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  1. Don't let @Buddha know he can use this word.
  2. This draft had a lot more talent available, and the Tigers had more money to spend.
  3. Besides the first pick, I don't really like last year's draft. They have to pick it up, but from Quintana on down seems like a lot of reaching.
  4. But position players are much more fun.
  5. After ignoring pitching for 2 straight drafts, they definitely have to get some of that.
  6. Just spitballing a minor league depth chart here: Future Value: Catcher: Dingler, Rogers, Johnson, McMillan First Base: Tork 2nd Base: Clemens, Cruz, Kenley, Lipcius 3rd Base: Paredes, Workman, Keith, Quintana, Kriedler, Lipcius, Reyes SS: Workman, Castro, Cruz, Perez, Alcantara RF: Riley Greene, De la Cruz, Campos CF: Greene, Meadows, Cameron LF: Cabrera, Packard
  7. Sounds like they'll use Workman at SS, as well as Cruz. Also with the Tigers expected to sign Christian Santana in January (July 2nd pushed back); the organizational talent base at SS will be improved. Hopefully one shakes out of that bunch. I'm really intrigued by Workman, especially if he can play SS full time.
  8. I'm kind of resigning to the fact that there should not be baseball this year, or hockey, or basketball. Football needs to take a year off. We are still in a pandemic.
  9. They haven't cut anybody either, so I wonder if they were really interested in the less than deep talent pool that was available.
  10. Might be smart to get his education paid for.
  11. Still no chance. Chance for #1 pick is still alive. Go Tigers! #tankforkumar
  12. This is becoming a big story, now I see why the International signing period has been pushed back to January 15th... https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/2020/06/16/mlb-international-free-agents-deals-underage-prospects/5334172002/
  13. A grievance would be settled by an independent auditor/judge.
  14. Won't get both. I doubt if either, but if I had a choice, it would be Lindor.
  15. 2022 Detroit Tigers: 1b- Tork 2b- Schoop 3b- Paredes SS- Castro RF- Greene CF- Cameron LF- Cabrera C- Romine DH- Miggy Bench: C- Rogers OF- Reyes OF/INF- Goodrum OF- Stewart SP- Mize SP- Manning SP- Turnbull SP- SKubal SP- Fulmer RP- Jimenez RP- Hess RP- Garcia RP- Frank Perez RP- Farmer RP- Castro RP- Soto Top 10: 1. Dingler C 2. C.Santana SS 3. de la Cruz OF 4. Campos OF 5. Keith INF 6. Reyes INF 7. Faedo SP 8. Wentz SP 9. Packard OF 10. Cruz INF 11. Workman
  16. Shelton is right again.
  17. Fangraphs expects Workman to be a tough sign, and if they lose that slot, it would make it tougher for the Tigers to sign Keith.
  18. I would not touch Beeter with a 10 foot pole in this draft. Last year he had an 8.7 bb/9 innings.
  19. My pick is either Dingler or Cabrera, then Freddy Zamora at 62. I wouldn't be shocked if they went pitcher, Jared Kelley is sitting there too. It would tick off the Astros/Oops Orioles if they did that.
  20. I would never have imagined Dingler being available.
  21. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/mlb/tigers/2020/06/03/spencer-torkelson-looks-mlb-draft-lock-detroit-tigers/3134692001/ Stuff can happen inside of seven days. But the parties want each other and the money issues are close to being resolved, if not essentially locked up, with something approaching, or just north of, $8 million destined for Torkelson and his slot ceiling of $8.4 million. Scott Boras is Torkelson’s agent and the Tigers and Boras are old dance partners who have a relationship. There is little chance that this Detroit-Torkelson romance will cool ahead of Draft Night.
  22. Wouldn't you prefer plus bat speed, with plus barrel control? The elite guys like Baez and Sheffield come with higher k% and less bat control because of the bat speed. Baez has a career k% of 28.1
  23. I think elite bat speed is not what you want. You want the timing, recognition, and especially barrel control. Similar profile to Miggy.
  24. From Fangraphs: TLDR Dreaded right/right 1B profile, but mashes enough not to care, in the mold of Andrew Vaughn but is more physical. Full Report Torkelson broke Barry Bonds' freshman home run record at ASU and they're moved the fences *in* for his sophomore season, so he had another great year and was likely to break both the ASU and PAC-12 career marks as a junior before the COVID-19 outbreak ended the season. After he hit a combined .336/.445/.722 as a freshman and sophomore, Tork was off to a ridiculous .340/.598/.780 start as a junior and was leading the country in walks. He has sublime hitter's timing, plus bat speed, and above-average barrel control and ball/strike recognition, really only struggling with breaking balls located beneath the zone, which may be easy to remedy with a slightly longer stride. Tork only fits as a 1B, as he body comps to Yankees 1B Luke Voit. It's a tough profile, but his track record and tools, which are very similar to Andrew Vaughn's, are sufficient to generate confidence and top-of-the-draft enthusiasm anyway. Torkelson is probably going to move very quickly through the minors and be a thumping, heart of the order hitter.
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