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  1. Investing

    It took me about a week.
  2. Rule 5 Draft

    I have a strong feeling it will be Burdi. I don't know how someone could call him a mixed bag. He's exactly the opposite. He's a big arm with a high upside.
  3. Heck yeah. They match up well. Good of talent. Hope to get Jahmai Jones, brother of Lions WR T.J. Jones.
  4. They have plenty of filler. Get MLB talent only.
  5. In a New York minute, but they won't do that.
  6. Investing

  7. If the Tigers get pitching back, they already have a lot of pitching, and they'll get more likely in the draft. They need to start stockpiling some position prospects now while the fire is hot.
  8. That is not enough. The Yankees have Florio, infielders and other bats. They also have some arms, but they need to part with a lot of talent.
  9. They are much thinner now with graduations and multi positional trades, and even a death that has rocked that (Red Sox) system.
  10. Investing

    371.50 on coinbase now. It was only 3 coins, not the end of the world.
  11. Love how he's basically laying down the groundwork right there. Hello Yankees.
  12. Investing

    I went and bought some Aetna for 178, expecting the 209 in about 7 months or so. This strategy worked out well when I bought Kraft while Heinz was buying it.
  13. Investing

    Meanwhile, litecoin is up to 225 plus. Ugh.
  14. Trammell and Morris made the HOF!

    I grew up during the era that he pitched and I saw most of his starts (or listened to Ernie/Paul). By the way, the 1976 draft of the Tigers has to go down as their best ever.
  15. Trammell and Morris made the HOF!

    He was also the best pitcher for four teams that won world series. Going 21-6 in '92 for the Blue Jays at the age of 37 is pretty awesome, too.