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  1. I can't believe no one named: Sid Monge and.. Marty Castillo
  2. Back in the 80's, I recall there used to be an once a year "Old Timers" game. The club would invite old Tiger players to play 1 or 2 innings against other team's older players or minor league teams. Would you like to see that? Do you think players would be interested in playing for fun? I would love to see that! You could mix the 80's and 90's players together to form a team. Just an idea...
  3. Man, Dotel has been a part of some ugly trades early in his career.. December 23, 1999: Traded by the New York Mets with Kyle Kessel (minors) and Roger Cedeno to the Houston Astros for Derek Bell and Mike Hampton. June 24, 2004: Traded as part of a 3-team trade by the Houston Astros to the Oakland Athletics. The Oakland Athletics sent Mark Teahen and Mike Wood to the Kansas City Royals. The Houston Astros sent John Buck and cash to the Kansas City Royals. The Kansas City Royals sent Carlos Beltran to the Houston Astros.
  4. I was on the old World Crossing and Freep message board around 2000 as a lurker. Here are some things that I remember from those days.. 1) The Rule V pick of Jarrod Patterson in 2001.. People on the board thought this guy was the next George Kell at 3rd base. I believe he was brought in from Seattle. When he was returned to the Seattle, the whole board was in a up roar. I remember someone (West Michigan Tiger, I think...) posted the word STUPID in bold like 100 times and they all called for Randy's head. Well, he didn't turn out all that great in the end.. 2) OBP debates with CJ Nitkowski... The OBP stat wasn't talked about much anywhere else, but it was a big time thread maker back in the day. One time, CJ Nitkowski (who was pitching for the Tigers at the time), piped up and said (paraphrasing) "OBP is a fan stat, the players don't care about it.".. Then he got half the board mad when he said "We were laughing at these OBP posts in the clubhouse". Needless to say, CJ got hammered by the posters and I think that was the end of him on the World Crossing Forum. 3) Speaking of CJ, he also had CJBaseball.com where he would comment about games. Before twitter, he was posting all sorts of stuff on there. One time he said "I felt like Gumby out there", when he said he was kept out too long. He also said that Randy Smith "Treated him like the clumpy things you would find in a litter box".. haha. He also talked about his golf games with Karim Garcia, Bobby Higginson and others. It really gave an idea of what baseball life was like. 4) Gabe Kapler had a website too.. It showed him doing body building and talking about his road to the Hall of Fame.
  5. Rick Vaughn from the Indians sounds good for Brandon.
  6. CometGSR


    Mitch is someone who tries to profit on anything to put his name out there. Using Ernie to promote himself is disgusting and a disgrace. Look at the below: Why did Mitch need to put his name under there? He might have wrote the play, but why the promotion? This is about someone who was a treasure, who was friendly to all and was part of an era. Mitch on the other hand, is a liar and a opportunist. Even Frank Beckmann, his fellow WJR talk show host, had to put him in his place last week because of his endless promotion. Mitch has the lobes for business...
  7. CometGSR


    I am sure the play is nice, but this is just a ploy to get Mitch Album back in the spotlight. Mitch constantly looks for oppertunties to shine the light on himself. This has nothing to do with Harwell, this was a chance for Mitch to remind everyone he is still around. I clap for Harwell, I boo Mitch.
  8. My favorite Tiger, Ty Cobb was released by the Detroit Tigers and has now signed with the Philadelphia Athletics for a cool $85,000. I just understand how you can let a Hall of Famer go like that. He has always been a Tiger and will always be a Tiger to me. I know the guy isn't the greatest in the club house, but look who he is... He's Ty Cobb! I think Bob Fothergill will continue to suck next year. He got way too much playing time last year. At least him and Mickey will be back together again. Since Cobb spent some time on the bench last year, hopefully he can play every day in Philly. Go Ty! Give them hell!
  9. Its been awhile since a Tiger had their own website.. Remember Gabe Kapler had one with his muscle pics? Then there was the famous CJ Nitkowski site with his commentary. Classic!
  10. How cool would it be for the Tigers to pick this guy up? Is he any good? He did pretty decent against our pitching yesterday. It would be odd to see a Kaline be a Ray or something like that. What do you guys think? Any info on him anywhere?
  11. Go Rusty! He was a household name at our house. I must have had 5 or 6 doubles of this card. It seemed like he was in every pack I bought.
  12. Great posts! It gives me an idea of where to sit. I want to be close to the action but I don't mind if my kids and Wife need to walk a little ways to the ferris wheel and carousel. We have gone every year the last three years and they love to go for the rides. They always seem to get free passes from someone, which is nice. My plan is to bring snacks for the kids, bring some water and buy some shirts at Meijer. The kids love the fireworks after the game, so I get to see the whole thing. Cool!
  13. I didn't see the thread from 2003, but that thread said that the Mezzaine seats are a good value. What do you think?
  14. I want to take a family of four to a Tigers game either July 11th, Aug 8th or 15th. I want to go to the game, but we are on a budget (food, shirts, ect). What would be the best lower priced seats? I am sure you guys have your favorites... Let me know!
  15. I wonder how he would do in today's game. Things have advanced a lot since then.
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