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  1. I think Bucky is a good source here.
  2. I don't want him on the Lions.
  3. Micah Parsons allegations: https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/30349666/former-penn-state-football-player-says-coach-told-not-report-physical-fight-police
  4. The best thing about Rocker's start is that he threw 67 pitches, which is unheard of in college. Kudos to his manager for watching out for him.
  5. Boring mock with no trades.
  6. Really early but, starting to sound like: 1. Pit- Jordan Lawler SS 2. Tex- Jack Leiter RHP 3. Tigers- Kumar Rocker RHP Personnally, I'm fine with Rocker. I don't see Leiter dropping to us if he's throwing 96+.
  7. He's much thinner than Campbell, who's a man-beast. Rousseau is rail-thin.
  8. Yes, 100%. He gets most of his sacks from the interior, which is a big difference in talent going to be NFL. He lacks explosion, and is very raw. Very thin, but great frame. He's a long term prospect, and a very risky one.
  9. Rousseau sucks. Did I already say that? I prefer other edge players in this draft. He lacks explosion.
  10. What position does he play?
  11. The dream scenario for the Lions would be QB's dropping to their slot, which would give them a huge chance for a blockbusting trade down. There will be more demand than supply at that point. There's a lot of players in the mid rounds from all defensive and offensive need areas for the Lions. They can make a lot of hay.
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