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  1. Robbie Grossman is a fa this year; he's an interesting guy to me that would make sense on a short term deal.
  2. Schoop is a key free agent for the Tigers to sign.
  3. He's extremely tooled up, and should be very good. Had some injuries last year, and should be spending the whole year in AAA. I think this is good for his development to play every day. I think he is rated fairly.
  4. He's gritty, and is a great dude in the clubhouse. There must be a movie in there somewhere?
  5. Daz is still listed under injured list. Doubt we see him this year.
  6. Lowe is an excellent prospect. He hit for good power at AA last year, and is a good defender. Gets on base.
  7. I think the Tigers should trade Norris to the Rays, for pitching. The Rays will want to part with prospects like SS Abiezel Ramirez, who they have to cut or expose him to the Rule V draft. I would want either Joe Ryan or Seth Johnson, unless they are willing to trade us McClanahan.
  8. I'm a union steward, so I'll get their job back for them.
  9. I did a double take when I was going through whip cats in my fantasy league, and noticed that Burrows has a .75 whip!
  10. My stock situation in my IRA have allowed me to re-think my retire date, in a good way.
  11. Agree, except for the Pats, who lost some key players.
  12. Maybin to DL, who's up? My guess is D Hill.
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