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  1. You know what prospect is growing on me? Sweet swinging Harold Castro. Love his swing.
  2. Dr. #NoHubris Retweeted Detroit Tigers Player Development‏ @RoadtoDetroit 17h17 hours ago More Detroit Tigers Player Development Retweeted Dr. #NoHubris Skubal's stock is out of control. A lefty who sits mid-90s with command is rare. Arguably their best late-round find in years. Talked to a scout last week who called him "A top-5 prospect in the entire system." -DH
  3. SSS, but Riley Greene's range factor in CF has been outstanding so far (2.46). If he would hit a little he'd be pretty good. http://www.milb.com/player/index.jsp?sid=milb&player_id=682985#/career/R/fielding/2019/ALL
  4. Padres Name Position MTV ($Ms) Boyd SP 34.4 Castellanos OF 1.4 Tigers Name Position MTV ($Ms) Edwards 2B 11.9 France 3B 3.9 Reed OF 4.1 Weathers LHP 16.3 Total Value: 36.20
  5. Anybody else using the Trade Simulator? https://www.baseballtradevalues.com/trade-simulator/ Name Position MTV ($Ms) Ashby LHP 2.6 Lutz OF 17.4 Turang SS 16.6 Total Value: 36.60 Brewers Name Position MTV ($Ms) Boyd SP 34.4 Total Value: 34.40
  6. https://www.milb.com/milb/news/nypl-notes-connecticut-tigers-kingston-liniak-goes-extra-mile/c-308865712
  7. How can you have a home run derby without Joey Gallo? I didn't even bear to watch.
  8. The Phillies have a bunch of high picks who have not played up to their draft status. They're pretty thin right now, imo; and need bouncebacks by the #1 picks (Moniak, Hasely, Randolph) that they have failed. They do have some nice arms like Howard and Medina, but the trade to get Realmuto set their system back quite a bit imo.
  9. Disagree. Right now I think Duran might be their best prospect. He can fly, and will probably be a top leadoff hitter.
  10. Jimenez. Said in jest. Haha.
  11. 3 weeks isn't a lot of time. Sounds like Boston is interested in Boyd. They have to start with Jarren Duran and Triston Casas. I prefer Casas over Dalbec, but both are kind of 1b prospects playing 3b. They also need to throw in Mata.
  12. I think it detracts from Boyd to add Greene. I would trade them separately.
  13. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/07/rays-trade-rumors-joe-jimenez-tigers.html I'll take Wander....
  14. Another thing that bugs me is that when the scouting reports were coming out, the Tigers were in on Vaughn and Greene, and that was it. They weren't in on CJ Abrams at all, since he wasn't their kind of player. The Padres have too many of him, but were grateful to land him. Just because Derek Hill didn't work out, doesn't mean they can't look for that type of player!
  15. Deivi was a different player. A decent defensive player with a great arm, but not good range. Deivi's bat was never his carrying tool, like it is for Parades. Parades actually looked good to me yesterday when I saw him. Looks more fit and looks more mature. He needs to hit, because he's not athletically special. He's one of the 3,000 third baseman the Tigers have in their system.
  16. Riley Greene has moved up to Connecticut. Last year, the main signs were Jose De la Cruz and Adinso Reyes. The previous years, players signed were Alvaro Gonzalez and Carlos Irogeyen, both SS. All are similar players. None are particularly athletic, or known for their foot speed. The Tigers are spinning their wheels by signing similar players who are decent athletes, but have a limited physical toolset. They need to shoot for the moon once in a while, and try to sign players with more physical abilities, imo. When you're signing a 16 year old, they need to have good feet. They also haven't drafted the quickest players either. Riley Greene is a corner playing centerfield, and their next two picks were 3b? That makes no sense to me. Other teams are killing it, like TB, who have Vidal Brujan and Wander Franco coming up, yet they're loaded physically at the major league level, too. The Tigers can't compete with them.
  17. Manning didn't look good at all. Didn't throw a curve until late, and it was very flat. Change ups were all in the dirt. Wonder if he's having minor blisters. He needs a slider to get major league hitters out.
  18. Another thing, a trade down would have been almost impossible, since Holland was picking #8. I'm pretty sure Holland had a pretty good idea what Steve was thinking, and vice versa. Especially if they had Seider rated so highly.
  19. The thing I really don't like about Campos straight up is that he can't run and doesn't have defensive versatility. I guess we're cornering the market on this type of player.
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