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  1. I keep hearing Title IX. But how? She's not a student, not an employee, and this didn't happen on school grounds. I'm not defending Meyer at all, this is absolutely stupid he would keep the guy, but I'm not seeing where Title IX fits in.
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    Bosio Fired

    You have that right.
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    Bosio Fired

    Oh I get companies are well within their rights to can someone for whatever. And a whitewash is certainly not what I was suggesting. Suspend him and say why. I'm just saying it's pretty sad that we've reached a point where anything short of a modern day hanging, or tar and feathering, is unacceptable for one incident. A pattern is a different story.
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    Bosio Fired

    What concerns me is that according to the News, it was an isolated incident. Ok, so it was a one-off. Without knowing the specifics, have things really reached a point where one strike and you're out? I can think of a number of times where the response is counseling, help the person along, etc. If he had been driving drunk and hit somebody... if he smacked his wife around... is he fired or is he put into counseling? But a couple of words and bam you're gone? I'm not defending what he did, but does the nuclear option always have to be the go to? It's a pretty bad place to be in where someone can't make a mistake or they be fired. Again, not knowing specifics, but....
  5. They really need to redefine the punter going rugby style puts himself at risk. If for no other reason that taking another second and a half to kick the ball puts the defense that much closer to you. If you want to runaround and then kick, you shouldn't get all the protections like if you went and kicked immediately. But that targeting call was ridiculous.
  6. Apologies if I'm being obtuse, but I've been there. In the bottom section, everything is set to no, or "off." In the top section, the only place where anything is selected is a section where there are three circles and it doesn't allow you to deselect. Otherwise nothing is selected. Nothing says "Never ask me about notifications" or anything close to that that I can tell. If I'm misreading one, I'd certainly love to be corrected.
  7. Does anyone know how to get rid of the "do you want notifications" thing that keeps popping up every time I go to a different page? My only options are "allow" or "not now', which only lasts until a new page. I want *never* so it stops asking me. This assumption I will want notifications is getting annoying. This has only popped up since the new site. Apologies if this is discussed elsewhere, couldn't find anything.
  8. Ortiz suggests that if they like you, which by all accounts they do with Verlander, steroids isn't an issue. Because the last few weeks of season I wasn't sure if we were watching Ortiz, or Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth's love child.
  9. Since PSU saw fit to honor Paterno last week, my thought is Michigan should honor the victims by scoring as many points as there were counts the guy was convicted of. Loved the Temple fans' reactions last week. Forgetting all of that, I think PSU is the example Notre Dame looks at to explain why they refuse to join a conference. Turns out when you have to play in a conference, some schools are just another school. Miami and FSU saw the same, but not quite as bad as PSU(even before the other stuff hit).
  10. Maybe a little less so in the playoff age, but I disagree. Because a loss tends to drop teams the same number of places each time. A team loses, unless it's a massive upset they drop 4-5 places. And rankings are not relative strength only. Where you were last week has a huge impact on it as well. Look at this week: where does Houston go after their win yesterday? But Clemson will almost certainly stay #2, despite winning against a much weaker opponent. And since rankings also only change when a team loses, you only move up when someone ahead of you loses(unless you pull a Houston). So starting higher means you you don't drop as low if you lose, and you get higher when things shake out. Not to mention the stupid "early loss doesn't count but loss in November to anyone is fatal" mentality. So I wouldn't say harmless.
  11. You may have a point. But only if we are talking about professional sports. This is supposedly an institution of higher learning, with a very public mission. One that, among other things, gets thrown about very quickly when discussion football and it's place on the campus. Yes, as a way to ultimately keep the money flowing in the direction it does rather than towards the athletes, but, you can't sit there and talk about how the program is there to "prepare young men for life, instill school spirit" and all that other pabulum, and then turn around and honor someone who, by virtue of his position within this "machine" enabled all of this to happen. Your thought process just doesn't fly in this case. And frankly, "fans" matter less than zero in this. Players, maybe. But go ahead and post publicly about how Ted Bundy was the greatest influence in your life while he coached you and see how far anyone is willing to take you seriously. Sorry, "administrative failure beyond belief" just glosses it over in order to make it seem like "well the offense played well but the defense couldn't hold and that's why we didn't win. But the RB is still a Heisman contender!" All the people you think deserve some kind of leash hitched their wagon to them, and now things are coming due. Like BIgglesworth said, " I suspect other universities and their respective fan bases would behave similarly if the shoe were on their foot. I hope never to find out if that premise is true." I'll have a much different opinion of everything Michigan football if it comes out something like this went on. And no the 1997 team will not get a pass because "well it didn't affect the football on the field."
  12. Does anyone have any inclination as to why this is being done? I think Impemba is pretty good at what he does. And I think the biggest knock on Dickerson is that he followed Ernie and isn't Ernie. Why mix? Are they throwing one or both guys a bone?
  13. But even there, how much was it really Michigan? Ed Martin was *not* a Michigan booster. If he was, then why was he giving money to players who went to other schools(which he most certainly did)? And would a booster keep giving money to players even after the player's been told this guy is persona non grata? I'm not saying the athletic department was an innocent victim/bystander by any stretch(Steve Fisher alone saw to that), but the truth of that whole episode is quite different from the commonly known narrative.
  14. Complete gifts by refs, yes, but Cook is much better than you are giving him credit for. And it kills me to say that. And besides, just because a guy may not be a star in the NFL does not change the fact he's a good(great?) college QB. Judge him as an NFL QB when he's in the NFL.
  15. Given what Hoke inherited? He went 11-2 with Rodriguez's guys, and when he had his own players in there, he couldn't make a bowl game. I don't understand how people can keep up this narrative with a straight face when Hoke's record says the exact opposite. If Hoke assmebled a decent amount of talent, why couldn't he do more with it than he could with Rodriguez' players?
  16. ATl at SD are in the same league. That's why. The best argument against realignment so that the Yankees and Mets, etc. are in the same division has to do with the product each team offers. The Yankees offer American league baseball, the Mets offer national league ball. Put them in the same division, they have the same teams coming through.... good luck to the Mets. Look at the LA Clippers. Despite the fact they've had some recent success, no one really cares about them. Why would they? They don't offer anything different from the Lakers.
  17. This came up after the round of golf this morning, so it's quite timely. Everyone always talks about hitters being auto outs, or whatnot, but they forget what to me is the most important thing: a manager should not have the decision taken away from him about whether to pinch hit for his pitcher in the 7th or 8th inning of a 1-1 game. That is a *very* underrated aspect of the no DH game. As far as interleague play, let's also not forget that be because a few people think seeing the Tigers play the Rockies is such a good thing, despite the fact the Rockies really don't draw much attention, you *don't* have a team like Toronto visiting twice, and they *do* draw attention, and more importantly, crowds. I really believe the 2000 World Series would have been a huge story, but since the "Subway Series" theme had been shoved down people's throats for almost 5 years up to that point, it was simply the Yankees and the Mets playing each other again. Interleague play in my mind is the perfect life example of "careful what you wish for."
  18. Please, Adidas, stop with the hideous uniforms.
  19. Mental note, it's a foul to maul the guy who stole the ball from you, but not a foul to maul the guy in order to make the initial steal. Got it?
  20. In fairness I think aside from McGary, no one thought the guys who left would be ones who left. No one saw Burke and Stauskas making the improvements they did as quickly as they did. I don't think Beilein's made mistakes recruiting, just the opposite.
  21. Call me surprised as well at the lack of replies, but man, that was one hell of a comeback. I assume Cook is gone after the season?
  22. I can't believe people are still keeping up the "bare cupboard" narrative with respect to RR. Hoke, with a bare cupboard, goes 11-2 and wins the Sugar Bowl, but then with all of his recruits and a "fuller cupboard" he can't even qualify for a bowl game? Please stop trying to perpetuate that nonsense. If the cupboard was so bare, how does he go 11-2? Either he had talent, or he's a good coach. But if he's a good coach, and he has the additional talent you say he has, then we're not talking about Harbaugh. And if you want to say the schedule was easy in 2011, then explain how they lose to Rutgers and Maryland this season.
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