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  1. Brandon Inge, I think, has a chance to be a star catcher for years to come. If his offensive game comes around, he has a chance to be a superstar. He has all the physical tools. He seems to be on the verge of putting it all together.

  2. Value speed among all else? Sounds like something new to the NFL. Actually, it's new to the Detroit Lions, who for years and years have been among the slowest teams in the NFL. No team in the NFL was slower last year, and the biggest reason was the Lions had drafted so many offensive linemen in the previous 5 years, which is where teams acquire speed, which is in the beginning of the draft. The Lions had too much money wrapped up in slow players, that money must be spent on speed--for every position. Just give me the fastest players at every position, I'll beat anybody. Welcome to the NFL, where speed kills. Btw, red, when is speed ever risky? A lack of speed is much more risky, I don't see your point there.

  3. My point is that the Tigers need to hit a "home run" with a trade; or not make one at all. I'm sure you realize Blalock is no ordinary rookie. That's the only type of deal I'd consider, and I think the Tigers HAVE to trade Munson, because he can't be sent to the minors next year (thanks to his major league contract). Remember, the Tigers don't have a glut of outfielders in their system, and lack mashers in general. That's why I'm getting the general feeling that's the area (and defense) that DD wants to upgrade the most. Rumors are the Tigers are talking with the White Sox. I'd tell them to make sure you include Joe Borchard before I even listen. The Tigers don't have to trade.

  4. Actually, the Lions are in decent shape at HB, and are 4 deep. With Cason and Staley, they now have some decent speed. They could live with this group until the right (franchise type--with speed) comes along. They could also replace Stewart with Ricky Watters, but I'd prefer Stewart. The Lions have other positions with greater need (corner, tight end, linebacker).

  5. Randy, you usually do much better work. Antonio Perez is a name that'll interest the Tigers, but Halama/Doug Davis/Lyon? Higginson is almost untradeable, so hitting the jackpot with Weaver/Anderson will be keys. I actually think the Rangers will think long and hard about a Weaver for Hank Blalock, provided the Tigers chip in a prospect (Munson?) or two. The Tigers must get impact players in these trades, or they're simply trading to make trades.

  6. If you're looking for the next Fielder in the Tiger lineup, then its very likely you'll get one. Prince Fielder will probably be the Tigers' first round pick this year.

  7. This was a below average year for running backs, and he didn't get drafted. He's nobody worth arguing about. If he's lucky, he'll be able to play in the European league. Their fullback, Kyle Johnson was a much better player imo. They had a good (not great) tackle in P.J. Alexander. They had a good, not great TE (Graham Manley). Dwight Freeney was by far their best player, but I (and others) have major questions of how he'll stand up every down in the NFL. Quentin Harris and Willie Ford are also decent prospects. Besides Freeney, Syracuse doesn't really lose a whole lot of talent, and should be a force to be reckoned with next year. Especially with Miami losing so much of their talent.

  8. I'd also seen Mungro play a couple of times, but he hardly got the ball. He has some ability, but his best case scenario is to show enough ability to land on the practice squad. The only problem is that he's an older (24) player, so he must flash. The Lions coaching staff will be more focused on Avion Cason, because he does flash, although he has average hands. Luke Staley is a sure bet to back up Stewart, and if he's healthy, he might even challenge Stewart. Lamont Warren will be kept for his recieving ability only. Mungro definitely has a steep hill to climb.

  9. MWG, I'm real anxious to see how the new turf will play out. To compare, it's also used in Tropicana Field by the D-Rays, so it's hard to really tell. Mungro has a real steep hill to climb, IMO. I think the coaching staff will be set on keeping no more than 4 RB's; with Stewart, Cason, Staley and Lamont Warren well ahead of him. The Lions signed other undrafted free agents with much better chances to stick including Mike Collins of Ohio State, Eddie Drummond of Penn State, and Josh Thornhill (because the Lions have no depth at LB) of MSU. Also, if Mungro was a tremendous back with speed, why didn't he get drafted?

  10. Absolutely not interested in Anderson because of the injury issues, and cap reasons. Can't let that position ruin the cap any more than it already is. Would rather stick with Stewart, with a very watchful and interested eye on Luke Staley. He could be something special.;)

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