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  1. After watching a lot of KBO this year on ESPN, he was one of the best players in the league. KBO really fits into my schedule, since I get off of work at 3:00 a.m.
  2. https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/ha-seong-kim-top-ranked-player-in-korea-to-be-posted-after-season/ The top player in the Korea Baseball Organization will soon be available to major league clubs. Kiwoom Heroes shortstop Ha-Seong Kim, who ranked as the No. 1 prospect in the KBO in May, will be posted after the season, according to Steve Adams of MLB Trade Rumors. Kim, who is in his seventh KBO season and turns 25 next week, will be exempt from the international bonus pools, meaning he can sign a major league contract without restrictions. A righthanded hitter, Kim ranks ninth in the league in OBP and 11th in slugging, batting .310/.401/.531 with 28 home runs, 69 walks, 60 strikeouts and 21 stolen bases in 22 attempts through 576 plate appearances.
  3. With the 2020 season over, we need to look at the draft (no matter who will be picking the players). I'm hoping for a complete overhaul of the front office. You cannot draft slow players in today's NFL. Speed kills. Drafting slow players will kill a team. It's now time to consider drafting a QB in the first round. I'm a big believer in Trey Lance. He's a great athlete, has a huge arm, and is very accurate. He will need time to develop, so they need to draft and stash him away for 2 years, although he can be a running threat right out the gate. I think he's more accurate than both Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields. I think he will have a better NFL career than both. The Lions have a ton of needs, on offense and defense. They need an offensive identity, and I hope that begins with the choosing of the head coach. The offense that I would want to run would be an outside running stretch zone team, like the Rams, 49ers, and Packers. Some names that I would be interested in to run the offense would be Mike LaFleur (brother of Matt), who's the 49ers passing game coordinator, Mike McDaniel the 49ers running game coordinator, Nathaniel Hackett the Packers Off Coordinator, and Aaron Kromer, the running game coordinator/Offensive line coach of the Rams. Defensively, some of the schemes I prefer include the 49ers, Packers, and Colts. I really like Robert Saleh as a coordinator, and I feel he would make an excellent head coach. Another rising star on defense that I think might be hard to bring over is Matt Eberflus. To bring him in, he'd have to be the HC, and I don't know if I'm willing to go that far with him. The Lions will have 6 draft picks, minus the 7th rounder that will go to Seattle in the Diggs trade. If they have a top 5 pick, I like their chances of getting Trey Lance.
  4. The Yankees would love him in that band box.
  5. Put your helmet back on!
  6. BA has him dropping due to poor showing in recent tourneys.
  7. I think they will pick a high school player in the first next year. Either House or SS Jordan Lawler. Then they will need to draft pitching to replenish the arms in the minors.
  8. I would love a shot at House... Brady House Winder-Barrow HS, Winder, Ga.SS Notes: Ht: 6-3 | Wt: 215 | B-T: R-R Commit/Drafted: Tennessee Age At Draft: 18.1 House entered the summer as the top-ranked high school prospect and did nothing to lose that status. The 6-foot-3, 215-pound shortstop has an exciting combination of high-level track record and a gaudy toolset to go along with it. The offensive tools are the loudest with House. He has terrific bat speed and natural strength, to go along with an advanced approach that allows him to track velocity and offspeed stuff with consistency. Scouts with history on House believe he has the ability to develop into a plus hitter, and his raw power should develop into 70-grade juice as he continues to develop. He’s already a physical and imposing hitter now, with plenty of impact to all fields and plus raw power, but there’s more to be had in the future. Defensively, House has easy plus arm strength—he can reach 96 mph on the mound—that could be an asset on the infield, where he has a good chance to stick. He doesn’t look like a typical pro shortstop, but evaluators have been impressed with his hands, reactions, internal clock and body control. Some believe he would be a better fit at third base, where he has all the tools to turn into an above-average defender. House is committed to Tennessee but is a top-of-the-first round talent and is unlikely to get to campus.
  9. I'm loving this draft class. Very strong, really deep at SS/sans3b, OF and a few top pitchers. Tigers can get #3 if they lose out. Oops. Now is the time to tank!
  10. Robbie Grossman is a fa this year; he's an interesting guy to me that would make sense on a short term deal.
  11. Schoop is a key free agent for the Tigers to sign.
  12. He's extremely tooled up, and should be very good. Had some injuries last year, and should be spending the whole year in AAA. I think this is good for his development to play every day. I think he is rated fairly.
  13. He's gritty, and is a great dude in the clubhouse. There must be a movie in there somewhere?
  14. Daz is still listed under injured list. Doubt we see him this year.
  15. Lowe is an excellent prospect. He hit for good power at AA last year, and is a good defender. Gets on base.
  16. I think the Tigers should trade Norris to the Rays, for pitching. The Rays will want to part with prospects like SS Abiezel Ramirez, who they have to cut or expose him to the Rule V draft. I would want either Joe Ryan or Seth Johnson, unless they are willing to trade us McClanahan.
  17. I'm a union steward, so I'll get their job back for them.
  18. I did a double take when I was going through whip cats in my fantasy league, and noticed that Burrows has a .75 whip!
  19. My stock situation in my IRA have allowed me to re-think my retire date, in a good way.
  20. Agree, except for the Pats, who lost some key players.
  21. Maybin to DL, who's up? My guess is D Hill.
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