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  1. 3 hours ago, Mr.TaterSalad said:

    Josh Allen was garbage his first year in the league and is now the one of the best QB's. I think criticizing Tua as not good is premature.

    There's no comparison with regards to talent.

  2. 9 hours ago, Gehringer_2 said:

    My QB tool ranking:

    Field reading.

    Throwing accuracy

    Release quickness

    Arm Strength


    Arm strength helps you fit balls into tighter windows. Kellen Moore was very accurate, and could read the field very well; but his lack of arm strength was his undoing.

  3. 10 hours ago, Buddha said:

    i see the league is rife with rumors about the dolphins looking to trade tua and two first rounders for deshaun watson.  but houston has no interest in tua...

    huh.  you'd think houston would be the one to trade multiple first round picks for the next nfl superstar qb...

    I wouldn't be interested either. Tua's not that good.

  4. On 1/8/2021 at 4:25 PM, Hongbit said:

    I like Mac but we’ve had 12 years of a QB with limited mobility that can’t use his feet to make up for the lack of a good OL and run game.    I think this is a must have quality for the next Lions QB. 

    I will always take the QB with the better arm, feet can only get you so far. Stafford has good feel for the pocket, and moves well, even in week 17 when he was injured. I'll take him any day.

  5. 5 hours ago, Mr.TaterSalad said:

    If Fields drops to us at #7 I am taking him over Lance and any other prospect on the board. I had a hard time believing he slips past both the Jets and the Falcons, but you never know.

    I would take Mac Jones over Lance, and maybe over Fields. Close call.

  6. Just now, RandyMarsh said:

    Derrick Brown would look good right about now. 

    Yes, even though he struggled his first year. I believe in building the defense from the inside, out.

  7. 2 hours ago, Keepleyland2 said:

    OK. Still doesn't take away that no matter who they resign, the pass rush has sucked for years and they still need edge guys.

    They have edge guys right now. I think they need to fix the interior of the defense, the dt's, lib's and even safety.

  8. 6 hours ago, Buddha said:

    mac jones will be a great backup qb for the next decade.  no thank you.

    if the lions arent going to mortgage the future to trade up to #2 (because the jags will never deal #1 and it will cost multiple #1 picks to get to #2) then they should take Lance if they want a qb.  biggest upside.

    i definitely do not think they should trade up to #2, and i am dubious about taking a qb in this draft.  but if they do, then take a chance on Lance.

    i'd much rather have parsons or chase.  they have the worst linebackers in the league, please get someone who can defend!!!!

    I don't think Lance has a chance to be in the top 5. There's so many QB's in this draft (IMO, Lance is the biggest risk, since he's the least experienced, and he's probably going in the 11-20 range) that there is no need to trade up in the draft. The Lions need more picks, not less. 

  9. 1 hour ago, RandyMarsh said:

    Chase is the WR I want most.   I think he is like Devonte Smith except with more size on him.

    I'm not sure if it's official yet but I heard Waddle was coming back for his SR. year. 

    Smith reminds me of Antonio Brown.

  10. 1 hour ago, Mr.TaterSalad said:

    If we are going WR I like Chase and Waddle over Smith. I wouldn't be completely against WR because we will be in desperate need of one come next year when both Golladay and Jones are gone. I'm in the QB camp as of now with one of Fields/Lance/Wilson. I expect Lance or Wilson to be the guys available when we're picking at #7. If the new Front Office doesn't like any of the QB options available then I'm probably looking at one of the edge guys like Kwity Paye or Gregory Rousseau.

    Nah, I couldn't take either player over Smith. I don't think Golladay is going anywhere, and I'm not very high on those two edge guys, especially Paye. He doesn't belong in the conversation at this point in the draft. If the Lions re-sign Okwara, they really don't have a need for an edge, although you can't have enough pass rushers. Linebacker and DT are both screaming needs to me, along with WR. Parsons would be a great fit.

    As far as QB's go, I think the pecking order will be 1. Lawrence; 2. Wilson; 3. Fields 4. Mac Jones 5. Lance; 6. Trask

  11. On 9/19/2020 at 4:13 AM, cruzer1 said:

    Robbie Grossman is a fa this year; he's an interesting guy to me that would make sense on a short term deal.


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  12. 14 minutes ago, Mr.TaterSalad said:

    Picking a WR at #3 would be great. I do think we are in a position to pick the best player available, and maybe that is a WR. It would be something else to have had our last 4 top 4 picks be TE, TE, CB, WR and not a single DE/pass rusher in the bunch when we've clearly needed one each time.

    I think Devonta Smith is a special player, and should be on the Lions short list at 7. Others to consider (if Stafford is staying, and we don't need a QB) include Micah Parsons, Rousseau/Phillips and JaMarr Chase.

  13. Some players that I think are under the radar and could have some value for the current Lions (in no particular order):

    1. Julian Okwara DE

    2. Hunter Bryant TE

    3. Austin Bryant DE

    4. C.J. Moore S

    5. Bobby Price S

    6. Matt Nelson RT

    7. Logan Stenberg RG

    8. Kevin Strong DT

    Basically, these are the types of players the Lions need to fill their roster with next year, as they accrue more draft capital.  This needs to be blown up.

  14. The Lions do have a lot of free agents, and they need to take their lumps this year and allow some of their top free agents go, like Romeo Okwara whom I believe will hit it big in free agency; perhaps landing the Lions with a 3rd round comp pick next year. I don't believe that Marvin would be eligible for free agent compensation, so the big two are Golladay and Okwara. The Lions have some depth at DE (I don't think they need to be chasing sacks), although they have no WR's, this year is loaded with receivers. I don't like the DL coming out this year. The two Miami ends are the best of the lot. A lot of the d-tackles are similar players, longish 6-5 305 types with good movement. Those guys seem to be a dime a dozen, and they are usually overdrafted. It's a good year for linebacker, pretty deep at corner, and I really like the group of safeties coming out. Of course we will need to wait for the results of the combine before grades are given out.

    Oh, and yeah, this is the best year for Quarterbacks ever. Better than 1983.

  15. 2 minutes ago, cruzer1 said:

    Dude, you have no clue. They have the most talented organization in the game because this is the type of move they make, and they always win in these deals. They have more talent coming back, than is leaving.

    They are the best run organization, although I agree with you that I hate their stadium. They will remain World Series contenders for a long time.

  16. 4 minutes ago, Motor City Sonics said:

    Wow, not Tiger-related, but the Tampa Bay Rays are doing it again.  Just as they get good enough to compete for a World Series, they trade their star pitcher.    They have no fanbase (why would anyone root for a team that constantly shivs their fans in the back) and they play in a stadium that feels more like a fallout bunker.    TIME TO MOVE THIS TEAM.     Nashville, Las Vegas, Portland, Charlotte and Montreal would all be better options than this.   

    Dude, you have no clue. They have the most talented organization in the game because this is the type of move they make, and they always win in these deals. They have more talent coming back, than is leaving.

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