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  1. If you think Lance is the 2nd best, he should be available at 7. I'd prefer the Lions take their QB at 7, and fill in their roster later.
  2. Wallace and Eskridge are both really fast. Nick Bolton eats kneecaps.
  3. Here's another mock I did, without picks for Stafford, but drafted Fields to cover for Stafford: 7. Justin Fields QB Ohio State 41. Nick Bolton LB Missouri 84. Tylan Wallace WR Oklahoma State 105. Ambry Thomas CB Michigan 151. Garret Wallow LB TCU 161. Darius Stills DT West Virginia 171. D’Wayne Eskridge WR Western Michigan 180. Quentin Lake S UCLA
  4. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/houston-texans/deshaun-watson-21753/
  5. The Stafford contract is much better than the Watson one. I don't think they can afford to trade Watson, it depends on their cap situation. Stafford is owed 43 million over two year, with a 10m bonus due in March. The Lions will trade him before March.
  6. That's not everybody else's rankings. Wilson will be the #2 Qb in this draft.
  7. Starting to sound like Parsons will be drafted as an edge, where he's a much better player than as a lber. He's by far the best edge player in this draft.
  8. Also Ron Hughes, who went with Colbert to Pittsburgh. The front office was loaded.
  9. Lance is really talented, but I prefer other QB's in this draft, like Jones and Fields. Wilson is flying high right now, if not the Jets, then a trade down with someone. Jones and Fields have more experience against tougher competition, and Lance also needed another year imo.
  10. And, with the coaches they've been talking to for OC, they might want a multi-dimensional QB like Lance. I don't agree with that direction.
  11. If they trade Stafford, then they have to take a QB. That's really where the talent is in this draft, with the receivers, and lber's and a few others. This is a great year for QB's.
  12. I think Najee Harris is one of the best players in this draft, regardless of position. The Lions, to me, only have one rb in Swift. Johnson is only a blocker right now, so that position can be addressed, but only with a top talent like Harris, or if they get extra picks later in the draft. There are a lot of players in the NFL right now that were drafted after 100, but I agree that the basis of the team has to be built with later picks. The Lions have a really thin team, and they only have 5 picks right now. They have to find a way to get more picks, now and in the future.
  13. Not this year, with all the QB's available. There will be a run at the top.
  14. What are you talking about? Najee Harris is an impact player, and should be the first back taken. With the 3 2nd round picks, he stood out. This is a draft that the Lions should trade down. Especially if both Smith and Chase are gone at 7. Good spot for a QB. Mac Jones is a first rounder.
  15. I forget the name of the incoming strength coach, but he was with Campbell in Miami, and is now a college strength coach.
  16. I made some trades, and some of these players will not be available at the spots I chose them: 23. Zaven Collins LB Tulsa 39. Najee Harris RB Alabama 41. Tyson Campbell CB Georgia 45. Mac Jones QB Alabama 65. Terrace Marshall Jr. WR LSU 99. Talanoa Hufanga S USC 131. Bobby Brown DT Texas A&M 155. Dazz Newsome WR North Carolina 163. Haskell Garrett DT Ohio State 201. Elijah Hicks S California https://www.profootballnetwork.com/mockdraft/
  17. Depends also on demand for the position. A lot of teams that are shooting for the playoffs need QB. Jay Cutler got 2 firsts, so that should be the starting point for Stafford.
  18. That would be too expensive, the Lions have too much rebuilding of the roster to be allocating too much, when there's other players available. The price for DW will shoot up.
  19. There will be 17 drafts next year.
  20. After watching more Parson's on tape, I'd have to pass on him. He's great at blitzing, and making plays, but when he's asked to be a linebacker, he fails miserably. This is probably due to him being young, but he should have stayed in college, and at the very least, needed to play this past year.
  21. For assistant GM's, I think that they need to get two of the most talented young minorities they can get. If you can get 2 third round picks for developing minority GM's, then I'm shallow enough to go in that direction.
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