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  1. cruzer1

    Who Would Help The Tigers More?

    Machado doesn't like to hustle. **** no.
  2. cruzer1

    Fist City: population...Rod and Mario

    It just occurred to me that the perfect color analyst would be Brad Ausmus, if he doesn't get a mgr job. I don't know who I would select to match him with. I like Dickerson on radio.
  3. cruzer1

    Maybe they'll get hot in the playoffs

    The Wings still should get a nice haul for Nyquist.
  4. cruzer1

    Maybe they'll get hot in the playoffs

    He's better than Tatar.
  5. cruzer1

    Maybe they'll get hot in the playoffs

    I want a 1st, 2nd and 3rd to start the conversation.
  6. cruzer1

    October 2018 Game Threads

    Can't they work out a deal with the junior team, so that he plays the right position and will do what he needs to do in the NHL? I know the Western league is a bit different, although I don't get a chance to see that much of them as I use to when I had NHL Network.
  7. cruzer1

    Bye week discussion: Taking stock

    I like the Lions chances more than ever right now. They need to stop running games, but other than that I like the team a lot.
  8. cruzer1

    October 2018 Game Threads

    At this point, I'd rather save a year for Rasmussen, and even Zadina. This will be a waste of a year, better to save them for their age 21-22 seasons than this season. I also hope they continue to play the young defense as much as possible. I really like Cholowski.
  9. cruzer1

    Maybe they'll get hot in the playoffs

    Don't worry about Zadina. He's plenty crafty. He's a superb talent, and will soon own the OHL. His shot is that good. Also, I think they have some fast players, and will look faster once they have replaced the remaining old talent on the team. The young defensemen, especially Cholowski, skate very well.
  10. cruzer1

    Maybe they'll get hot in the playoffs

    Lose for Hughes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. cruzer1

    October 2018 Game Threads

    Lose for Hughes!
  12. cruzer1

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    Motion seconded.
  13. cruzer1

    Green Bay Game

    I would be surprised if it wasn't Lions-Rams. Gonna be a good one, if the Lions can stop them.
  14. cruzer1

    Green Bay Game

    I'm sorry, I'm not a doctor, but I would not have drafted Mo Hurst. I think it's too risky to be messing with the heart.