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  1. I haven't been to this forum all year yet - sorry about that. But it was my first web visit today when I heard the news - waiting for the site to break in half. Who's gonna play CF now?
  2. To me, this move is just a re-commitment to the mentality that you MUST have a "closer". We gave the bullpen-matchups approach all of two days, but Coke blew a save, so we gotta go get a closer. Fernando Rodney blew a save last night. As a closer. Jose Valverde blew saves, in the playoffs, as a closer. We don't have to have a bullpen-by-committee in order to blow saves.
  3. I didn't realize his BABIP was the highest in the league last year. That's a little concerning.
  4. Crap, had to post again - that last one was #666.
  5. I think they actually started including this guy as part of the background noise when you play at Comerica Park in video games like The Show and MLB '12. Love him or hate him, he's become a part of the Comerica Experience now.
  6. Listening to the Baseball Today podcast from ESPN yesterday, Keith Law had some commentary on this that I didn't necessarily agree with, but thought I would mention. His basic take was that, for the Tigers, you "reap what you sow" - doesn't think they should be playing an important offensive commodity like Cabrera out of position, especially when the position is one of the most dangerous on the field. Bad hop, dry conditions, he's lost weight, etc., he still thinks a normal everyday third baseman would have avoided injury on this play and that the Tigers are playing with fire by keeping him here. Don't shoot the messenger, and I know that platooning Cabrera and Fielder back and forth between 1B and DH would probably make unhappy players of them both, but I hadn't seen this perspective mentioned, so thought I would share what another of the "national media" crowd is saying about the Tigers.
  7. Ah, finally found it. I've been watching for this thread. Hueytaxi, for many of us, your pictures always bring spring to Michigan a lot earlier than the official calendar dictates. Just wanted to let you know that we're all watching!
  8. Two things: My wife and I went there on our honeymoon, just for a couple of days while we were in Florida. This was just last September. We were staying near Fort Meyers on the west coast, and we decided to take the Key West Express instead of make the 7-hour drive. It was a 3-hour boat trip that was so worth the money. We went down on the morning boat, stayed the night in Key West, and took the evening boat back up the next day. But you mentioned that you booked a trip to KW, so I'm guessing you're just flying straight down there. But here's the other thing. When we got off the boat, there were salesmen trying to talk us into renting these little go-cart looking cars, to get around the island for our stay. I was reluctant but my wife talked me into it - it was SO WORTH IT. We paid $100 for two days, I think, but they're entirely electric, and you can get around the whole island in a few minutes in these things. Nobody drives faster than 25mph anywhere on the island, so you can drive them everywhere that cars are permitted. Instead of walking everywhere, you can figure out all the sights you want to see and hit them all - it takes maybe five minutes to get from one end of the island to the other in the go-cart. Just get yourself a map from one of the tourist brochures and you're set to go. The whole island is like a giant amusement park. Hope you have fun,
  9. I wanted to jump in here and vote F/X. I love Walking Dead, Hell on Wheels, and Breaking Bad on AMC, but Above Replacement Level on F/X for me: Rescue Me Justified Damages Rubicon Archer And finally, here's another F/X show that only lasted one season, but I thought was excellent: Lights Out. Anybody see this boxing drama when it was airing?
  10. Commish

    Happy MVP Day

    Huzzah!! Was watching live thanks to the MLB.com tip from posters here - awesome!!
  11. I'm with others on this thread, I think Netflix is definitely trying to go in the direction of streaming-only. For that to work, though, they have to sign a better licensing agreements to get top-quality stuff from HBO and CBS, and get it faster. To sign those kind of deals, and keep all your current ones updated, you need more $$. Hence the higher prices. Redbox gets just about every new release, I think, but the trick is reserving it with your computer or your phone to make sure it's there to pick up. If you just do a walk-up to one of those machines, you're left choosing between "Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2" and "The Tuxedo".
  12. This is a sore subject for me, because since high school, THESE have always been my far-and-away favorite Little Debbie snack: LD took these chocolate variations off the permanent market many years ago, and now only consistently sell the white ones. They are unfortunately only available like this during July 4th, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, in special holiday shapes. At which time I stock up in a big way - the girlfriend and I both load up our freezers. Perhaps it is because of accusations like these, that they were taken off the shelves: User:Kip the Dip/Little Debbie - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia
  13. Blanked on the Brewers and Nationals. ugh. Thought it would be a cakewalk.
  14. If you're thinking about walking away, just want to make you aware of this situation. I work in a county property deeds office, and we're starting to see some of this. Even after foreclosure, debt collectors still pursue borrowers for repayment | detnews.com | The Detroit News
  15. Reading this made me momentarily panic - had to run over to the AT&T site and make sure that TruTV was included in my TV package. It is. It's on the most basic level, too, so I'm assuming it should be available in most, if not all, cable packages. This will be the first time I have ever even tuned in the channel.
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