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  1. Jeremy Bonderman, RHP, 19. 1st round pick of the A's last year, signed Aug 22d, so he'll be announced then. Throws mid-90's.
  2. The next time Shane Halter says he wants out (where are we going to trade him to, the Frontier League?) in the paper, should be the last time he complains. He had a carreer year last year, the Tigers rewarded him with a real nice contract, a real nice job as the starting shortstop; and he thanks them like this? He blew it, he should've shut his trap, because nobody in baseball wants his cancer-like presence. He's the 2002 version of Bip Roberts. He's just sneakier about it.
  3. I usually take what Kowalski has to say with a grain of salt. For someone who's a football "insider"; he doesn't do his homework on the game. He also seems to have a real axe to grind with both M&M. Harrington was flat-out the right choice. They'll find plenty of corners next year. Corners were very tough to come by this off-season; it wasn't a very good draft for them. Quarterback is always the most important position in the NFL, and I'm sure the Lions' defensive staff understands that. As I've said before, the Lions defense is in better shape than had been let on. They should have enough of a pass rush to negate problems in the secondary. Also, notice the Lions' schedule. They're playing Miami, Atlanta, New York Jets, New England, Carolina, and Tampa Bay. All those teams have below league average talent at wide receiver. Those are all teams that will want to run the ball. Chicago and Green Bay also like to run the ball, but I'm not sure about the Packer's new receivers, either.
  4. Denny Neagle started in Pittsburgh, then was traded to Atlanta in '98 (or so) for Jason Schmidt. He then went on to the Yankees, and then left as a FA for Colorado. As far as I know, that's been it.
  5. The thing about Mo is that he's as close to anybody to Maddux as it gets when it comes to command. He was topping out at 86mph, but was in complete command at all times. It was classic Moehler.
  6. I really disagree with the premise that Jeff Weaver needs to go before the Tigers get any better. If anything, the Tigers need more Jeff Weavers. He also should've nailed the Tigers CF of the future; budding young superstar Lastings Milledge, who is now playing for Team USA. From everything I've read on the kid, he's the best prospect since A-Rod. Something good may come out of this year yet. (Milledge will be the first pick in next year's draft).
  7. Andre' Goodman is a player. Eric Davis and Todd Lyght are both former Pro Bowl players who've both seen their better days, but both can play the position. Terry Fair is a fine cover corner, provided he is healthy. Chris Cash, Jimmy Wyrick, and Chidi Iwuoma all are young players with a definite ceiling. Lamar Campbell has a penchant for making plays when he is on the field. The Lions are actually in "good" shape in the secondary right now. Right now, only Green Bay has a better secondary in the NFC North. I'd take the Lions DB's over Minnesota's and Chicago's.
  8. Yes, it was easy to gameplan against Deion. Don't throw near him, but run right at him, and get real physical with him. Deion was the greatest cover corner ever, but not the best corner ever. I'd rather have a physical guy, and give up a little (but not too much) in coverage. I mention this, because this will be a problem for the Lions this year. They are fairly small at all corners, and they will be tested. With the excellent speed upgrade at both safeties over last year, I don't see many problems with the Lions in coverage. I do see a problem if teams will be able to run on them. If the Lions can stop the run this year (and that's a huge "if"); then the Lions can have a pretty good year.
  9. The best way I can put it Red, is it easier to win the Super Bowl with a franchise QB, or a franchise CB? The difference between the two, if a QB is great, he'd have the ball in his hands all the time, making play after play. If a CB is great, he won't get many plays to make at all.
  10. The Lions have signed 13 year veteran cornerback Eric Davis today. A good insurance policy for sure, the Lions are probably set with their roster going into camp. Cornerback is a position the Lions will have to hit hard in upcoming drafts, though. The Lions are pretty deep now though they would be deeper and in real good shape if Fair is healthy.
  11. I'm with you, Q. The Indians are making out like bandits; while the Expos are going about as if they are in their last year. Phillips might not even be the best prospect the Expos give up. Cliff Lee, a LHP, is one of the top minor league pitchers, and his value is skyrocketing.
  12. The Lions just signed 4 safeties during the off-season. No more safeties needed. Linebacker, though, might be a different story. Waddy is a player, and a versatile one at that. I don't think the Lions are interested due to his past. The Lions have staff members that know him.
  13. I'm right here! <~~~~~~~~
  14. I just said hmmmmmmm....., that's all I said. I'd really have to think about that one. Fick and Drew are alot alike, hitting wise, but Drew does have much more power. Fick doesn't produce nearly enough runs for my taste. When Ankiel gets "it" back, he'd be a threat to strike out 300 batters/season. He may never get it back.
  15. cruzer1

    Lynn Henning

    Evil? Don't you have to be smart to be evil?
  16. Obbie, those are their best prospects. The Cardinals are known well right now for having the worst system in baseball. All of their prospects are with the major league club. Drew is one of the best young hitters in baseball right now. I don't think Ankiel would ever pan out, but if he did, then he's got as good "stuff" as anyone in baseball.
  17. Weaver + Fick for J.D. Drew + Ankiel Hmmmmmm........
  18. Fick really doesn't belong. Weaver's been so good, he could almost start the game.
  19. Batch's biggest problem is that he takes too much time reading plays, and then he has a slow release. His footwork is below average, so that's a bad combo with the WCO. His contract was also prohibitive, and they gain that money back in 2004 when the Lions will be closer. Besides breaking Harrington in, the Lions also must work to increase McMahon's value. If McMahon plays well, and the Lions do well, he could bring quite a few picks in a trade. The Lions wouldn't want to (or be able to) trade Harrington; he'll probably sign a 6 or 7 year deal making that idea fruitless.
  20. I did say that Soriano and Johnson would be mentioned . Not both of them in the same deal--unless other players would be moved from Detroit. Jeff Weaver is one of the premier young pitchers in baseball. He has no nicks (injuries) to speak of. He's a freakin' horse, may be the most durable pitcher in baseball. I'd much rather talk of only keeping him around Detroit for the next 10-15 seasons; but the Tigers need to build some semblance of offense. Another thought--perhaps Boston is shopping Manny (the Tigers can't be interested); but a 3d team might be involved (Arizona?)
  21. For the Tigers to trade Weaver away, they'll have to get major star power in return. Ted Lilly is nothing near Weaver, and won't ever be. If the Yankees want Weaver, they better start at the top; Drew Henson, Soriano, and maybe Johnson. Btw, the Tigers have first basemen types, that is true. But that isn't the strength of the organization. It's a major weakness right now; a major reason why the offense is so bad.
  22. Thames and Lilly? What, are the Tigers giving Weaver away? I wouldn't make a deal for Manny, I was only speculating on how a trade would happen with Boston for Weaver. Boston has NOBODY in their system close to making me think the Tigers would want. Weaver is a top pitcher; he has alot of value. I'm sure the Tigers will mention the names of Soriano and Nick Johnson in any talks with the Yankees.
  23. Why would the Tigers be talking with the Red Sox in a trade for Weaver? Who in the Red Sox organization would interest the Tigers enough that a Red Sox scout would be scouting Weaver? What problems are the Red Sox having with a player right now? My answer--Manny Ramirez.
  24. MWG, there's alot of different variables that will go on from the time the Lions play their exhibition opener until they play their regular season opener. They will have played 2 road games, and could conceivably come back 2-0 (Miami looks very beatable right now) for their tilt with Green Bay. Too much is put into preseason, but the best part of that is that we'll see alot of Harrington. I've been guessing all along that the "master plan" is to have Harrington develop into a way similar to that of McMahon from last season, but he might make a case for starting out the gate.
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