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  1. Hey, but Caldwell-Pope has 5 points tonight! Way to go, Dumars.
  2. Buster Olney @Buster_ESPN When Iglesias signed with the Red Sox, the NYY scouting report on him even then was: Best hands in baseball since Omar Vizquel.
  3. Why do you think the Tigers lost the trade? I think you are overrating Garcia.
  4. I know it is still relatively early, but what is the explanation for the low walk rates for Cabrera and Fielder? The last few years compared to this year: Unintentional BB/Plate Appearances (less intentional BB) Cabrera - 2009 - 8.04% (meaning he took an unintentional BB in 8.04% of his plate appearances) 2010 - 9.25% 2011 - 12.9% 2012 - 6.13% Fielder - 2009 - 12.75% 2010 - 13.90% 2011 - 11.36% 2012 - 7.87% This seems concerning.
  5. I guess its a huge deal now with the anti-semitism. He has to go.
  6. Of course he may not be hot in the majors. But neither is anyone else. Here's what we know - the Tigers aren't hitting. Eldred is on fire. He is obviously not a prospect. So what's the harm in giving him a shot for a few weeks? The 2 months I wrote was completely arbitrary. Bring him up for 2 weeks. I don't care. My point is - he's smoking right now and the Tigers are wasting that hot streak in Toledo. Let him use it in Detroit then - when he inevitably falls back to earth - ship him out.
  7. Right. So why waste that hot streak at AAA? Why not use it where it counts?
  8. I don't understand the objections to calling him up. Of course he's not a prospect - he's 31. But he's on fire right now. Why not catching lightening in a bottle for 2 months or so - then ship him back out?
  9. 6 4* recruits in one day. What a GREAT day.
  10. I'm not denying coaching matters. Of course it does. But which team do you think will do better? Urban Meyer coaching a bunch of 3* recruits or Urban Meyer coaching a bunch of 5* recruits? I mean - that's a no brainer right? Nobody would argue its better to have 3* recruits than 5* recruits. And while MSU has had an excellent 2 year run - surely there is more to it than just coaching. I suspect its a little more difficult to play in the SEC than in the Big Ten.
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