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  1. The Patriots didn't know because they weren't legally required to do so. Massachusetts state law forbids employers from asking about criminal convictions, arrests, etc. in employment interviews. Michigan, however, allows employers to ask. Maybe the Lions did ask & because it didn't result in an actual conviction, there was really no reason to bring it up. It's possible that Patricia did bring it up in the interview voluntary, the Lions were OK with it & just didn't figure that someone would dig it up a couple of months later.
  2. That game is now legal to drink.
  3. Shortly after this picture was taken, Abdullah suffered yet another injury! I do like these and the gray Color Rush sets the most.
  4. Mentioned that one on another post. I think you could have at least six statues dedicated to coaches alone.
  5. Forgot about the Kitna thing. I would also add: Rod Marinelli with a sharp pick & shovel Jim Schwartz throwing the challenge flag on a scoring play -or- a combination Jim Schwartz and Jim Harbaugh statue Jim Caldwell with interchangeable faces, so you can change it based on his mood or reaction to something (all the faces would be the same, though)
  6. Tatum Bell with Rudi Johnson's luggage Roy Williams with the 1st down sign Marty Mornhinweg taking the wind Ndamukong Suh stomping Dan Orlovsky with his foot stepping out of the back of the endzone Joe Cullen sitting in his car at the drive thru window
  7. That's the way it is for the games in November & December. This is due to prime-time Fall TV shows on the networks.
  8. That is "correct" concerning the Thursday night game being on both NFL Network & CBS. The only places where it will be on both networks are the Detroit & Green Bay markets.
  9. Bill Ford Jr. was interviewed last week & said that Martha is in charge of the team. He stated that he has little to do with the team business. Bill Ford Jr says Martha is running the Lions now
  10. Well, it obviously isn't the runs as the Tigers can't score any.
  11. Maybe they meant to put 20 girlfriends in one year. It is Jeter afterall.
  12. Yes, it was. That Saturday was the MSU-UM hockey game at Michigan Stadium & it was something like 50 degrees that day. Then it got really windy & rained all night & the temps dropped to well below freezing. Everything froze over & the area got hit with around 6-8 inches of snow on Sunday. The roads were iced over for like two days afterward. I was going to go to the game on Monday night, but just went home after work due to the road conditions. By the way, tickets for this Monday's game are free as well. Tickets available for Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets at Ford Field
  13. I'm picturing the kick-off went something like this: 8720XS-pquc
  14. Also November 21, 2005 - Jiri Fischer.
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