable syllables.
  2. Tigers to introduce Justin Upton at 4 ET today | MLB.com
  3. And, if Uncle Claude would have been 103 today, he was born in 1912, making him 33 when he played for the Tigers. In the pic, his double chin looks at least that old.
  4. Haven't been over since the memorial. Here's a story from last month by the local fish wrap: Lakeland city officials cross fingers against rain delay for Tigertown renovations | TheLedger.com
  5. I have to say, also, if it's OK, that this will be our 19th year, and each year, part of the spring experience for a lot of regulars, was the pleasant daily presence of a guy with a smile, a camera and a remarkable Tiger hat. Miss you already, Roger.
  6. You rang? Detroit Tigers Spring Training Tentative Schedule | Detroit Tigers As a ST season ticket holder, I wouldn't expect any changes to the home games. There are now 18, the usual number. They may add a split squad somewhere, but I doubt that. Come on down!! Single game tix go on sale Jan 16th, I believe.
  7. If I may, I sat next to Jack at many spring training games in the late 90's. Really nice guy, who saw the humor in his big league career. He owned a couple of trailers he rented to Lakeland players. He introduced me to Frank Lary and Reno Bertoia who both signed a baseball for me. He was a big fan of a young catcher named Mike Rivera. He sure had a lot of Tiger friends who stopped by to say hey.
  8. Rays designate Joey Butler for assignment | raysbaseball.com Worth a claim and roster spot? He'll be 30 in March, but he looked good this past summer in left. Probably still has options. Late bloomer, or never-will-be?
  9. It was a touching service. I would estimate over one hundred people attended. Robie and family are displaying remarkable strength and dignity. A slide show was presented, pretty much covering Roger's entire life. As a vet, I was moved by one of him sitting on his helmet in a rice paddy. As a Tiger fan and friend, there were a lot of baseball related and lighthearted shots also. (Hat included). Members of his family spoke, sang, and prayed. The Tigers were generous with their caring, facilities, and refreshments. All in all, I would say our friend was given a proper send-off. RIP.
  10. ROGER DEWITT Obituary - Lakeland, FL | Ledger ROGER 'HUEY TAXI' JUAN DEWITT, 69 LAKELAND - Roger 'Huey Taxi' Juan DeWitt, 69, of Lakeland, Florida passed away on 10/06/15 from cancer. Roger was born in Penny Farms, Florida on 08/02/1946. He was married to Robette on May 18, 1968. Roger spent the majority of his adult life in the Citrus Industry, retiring from Florida's Natural Growers. He served two tours in Vietnam with the U.S. Army as a helicopter pilot flying Huey's and ended his service as Captain in Artillery. He earned many awards and medals for his military service. Roger's biggest passion was always for fast sports cars and photography. His other passion was his love of our local baseball team, The Flying Tigers, where you would see him and his wife in their first row seats beside the dug out for all their home games. His camera would be in one hand, ice cold beer in the other and a welcoming smile on his face. Roger was preceded in death by his father, Charles, and mother, Phyllis, as well as his son Ryan. Roger is survived by his wife Robette 'Robie,' his daughter Raquel DeWitt Conley (Todd), granddaughters Hope White and Faith Conley, along with nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. A memorial service will be held at Flying Tigers Community Room 2125 North Lake Avenue, Lakeland on 10/10/15 at 1:30 PM. Condolences may be sent to the family at Funeral Homes Lakeland | Funeral Services Florida | Heath Funeral Chapel . Edit: There is a picture of Roger in the obituary. Link above
  11. A kind and gentle man, who loved his family, friends, and Tiger baseball. And a good soldier, too. A piece of me goes with you, Roger. Hoping you will have a catch with Ryan today. Vaya con dios.
  12. A Bob Wills living legend, Texas style:
  13. Jeter has said he wants to be an owner. Wonder if his piggy bank is bloated enough.
  14. Dave Martinez is ready, willing, and, I believe, able. He must have somewhere around 1000 games as bench coach for Maddon. He would be one step up from a minor league skipper, and, please, no more Gardy talk. Thank you.
  15. I don't know how to find out, but speaking of big contracts and waivers, has JV been run through? That's a lot of Maserati money also.
  16. Thanks, and that's surprising to me. I would've thought a blocking claim, at least, would have been exercised. Maddon, for one, is very familiar with Shields. I guess that says he isn't as highly regarded as I and some others think. No?
  17. MLB is showing Valdez's ERA at 999,999.00. A little low, perhaps.
  18. 12:30 PM Thursday, during the team luncheon at the suburban Baltimore Cracker Barrel, DD will stand, straighten his striped polo, tap his spoon on his water glass, and say: "David. Ces. Suck smog, suckers".
  19. I love baseball because of last night's game. I hate baseball for the same reason. 4 PM today, one more time, looking for the book. An exchange with a wise Detroit legend: "What are ya tryin' to do, make me sick?!" "Roseanne, you're making me sick." "Well, Jane, it just goes to show you, it's always something — if it ain't one thing, it's another."
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