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  1. That's quite a few innings for a 19 year old. Seems to be mature in that regard. He may be ready for the majors by the time he's 21.
  2. From a personal standpoint, yeah I'd love to see them. I used to hit the post-draft minicamps at the Silverdome, then see them in training camps, dating back to them practicing at Oakland U. But I would probably do the same thing if I was the head coach.
  3. The Tigers are probably on the brink of being a top 10 system now. If Wheatland and Baugh get healthy, that is. I'd still like to see some power arms. The pitching in the lower minors leave alot to be desired.
  4. He is kind of a klutz, isn't he?:rolleyes:
  5. What time is it? IT'S LIMA TIME!!!
  6. Right on Q. Actually, with the Tigers moving Espinosa immediately to CF, this deal seems kind of lopsided for the Tigers. The Reds (until recently) have a pretty deep and talented system, so whatever 2 other players the Tigers receive should be good. I don't think Dombrowski would take any more "junk" than what he already has. From what I gather, Espinosa's defensive problems come from throwing problems more than anything else. He does have some pop, and does get on base. Obviously he needs to make better contact with the ball.
  7. Ryan, you're probably on the right track as far as the prospects coming back for Mo, but I think it has more to do with his health than anything else. You also call the Reds thrifty? Far from it. They signed Espinosa to that deal because they had no money left to give out in bonuses. That could be a good deal for Espinosa, if he's a real good player by then, he could possibly become a free agent after the 2007 season.
  8. According to ESPN, Harrington says the contract is for 6 years, with sources saying the contract is worth about 36 million. The most important part of the deal would be the structure of the signing bonus, and the structure of the entire deal. I know the Lions frown on voidables and escalators, big time.
  9. Also, about Clevlen. He's played against top competition, with Texas being one of the strongest states from this past draft. I hear he hit Scott Kazmir pretty well. He also has a strong arm, throwing 92 mph on the gun.
  10. The AL/NL alternate, next year AL teams will pick odd numbers (#1, #3, #5, etc...); and the NL will pick even.
  11. Money-wise, Moehler has about $1 million left on the ledger for this year, Espinoza had signed an 8-year, guaranteed major league contract for 2.75 million last year. Espinoza will average 350,000 until 2007. Can you say "sucker"?
  12. Espinoza was signed to an 8 year, major league contract.
  13. Actually Folly, I've done quite a bit of listening to your station over the years, and you guys do an outstanding job of reaching to a more "diverse" listening audience. I think DFN will stick around, they've always done a good job (it seems) of delivering somewhat cheap entertainment.
  14. DF, aren't you with a competitor of DFN? Doesn't that taint your opinion of them a tad?
  15. Reminds me. Madden '03 will hit the racks August 14th. Can't wait.
  16. Brad Penny would be a pipe dream of the Tigers. No way would they get him for Redman. I was wondering when the rumors would start up for Redman; he does have alot of value, especially with all the quality starts he's had this year. Btw, KLL, I wouldn't look at Maroth "down the road" so to say. He's a band-aid. Right now, I'd be looking at Cornejo, Loux (he throws a heavy sinker, alot like Cornejo), Baugh (if he's healthy), Wheatland (ditto), and Bonderman.
  17. Higgy might be there, for a while at least.
  18. Santos and Merrill aren't very talented, so don't expect them to "turn it around". What makes it a bad trade is the money issue. Smith's biggest weakness was spending money foolishly, and falling in love with his players, if you know what I mean.
  19. If healthy is certainly the key, Mark. But the Lions do have much better depth at the position (it seems) than ever before.
  20. I don't see much upside to Farnsworth. He probably will start next year in Toledo, but I don't see him being anything more than a long reliever in MLB. Paniagua is another story. He has good stuff, he needs to get it together. Probably a good thing he wasn't claimed on waivers.
  21. Ricky Waters won't be signed. He has a "fear of flying", and won't sign. He's done. Stewart will start, Staley could impress, but they'll be real careful with his injured legs. Cason could beat out Warren for the 3d down spot. He really needs to hold onto the ball, but he's definitely the Lions' fastest back.
  22. It was newsworthy, WDFN did a terrific job with it. They also contacted the police, which should say alot about their credibility.
  23. The Lions didn't get blown out by Green Bay? Or at Cleveland? Or at Pittsburgh? Or at Chicago? None of those games were ever close.
  24. Larson and Mateo are both older prospects, which isn't what the Tigers want. There are other prospects in the Reds system, dare I suggest Wily Mo, who's got the same kind of deal as Munson, he needs to be on a ML roster next year, and has a high ceiling, but does have his drawbacks. The Tigers should deal Moehler, and anyone else with any salary/value.
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