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  1. Tua sucks. If you had said Herbert, then ok. But Tua doesn't do it for me. And Hockenson was as good as anyone in that draft. It wasn't a good draft, and he fit a huge need.
  2. Another thing, they had made the point themselves about marrying up scheme and personnel, then they draft the wrong personnel for their scheme! They put the CB's on islands, which is fine when you have a Darius Slay, but why would you draft slow corners who can't cover man because they're too slow? I'm looking more at Amani now that Teez is gone, and I think Okudah will be good in a better scheme. I think Amani can be better in a zone scheme with his size and length.
  3. Damn, I wish I had bought a stake in Oblong last week...
  4. Correct. I also bet that Andy has a big hand in the offense still.
  5. https://nflcommunications.com/Documents/2018 Policies/7-2018 Anti-Tampering Policy-Clean Version.pdf
  6. There are plenty of QB's in this draft. I think Trask will be elite. Different strokes for different folks.
  7. Correct. One candidate they can contact right would be Rick Smith. Anyone else would have to wait for after the end of the season. They couldn't contact candidates, per NFL tampering rules.
  8. Yeah, NFL people don't play that. Shelly might have been talking to people in the league about it. It's not a secret.
  9. Houston will probably hire Nick Caserio from New England.
  10. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/former-texans-general-manager-rick-smith-open-to-returning-to-nfl-in-2020/?fbclid=IwAR3vrF6Cv0GifA3BFi5uAR_paxwg6woxpfzadx9EPHsteW4y2MyzKBeJaKo
  11. I think the Lions can hire a good GM rather quickly. Rick Smith has a lot of good experience in Houston, and built a helacious defense over there during his watch. He has 12 years of experience, which I think the Lions need right now, and has no position right now. He left the Texans after 2017 to take care of his wife during her bout with cancer. I would also let Smith hire his own HC.
  12. And the Lions pretty much have to blow this thing up.
  13. The Colts and Wisconsin defenses have been very inspiring. Mike Lafleur is also Matt's brother, and sounds like he's very similar.
  14. If I'm GM, I'm gonna want to make my hires without interference from the owner. Let football people make football decisions.
  15. You don't know who you want. I want either Matt Eberflus (defensive coordinator for the Colts), Jim Leonhard (defensive coordinator for Wisconsin), or Mike Lafleur (passing game coordinator for 49ers). GM I want either Rick Smith or Louis Riddick, with a strong lean toward Smith.
  16. Tougher to make decisions when nobody is open. Everybody was open for Houston.
  17. It's a very safe bet. And the cap hit would be on the Lions.
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