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  1. I was once in a College BB Tournament pick'em ran by Pat Neshek. I'll never forget about his son in that playoff game. Gave me a tear thinking about him. Great dude.
  2. I'm good with Blackwood. 62.5 ground ball rate is outstanding.
  3. cruzer1

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    Manning has made good progress this year. Hope to see him continue that into Erie next year. He's getting closer.
  4. cruzer1

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    I just don't see much value in Reyes offensively. Now or down the line.
  5. cruzer1

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    He's struggling at AAA after having really good numbers at AA. He's young for that league. He has more usable pop and speed. His issues are his K rate and pitch selection, but he does walk a bit.
  6. cruzer1

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    I wanted Jason Martin to be the rule V pick. He's having a good year in Pittsburgh's system.
  7. cruzer1

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    Part of that is that league is hitter friendly. Erie's park is a bandbox.
  8. cruzer1

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    The Tigers call him a two, but it doesn't matter. He's very valuable.
  9. cruzer1

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    Someone forgot about Fulmer.
  10. cruzer1

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    14 is a good spot for now, it needs to improve from here. Avila has done a good job so far, since the cupboards were left bare when he took over. The next part is the hardest part of the rebuild. It's going to take some time. Some prospects won't work out. That's why they need depth.
  11. cruzer1

    Training Camp and Preseason

    He doesn't play the same position as Barrett. He'll make the team, relax.
  12. cruzer1

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    Either that or no offense at said position. Need to score some runs.
  13. Also, I think trading Fiers now helps them get a better draft pick, so that's also a part of this deal.
  14. I'm guessing, way out of left field, but I think that Greg Deichmann will be part of the deal. He's a 23 year old right fielder who has been injured with a wrist injury much of the year, but he was drafted in the 2nd round in '17 from LSU.
  15. cruzer1

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    Hr should not dh. He should be the left fielder next year.