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  1. Looks like Prince will be hitting in the Home Run Derby
  2. I bet that HR is not among Alex Avila's favorites...
  3. @Buster_ESPN: Oakland hoping for the best but expecting the worst, as they wait for the MRI reading on Scott Sizemore's knee
  4. I've always wanted them to make the back wall of the bullpen (the old home run fence) a little nicer (stone, brick, something) so it doesn't look so obvious that the bullpen was not originally there. I know, I am nitpicking incredibly hard, but that's always stuck out to me.
  5. I'm October of '87 so I'm right there with you, however I am, in every way, saying that they are in fact going to win the division. Let's get 'em, fellas. If the Giants could do it last year, the Tigers can ABSOLUTELY do it this year.
  6. CBC interviewed Rob Blake and Kenny Holland during game 5 of the cup finals and it sounds like Shanny will have the final say on suspensions and such, however he will be working with a panel to help with the decisions. Good to hear he won't be the only one reviewing plays. Like Dawgs said, that would be quite the thankless job.
  7. Hank would have been in the game as well, but the Wings put in a request that he not be selected so he can rest his "injured" back. Plus Dats would have been on the team if he wasn't injured. It's still a travesty, but it wasn't because they weren't chosen. Either way, I'm actually looking forward to the ASG for the first time in years.
  8. haha. Who wakes up in the morning and says to themselves, "I'm going to tell people that I'm Brandon Inge's dad today"?
  9. Solid signing. Won't be for too much (hoping sub $1M) and, if healthy, he could find a little chemistry with the Wings. He's shown some potential in the league (see his first season) but has been derailed by some shoulder injuries. Wings should have plenty to go and get another depth guy to fill out their roster. Season can't come soon enough.
  10. I couldn't disagree more. As much as people make Lilja the whipping boy, you're forgetting that he's our leading shot blocker as our 6th Dman (if you're putting big E in front of him). So many people like to say, "he's been terrible, let's trade him" rather than realizing that his defensive flubs are consistent with most 5th/6th dmen in the league. Who would you rather take his spot? Meech? Lebda? Do you really consider them big upgrades from Lilja? Also, while I do not think that he's a great fighter, he has been more than willing to drop the gloves at times which is, in my opinion, a nice thing to have. ps. The Wings sure as hell are not trading away a top 4 dman for a forward. Defensive depth has long been a priority for the wings and with Lidstrom hanging them up relatively soon, they need to stock pile as much as they can.
  11. This is the most excited I've ever been about a wings game. I've watched all of the game sevens in the finals for the past few years and every year I find myself wishing the wings would get to play in one. In my mind there is not better game is sports than an NHL game seven. Aside from Hank being in Crosby's hip pocket for the entire game, Fil's line needs to keep Malkin in check. I fully anticipate some changes in the lines throughout the game for both teams. We saw the ZDH line reconnect last game and if Pitt starts pressing a bit, we'll be seeing Malkin and Crosby out there together. Should be the game of the decade for the wings and pens.
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