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  1. No chance that the Lions will select a qb in the first 2 rounds. I think they like Jackson as a developmental qb, and maybe a couple others.
  2. AA reminds me of Mike Gartner and Glenn Anderson the way he can take over with his speed.
  3. 97.1 had a show tonight at 3:00 a.m. where experts from each city make the pick, and show where the team is leaning: 1. Arizona: Quinnen Williams, DT 2. SF: Nick Bosa, DE 3. NYJ: Josh Allen, OLB 4. Oakland/LV: Ed Oliver, DT 5. TB: Devin White, LB 6. NYG: Rashan Gary, DE 7. Jacks: Jawan Taylor, G 8. Lions: T.J. Hocksenson TE No way this will happen, because of trades, but there is a shot that the Cardinals do not stick to the script.
  4. https://www.wingingitinmotown.com/2019/4/1/18286775/go-greece-lightning-evaluating-andreas-athanasious-impact-on-the-red-wings
  5. I disagree. That's a huge dimension. He's turned the corner, especially when he moved to center.
  6. Love that he's back, and he is arguably the best GM in the league.
  7. Who's this new GM? Hope he can tank better than the last guy. Just kidding. No more tanking for the Wings. They should have a solid nuclei.
  8. Because of at&t, I no longer have the NFL Network. I am not happy.
  9. Why burn their time up then? Wait until they are ready.
  10. There's really only one, with Runtchsman (sp) a possibility to go #1 overall. The 2nd, Shea Langeliers of Baylor, has struggled mightily this year, and doesn't look like a first round pick imo. Edit: He's been injured, and BA has him going 17th overall in their latest mock. I saw him play earlier in the year, and wasn't impressed at all with his bat.
  11. I don't see Arizona passing on Murray. Stay on script.
  12. The movie More will be on Turner Classic Movies at 4:00 a.m. Eastern time. Set your DVR.
  13. Reminds me of Adrian Claiborne, who played for Patricia.
  14. And if we know anything about Patricia, he prefers length. I bet Oliver isn't even on the radar.
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