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  1. It helps having the extra bench spot for an occasion like this. I was inspired by the Billy Hamilton article in Fangraphs.
  2. I wonder if the Tigers will use an extra roster spot for Derek Hill, to be the Designated Runner if games go into extra innings?
  3. According to the News, Stokes was removed from the roster for Fulmer. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/mlb/tigers/2020/06/28/heres-look-detroit-tigers-player-pool-summer-camp/3274404001/
  4. Methinks Daniel Cabrera or Troy Stokes will take the last spot, or I'd hate to speculate that Stokes tested positive for Covid.
  5. This draft might be an A+. I couldn't imagine doing better, now all are signed. I think all six have a chance, with an impact high end (Torkleson) or more.
  6. Appreciate it when other people do the math for me.
  7. Don't let @Buddha know he can use this word.
  8. This draft had a lot more talent available, and the Tigers had more money to spend.
  9. Besides the first pick, I don't really like last year's draft. They have to pick it up, but from Quintana on down seems like a lot of reaching.
  10. But position players are much more fun.
  11. After ignoring pitching for 2 straight drafts, they definitely have to get some of that.
  12. Just spitballing a minor league depth chart here: Future Value: Catcher: Dingler, Rogers, Johnson, McMillan First Base: Tork 2nd Base: Clemens, Cruz, Kenley, Lipcius 3rd Base: Paredes, Workman, Keith, Quintana, Kriedler, Lipcius, Reyes SS: Workman, Castro, Cruz, Perez, Alcantara RF: Riley Greene, De la Cruz, Campos CF: Greene, Meadows, Cameron LF: Cabrera, Packard
  13. Sounds like they'll use Workman at SS, as well as Cruz. Also with the Tigers expected to sign Christian Santana in January (July 2nd pushed back); the organizational talent base at SS will be improved. Hopefully one shakes out of that bunch. I'm really intrigued by Workman, especially if he can play SS full time.
  14. I'm kind of resigning to the fact that there should not be baseball this year, or hockey, or basketball. Football needs to take a year off. We are still in a pandemic.
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