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  1. Based on pics from the current ota's available on the team website, Harrington is working with the 1st team, McMahon is working with the 2d team. John Clayton is also reporting that Harrington has "badly outplayed" McMahon, and obviously will be starting sooner than later. The best player must play, and obviously the best player here is Harrington.
  2. "Average defensively" would be more than a compliment to Chris Wakeland. He's brutal. He has warning-track power, strikes out too much, and doesn't run well. One thing I've heard about Maroth is that he's throwing real well, and has great command and a very good curve. If Bernero struggles continue, I can see his plug being pulled in favor of Farnsworth or Moehler. I see Moehler coming back right after the all-star break.
  3. Q, I agree with your points about "inventiveness", but I'd be buyer beware as it regards to free agency nonetheless. We have to face it, other teams will get the sexy free agents, the Tigers must continue to grow their own product. Otherwise, the Tigers would have to overpay for talent, and that's a dangerous cycle. Right now, the Tigers do offer opportunity to play, but that is what has led us to most of the current team.
  4. There will be more money to spend (Harrington) when the Lions reach agreement with Luther Elliss to re-structure his deal.
  5. That sounds like a bunch of junk to me, Jake. Except for Young, of course. First base is an underrated defensive position. None of these guys you mentioned are really capable of playing the position very well. Rivera is a catcher, and Fick is the RF, so I don't see why you mentioned them.
  6. Boras is bad for baseball, and his clients. It's all about making money for Scott Boras. He'll sacrifice any kid at the drop of a hat. I would never let my son be represented by him.
  7. Q, what does Magee have? 2 walks in 170 abs? He hasn't been that good, and stands to struggle sooner than later the way he's hitting. Right now, the outfield is too slow, especially with Higgy bumming around with his hammy. I'd rather have Damian Jackson in center right now.
  8. I can't believe it Quickie--we're agreeing with each other;) . I was just looking the other day at all the talent (?) the Tigers have at 1b/DH, and I don't see it (unless, of course, if Munson gets it together). I'm pretty happy how the draft unfurled, and the fact the Tigers selected so many HS athletes . BA was mentioning that scouts felt Hannahan's major league position would be at catcher (ala Terry Steinbach), so we'll have to keep an eye on that. Raburn's carreer is very much in doubt right now with his hip dislocation, plus he's below average (Jenkins-esque) defensively.
  9. Clarence Flowers, HS CF, is the Tigers 5th round pick. One of these kids is gonna make it, lol. I see a trend. Also remember the signing of Humberto Sanchez, very highly thought of as a draft-and-follow. Last year, the Tigers selected Jack Hannahan in the 3d round. He's currently hitting .313 in Lakeland. He is also outstanding defensively. He doesn't need much more time in the minors. Hopefully, and we'll know soon, the Tigers improved themselves offensively with this draft.
  10. Tigers took another HS outfielder in the 4th. Good. Lot's of outfielders here. 5 of the Tigers first 6 picks are position players. Obviously, Dombrowski is having an impact here. Tigers have a huge need for outfielders/offensive prospects.
  11. Tigers just chose another outfielder (Granderson) in the 3d round. Definite theme here... He was the first college player. With their second 3d round pick, the Tigers selected Matt Pender, college right-handed pitcher (for those of you who like pitching;) )
  12. Tigers just selected Bryce Cleveland, a HS OF. Sorry about the earlier post, the Tigers will receive the Met's 3d round, 87th overall, for Cedeno. Either way, good trade.
  13. The Tigers get the Mets' 4th round pick as compensation for Cedeno. Prince was selected #7 by Milwaukee. Getting ready for the supplemental/2d round right now.
  14. Sorry if you don't like it red. I love it. Tigers just selected Scott Moore, whom I expected them to. I would expect the Tigers to move him to the outfield, or keep him at SS. The best thing about the baseball draft is that they draft--1st round took less than 10 minutes. I follow BA religiously, and love following all the prospects as they develop from the minors to the majors.
  15. Herman's a sure bet Hall of Famer. Just compare his numbers to the all-time greatest receivers, and the fact he owns several NFL records to boot (most catches in a year). Also included will be the fact he never played with a very good QB.
  16. I said he's got the "same kind of talent"; I didn't say he was better than Terrell. But I'm sure his teammates (and his coaches) would rather have Germane. Germane will look much better with Harrington, guaranteed.
  17. Germane Crowell has been the best receiver for the Lions since he was drafted. He's much more of a threat than Moore/Morton, and if he's healthy, will be a top 10 receiver in the NFL. He has the same kind of talent as Terrell Owens, and thats saying alot.
  18. I'm in, sorry it took so long.
  19. We're not talking about defense here. The Tigers have no offense. They have no pop at the major league level, and none in the minor league level. Usually I agree that you shouldn't draft for need, the Tigers have gotten into alot of trouble with that in the past. Humberto Sanchez would've been a late 1st round/sandwich pick in this year's draft, yet the Tigers got him last year in the 31st round in a draft and follow. They had a great draft last year, yet most of those players aren't even playing (Baugh, Larrison, Raburn, etc...). The Tigers need to figure a way to get some offense, and they need a dominant #1, slam-dunk, strikeout pitcher (which Randy always stayed away from--too expensive).
  20. Well, I guess it doesn't matter anymore, BA says the Tigers are no longer looking at Prince (Cleveland, of course, is); right now they're looking at Cole Hamels (left-handed HS pitcher coming off a broken arm), Zack Greinke (who throws gas), or Scott Moore (the Tiger's #2 choice behind Jeremy Hermida).
  21. There aren't many HS'ers who come out with the type of power potential Prince possesses. Two; Griffey and A-Rod, come to mind. When they get in the system, and are full time major leaguers by the time they turn 21, then they have more opportunities than other players. If he keeps himself in shape (and that's a big if), then the sky's the limit with Prince.
  22. BA's latest mock draft has the Tigers taking Fielder. Cecil has done alot to improve his conditioning, he's down to 240 lbs. Prince is highly thought of, and is ranked as one of the best power bats in the draft. He could go as high as #7 to Milwaukee. If the Tigers don't take him, they would probably take Scott Moore, and move him to the outfield. This isn't the best draft for pitching, and college hitters is especially weak. This is a below average year, but BA says this draft has some depth to it. There will be players available in the top 10 rounds. At this point, I'd take Prince. There aren't too many 17 year-old kids who you could project to hit 500+ HR's, and he may be that kind of player.
  23. I'd rather have a basher and teach him how to get the most of his power, than someone who can't hit who gets walks. Usually guys who bash eventually realize they get the most out of their ability when they are in command of the zone, which is the most important part. Also, besides Munson, he's the only basher in the system.
  24. I'm pretty sure that Mornhinweg plans to do with Harrington what he did with McMahon, but at an accelerated rate. Harrington is the Lions QB of the future, there's no chance of McMahon being that. If Harrington outplays McMahon by a large margin (and I think he will), then Harrington will be the starter from day 1.
  25. He hit another one Thursday night. Where did this all come from? Cornejo took the 3-1 loss, but he gave up 11 hits in 8 innings.
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