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  1. Slam dunk.
  2. I like it here where I know where to look for it. It needs its own sub forum, actually.
  3. Whatever happened in that motel was a horror. This wasn't fiction, and the riots had never been put to screen before.
  4. I thought it was very well done. Don't know why it struggled at the BO, but I was thoroughly entertained by the movie. Mostly a fan of Kathryn Bigelow's work. My family was deeply affected by the riots, and we moved out of the city to Sterling Heights in 1970.
  5. Daz has played extremely well in the 2nd half of this season. I don't do a deal without Tucker.
  6. Not even concerned with next year yet. They have 16 games to play this year.
  7. Yeah. They have 6 picks in the draft. One might be a pass rusher if they are good enough.
  8. A terrible 3rd round pick.
  9. Shelton rules
  10. Kyle Tucker or bust. I'll take Daz too. That's the price for Verlander.
  11. That is good news if you are buying. Superficial reasons with the dip. Buy buy buy.
  12. No. I haven't sold yet only buying.
  13. I'm definitely looking at them too. Coinbase is what I am using to buy coins.
  14. I don't think Nick has a ton of value right now.
  15. Ballmich fail.