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  1. Thanks to Dave Burns, I can now cross Fernando Hernandez off the above list!
  2. -Kirk Gibson photo - archives of The Sporting News - 8.5x11 - $45 (one of 20 signed Gibby photos) -Sandy Amoros- George Brace photo; George purchased the negative collection of George Burke and both were based in Chicago. 1955 WS Star for the championship Dodgers - Very Rare - Only played in 65 Tiger games. (Dec.-1992) - $25 - Gail Harris -Original Detroit News photo - $20 - Al Kaline -first generation photo of dedication of Al Kaline Dr. in Lakeland - $70 -Aurelio Lopez 1st generation signed photo - $120 (one of 8 signed Lopez photos) -1950 Detroit Tiger program- cover signed by Tiger HOFer (1914 - 29, BA .342) and Broadcaster Harry Heilmann (dec. 1951). It is scored and is the first game of a double header at Briggs Stadium on September 26, 1950. The St. Louis Browns won this game 3-1 and Manager Rolfe was hot. In his journal,The View From The Dugout: The Journals of Red Rolfe which Bill edited, the Tiger manager wrote: “This was the weakest exhibition by my Tigers all year. . . . I held a meeting between games and really blasted the ball club.” Detroit was in a dogfight with the Yankees for the pennant and every game was crucial. $150 -Maxwell, Colavito and Kaline - 2nd generation photo - $90 - Norm Cash photo - first-generation image - 11 x 14 - $130 (one of 10 signed cash photos) -Alan Trammell - Original Detroit News 1st Generation Photo- $60 (one of 50 signed Tram photos) -Billy Hoeft - 1st generation photo - $20 -Jim Northrup - 1st generation photo - "Silver Fox" $25 (Don't know how many he has of Northrup!) Four of the photos are pictured below. Could not load the others because of size limitations. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bill's first show is Saturday, Nov. 2, at Lee High School in Wyoming, MI. Attached is a flier of this show with more details. He will also be at the West Michigan Sports Cards & Collectible Show in Muskegon the following Saturday, Nov. 9. He obviously cannot bring everything for sale to these shows, so if you are looking for particular players or teams, you can email Bill in advance at banderson38@charter.net Bill and I will have a total of 5 tables at both shows.
  3. DENNY MCLAIN SIGNING TONIGHT AT THE WHITECAPS GAME Denny plans to sign at the WhiteCaps game tonight (Monday) from 6 - 9 PM. The first autograph is free, while anything after that is $25, which I think includes inscriptions. He is also signing his first bobblehead that just came out, and will have a limited supply available for sale at tonight's game. It was a giveaway at the Clinton Lumberkings two weeks ago; Denny played in Clinton 57 years ago. The bobblehead fee is $40. Here's what it looks like: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Denny-McLain-Bobblehead-8-17-Clinton-Lumberkings-Detroit-Tigers/163828359994?hash=item2624ee633a:g:TvUAAOSwRMhdXZcW Denny already signed my bobblehead, in this case on the bill of the bobblehead cap. Not much room there, but Denny used an extra fine paint pen and it turned out great, including his 31 -6 inscription. He has done this a few times in his lifetime! Looking forward to seeing you tonight, Denny.
  4. MCLAIN AND EVANS TO APPEAR AT A LANSING SHOW THIS WEEKEND! Looking for a nearby sport card and memorabilia show this weekend? Look no further! Both '68 Tiger Denny McLain and '84 Tiger Darrell Evans will be making their appearances at a 40 table show at the Lansing Mall 5330 W. Saginaw Hwy.) this weekend. The show is inside the Mall, just east of T.J. Maxx). All autos are $25 each. The show runs from 2PM - 7PM on Friday (Aug. 23), 9AM - 7PM on Saturday, and Noon - 4PM on Sunday. Questions? Call the promoter, Bob Linman, at 517-881-5151.
  5. ANOTHER GREAT SHOW COMING TO THE SUNSET SIDE OF THE STATE! It's the 3rd Annual Muskegon Area Sports Cards and Collectibles Show. Promoter Bill Welch started with nothing three years ago, and now has one of the premier shows in the area. This year he has three signers coming, including '84 Tiger Darrell Evans, plus former U of M and MSU football stars. See the brochure for details. I plan to have three tables there. Check out something I just added: 2 huge binders of Tiger photos, with many selling as low as $5. Plus I am having a baseball blowout - they got to go! Some priced below the value of the baseball itself. And don't miss my four binders of autographed Tiger cards, including those from the four championship years. See you there!
  6. What has become the largest sports card and memorabila show in West Michigan is only two days away! I am talking about the show on Saturday at West Side Christian School, in G.R. It's the 28th Annual Show and will feature 1984 Detroit Tigers World Champion & Hall of Famer, Jack Morris, signing autographs at the times listed above. I talked to my friend Vern Groendyke who told me that he has already sold 57 tables, and may have a few more tables left. If you want a table call Vern at 616-784-4299 to see what is still available. I will have three tables at the show, and am selling photos as low as $5 as well as signed yearbooks including autos from Cash, Martin, Lopez, etc. All are pre-certified by PSA/DNA. See you at the show!
  7. WEST SIDE CHRISTIAN SHOW COMING UP ON SATURDAY, MARCH 2, WITH JACK MORRIS SIGNING! The rumor that the West Side Christian Show in Grand Rapids, better known as the 28th Annual Sports Card and Collectible Show, had run its course is NOT True. The show returns on March 2; show hours are 9AM - 3PM. For tables call Vern Groendyke at 784-4299; prices are $40 for the first table, $70 for two tables, $100 for three, and $125 for four. I always have a good time at this show, and plan to have several tables there again. I would guess that there must be 40 - 50 tables at the show. Also, HOFer Jack Morris will be signing at the show from Noon until 1:30PM. See the attached for more details.
  8. Not much posting for autograph successes recently, but I thought I would try starting it again in 2019. Really excited about a recent purchase of postcards and other autos of well over 200 Tigers, all of which were signed and most of whom are deceased. This was an major addition to my collection. After going through over 200+ signed postcards, I decided to keep only these items: 1) Signed postcards of Sandy Amoros, Wayne Belardi, Haskill Billings, Gene DeSautels, Chuck Dressen, Owen Friend, George Gill, Babe Herman, Bob Patrick, Bubba Phillips, Red Phillips, Red Rolfe, and MAYO SMITH (!), as well as 2) signed index cards of John Pasek, Art Herring, and HOFer JOE GORDON (traded to the Tigers in 1960 for Tiger Manager Jimmy Dykes, a famous trade of Managers!). See the attached for copies. I already have autos of all the others. I still have 151 signed postcards, 45 signed photos (postcard size) and another 22 original autos on copies of postcards that I have decided to sell. All but one are B & W, and the vast majority are deceased. Send me a PM if you are interested in my future sale. This includes postcards of such well known Tigers as Mark Fidrich and Rocky Colavito, as well as obscure Tigers like Frank O'Rourke, who began his ML career in 1912 and played as a Tiger with Cobb in the 1920's. The entire set was pre-certified by PSA/DNA.
  9. I thought I would update the list of Tiger autos that I need. So I now have autographs of all living Tigers (plus many deceased) except these nine Tigers, five of which played for the Tigers previously plus these five from the 2018 team. Fritz Fisher Dan Gonzales Fernando Hernandez Art James Mike Marshall Last Year Tigers: Johnny Barbato Josh Smoker Ryan Carpenter Zack McAllister I have four large books of autographed Tiger cards (both alive and deceased Tigers) that I can trade you for any of the above 11 missing Tigers, including a number of deceased Tigers as well as Tigers who were World Champs. Please PM me if you can help me out and I in turn will help you out!
  10. Don't miss the Sports Memorabilia auction after the show at Lee High School tomorrow. Lots of great deals, including a custom-made Detroit Tiger chair by Steelcase. Also, don't miss the "free table" at the auction; lots of signed WhiteCaps programs and SABR books have been added to this table just today! I have decided to sell my autographed Earl Wilson 8 x 10" photo, along with several 8 x 10" signed photos of Justin Verlander. Ernie Harwell photos, plus many others. All are pre-certified by PSA/DNA! See you there.
  11. Last I heard there were still a few openings for this evening's "Great Debate." Don't forget, all the profit goes to helping the kids at Lee High School. See you there!
  12. Don't miss this. It promises to be a fun-filled evening. If you can't make the show on Saturday (see the flier above), here's your chance:
  13. Don't miss this show and auction...one of the best in West Michigan!
  14. Don't forget the sports cards and memorabilia show in Holland this coming Saturday, Oct. 20. Our friend Chris Nyhuis is putting on this show at Engedi Church, located at 710 Chicago Drive, and runs from 9AM - 3PM. All funds raised go to Club Hope, an after school event to help high schoolers. Call Chris Nyhuis at 616-405-0810 if you have any questions. I will have three tables there. If you are a collector of the Tigers Championship years ('35, '45, '68, and '84) see my binders packed with signed cards and yearbooks. The latter includes PSA/DNA pre-certified autos of such players as Norm Cash and Aurelio Lopez. Two pre-certified '84 yearbooks are signed by every player on the '84 team! I will also have 5 notebooks of signed Tiger and also some non-Tiger cards. See the attached for just some of the PSA/DNA certified yearbook autographs of Martin, Wilson, Cash, and Lopez. These are only for sale at the show - you need to see these incredible pieces! Plus - Lots of PSA/DNA Pre-Certified Baseballs for sale - they got to go. Check out my friend's $2/autographed card book. See you there!
  15. If there was any doubt about attendance at a Tiger Wednesday game instead of Tiger Friday, that question was answered with a huge crowd, biggest in several years. Of course, having a big name like Cecil Fielder was significant, plus handing out bobbleheads always draws a crowd. We will see what the other Tigers draw in the upcoming four Tiger Wednesdays. Cecil had not been around West Michigan at all, and I think he only had limited appearances in Michigan. Also, the vacation season has not yet started, which results in a larger crowd. Cecil signed autos for the season ticket holders in the Pepsi Club first, then the Caps handed out numbers up to 400. But the Caps did not guarantee that you would get an auto even if you had a number; in their defense, they did what they promised: 1) 1000 bobbles to be handed out, and 2) Cecil will sign from 6PM - 8PM (or was it 7:45pm). I do not know if Cecil signed all 400, but I heard that he did sign up to 8PM. I know that many people also did not get a bobble either. The problem was simple: supply and demand. The demand for Cecil and his bobble was huge, and there was no way the Caps could satisfy everyone. The only way you would be guaranteed an auto and bobble is if you had a season or partial season ticket (and paid big bucks to get them), or you got into the regular line very very early; not sure exactly when that is, but I know at 4PM there already were a lot of people in the north side line. I got Cecil to sign for me in the Pepsi Club, plus I got a ticket with a low number for another auto at 6PM. However, I gave it away to a friend who drove all the way from Saginaw, got into the line outside the ballpark early (sometime long before 6PM), and still did not get either a bobble or a number to get an auto. Coming up, the Caps have Dave Rozema (July 11), Willie Horton (July 25), Placido Polanco (Aug. 15) and Mickey Stanley (Aug. 22). Rozema and Stanley are both "local boys" who I think will still be popular, even though they have been available here a lot. Horton will be popular because he was a '68 Tiger and has not been around West Michigan that much. Polanco has hardly been available at all in Michigan, and never here, so we will have to see how well he draws; it could be significant since the Caps are handing out his bobblehead. Anyone else have a different observation?
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