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  1. I agree with you. We are finally trading a guy when the time is right rather than waiting too long and getting nothing but diminishing returns. Gotta love people that call names just because you take an unpopular position.
  2. Great deal for the Tigers. Lots of upside in the talent acquired and getting top dollar for Granderson who regressed last year and Jackson who is up and down. This is a good move even without the cost savings.
  3. Hey Mike........just checking to see how things are going. Matt said you weren't back to work yet.


  4. Good for you! We should all be so fortunate to get the opportunity to pursue something that we truly love and be paid for it. I haven't figured out how to earn a living watching tv and sporting events yet so in the mean time congrats again!
  5. Thats my thinking as well. Watching the WBC and now the first part of this season, Guillens bat just doesnt seem to have the speed that it once did. Magglio should be approaching the beggining of the slow decline and i think that is the way his career will go. Guillen I am afraid might be falling off the table.
  6. Yeah I couldn't stand her as well and I got that same feeling. Don't like the Belle Tire Dork out there right now either.
  7. Eastern Conference: Boston over Montreal in 6 Washington over NYR in 5 New Jersey over Carolina in 6 Pitt over Philly in 7 Boston over Pitt in 5 New Jersey over Washington in 7 New Jersey over Boston in 6 Western Conference San Jose over Anaheim in 5 Detroit over Columbus in 5 Vancouver over St Louis in 7 Calgary over Chicago in 7 San Jose over Calgary in 6 Detroit over Vancouver in 7 Detroit over San Jose in 6 The Cup stays in Detroit in 5 games over New Jersey.
  8. He was the 5th starter that year. I took a quick look back and only 22 players appeared in the world series for us that year, he may have been one of the 3 that never made it into a game.
  9. This really stinks. I was only a year old in 1976 but i remember when he was trying to make a comeback with the Red Sox and rooting for him to make it back. I have an autographed ball from the 70's that my grandpa gave to me with him, John Hiller, Aurelio Rodriguez , Milt May and Rusty Staub. It is coming downstairs for a tribute this evening. He always seemed like a good ole regular guy. I remember seeing him run to the mound like it was yesterday during the last game at Tiger Stadium tribute. RIP Byrdman.
  10. No chance Nate gets traded.The Detroit News story claims that he was placed on waivers and went unclaimed. No one wanted him for the price of his salary without giving up anything, which I can't blame them.
  11. Didn't see this coming. Maybe mid season, but I guess the brass must have decided he is done. Wonder who picks him up?
  12. He and Ernie were the defining voices of Tiger Baseball for me as well. A said day. He seemed like a genuinely nice man, may God Bless.
  13. I hope this isn't the day he is selected for a random drug test.
  14. Absolutely right. I have paid for autographs that I really want and can't obtain free and see nothing wrong with selling them, although I would only part with mine under extreme financial duress.
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