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  1. DD had an interview recently with Gene Roof before a Tiger game, and he said that when he first started in rookie ball and Conn that he would let the ball fall, and pick the ball up and throw it to the base. He has learned that in pro ball, you have to get the ball, and don't allow the runners to run amok. Pretty impressive the amount that he has progressed in so little time.
  2. Everybody else is hoarding position players, so the Tigers are zigging while the others are zagging. Ugh. *Tinstaapp*
  3. He's just a big guy, and for all the knee problems, he's running much better than Victor did at this age. I think that DH full time will allow his bat to come back.
  4. Methinks the bicep tear cost him power in first half. I think he will improve next year, with the knee being the main drawback.
  5. 12:42 Lars: Ronny Mauricio is the top-ranked player on the Board whose ETA postdates Wander Franco, so in some vague way you’re predicting he’ll follow Franco as the #1 prospect in baseball. Do you think he’s actually the top candidate, or would you bet on someone else? 12:45 Kiley McDaniel: Hmmm hadn’t thought of it that way but you appear to be correct. Bobby Witt and Marco Luciano are right there, George Valera is a threat, Jasson Dominguez lingers, Julio Rodriguez, Riley Greene, C.J. Abrams. Brett Baty is a sneaky possibility. There isn’t a super obvious 2020 draft prospect to be the top one from that class, but the 2021 class has a few, with Brady House the headliner. 12:45 Kiley McDaniel: Luis Patino is also there, but I would always bet against pitchers 12:47 Kiley McDaniel: And elite college players for 2019 or 2020 that could be #1 types may get promoted too fast 12:48 Kiley McDaniel: Kumar Rocker in 2021 could be a fit, though
  6. I'd rather see Riley Greene succeed. Screw Shane.
  7. Am watching the Perfect Game classic on MLB TV. Next year's high school class will be good and deep.
  8. Maybe next year, but I wouldn't mind him spending the year in Toledo. I would pump the brakes on Mize, too.
  9. I don't agree with this. Also, I think that Paredes might make a better SS (based on range factor) than Castro. Both have to be added to 40 man roster.
  10. Best voice since Orson Welles. Best actor to play Orson Welles.
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