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  1. The Colts and Wisconsin defenses have been very inspiring. Mike Lafleur is also Matt's brother, and sounds like he's very similar.
  2. If I'm GM, I'm gonna want to make my hires without interference from the owner. Let football people make football decisions.
  3. You don't know who you want. I want either Matt Eberflus (defensive coordinator for the Colts), Jim Leonhard (defensive coordinator for Wisconsin), or Mike Lafleur (passing game coordinator for 49ers). GM I want either Rick Smith or Louis Riddick, with a strong lean toward Smith.
  4. Tougher to make decisions when nobody is open. Everybody was open for Houston.
  5. It's a very safe bet. And the cap hit would be on the Lions.
  6. He was great last year. Struggling now because he's not getting help, and he's injured. He has plenty of time left.
  7. There's no need to draft a backup QB. It won't improve the team in any way. They need to improve the support system\speed on both sides of the ball. Especially on the outside.
  8. It's not good business IMO. And the Lions complete lack of team speed was exposed. They're slow everywhere.
  9. I don't think it makes any sense to fire HC/GM at this time of year. Let the season play out, and do it on Black Monday.
  10. Wenceel Perez is also eligible, but I don't think he'd break the system if he was chosen. I don't think he'll be picked, either.
  11. RP that throw 100 usually don't make it to rule 5. I wonder why Lange over him.
  12. I am shocked that they didn't protect Jason Foley. He's an easy rule 5 pick.
  13. I have lost a lot of respect for Epstein, who basically quit when times got tough in Chicago. I think the 10 year bs is a copout. The Cubs have a lot of hard decisions to make this off season, and at least Hoyer will get full credit for the moves he makes now.
  14. To do what? Be a president? Silly.
  15. I prefer a juiced ball. I prefer Home Runs.
  16. Grant Wells, Redshirt Freshman
  17. There are others in college still. I like the QB at Marshall.
  18. Going to be a great year for WR's, so I wouldn't mind.
  19. And I've got issues with Cephus. He's too damn slow!
  20. He missed some throws, but that was one of his best games. Getting the fg with 15 seconds left was special.
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