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  1. I only care about the NHL but paying for the NHL package still wouldn't allow me to view the Wings because I live in the area and its blacked out.
  2. As a last resort, I knew I could easily listen on local radio or radio internet, but watching is always better. I'll try the hockey streams. Thank you very much.
  3. I cut the TV cable cord due to the constant increasing cost every year and use an antennas for local stations. The only thing I'll miss is watching the Wings games, unless I can find an alternative somehow, which right now, is visiting a local bar and I really don't want to do that. Anyone care to suggest ideas to how or what I can do to watch the live games this coming season and beyond? Thank you
  4. Anyone notice the many empty spaces in the "TV Network" category? Does this mean Fox Detroit won't be televising any games and we'll be missing what appears to be over half the season from TV? Or perhaps they simply haven't listed it yet?
  5. I tend to agree. This has been in talks for a long time with both the Wings organization and the fans wanting the East move. This entire alignment has made everyone happy. I realize Bettman is an idiot, but I don't think even he'll screw this one up.
  6. I just hope the Hawks or the Pens don't win.
  7. The wife grows a beard? I been up in the air about who I would rather they face in the first round and have yet to conclude any indifference with any of the teams. I think Chicago would have been a good series but we know that's not going to happen. I don't fear Phoenix as I think the Wings will handle them fairly well. No, not easily, but fairly well though I predict the outcome mostly one goal differences. The worse part overall is the time difference. Either way, us on the eastern time zone are screwed with late night games. I might have to take some No-dose.
  8. Been saying it along the whole season. Though, I will admit one thing about the injury issues. My only concern was WHEN the injured players would be back and hoping their injuries didn't require additional time to heal. Otherwise, I knew when they started to return, it would still require Babcock to juggle lines and require some time for the guys to develop a groove with their line mates. Then when all returned, the same applies. Once that was accomplished, they would be the powerhouse they can be and are thus far, proving to be. They handled Chicago very well when the injured stars were out and when they returned. The only problem was inconsistent defense and goaltending. They've been improving in that category the last several weeks. Therefore, meeting Chicago (if they meet) is not a concern of mine as I believe they will win and to negate the prediction of others who think Chicago will take it all......not this year.
  9. So who's pushing the panic button now? All this talk about the Wings not making the playoffs or even going very far into several rounds really displays the lack of Wing knowledge some obtain. The direction from this sport can turn on a dime and often, the Wings have proven to prevail when many never thought they would. If you check past stats, often enough, they mean very little. Ex: Osgood sucks in regular season but is phenomenal in playoffs. Howard's stats prior to the season were terrible and now he's carrying the load. Bottom line, never say die with this team. They have great players, a great coach and great fans. They know what it takes to win. Their reign is far from over.
  10. I'm searching for the pre 2006 NHL Stanly Cup logo in a high resolution and hoping someone will have it and pass it on. I've attached a link to see which one it is, though it does not have to be the exact one. I will take any year or none at all (preferably) as I want to do some modifications. Thanks for any help. http://www.tampagov.net/information_resources/sports/professional_organizations/2004_Stanley_Cup_Champions.asp
  11. I would like to put an small artwork/graphic display on the back of my motorcycle helmet. I'm not much on the creative artwork side, therefore, I am wondering if anyone would like to suggest some cool, unusual or different type of artwork/graphic related to the Red Wings? Thank you
  12. I decided a few years ago to stop attending games except for rare occasions. Fighting the crowd, fighting traffic, paying high parking fees, paying high vendor prices and not being able to follow the action as close, I prefer to watch games on the 55" LCD and go to bed immediately when it ends.
  13. I like Chelios, he has ambition and motivation but let's get real, I think it's time for him to hang it up. Perhaps keep him on as a mentor, which I know he is used for, but I hate to see Ericsson out while Quincy plays. At this point, I would also be willing to gamble with Lieno over Maltby. I can imagine Howard must be frustrated. He wants so bad to get in full time but keeps getting back to the minors. But I do believe Conklin is a good fit.
  14. That's the key. I've been to the two home games thus far (I didn't pay for the tickets) and watch many of the fans become literally irate as if they really expect something to change. If the fans went in with very low expectations, then there's nothing to become upset over. Hell, even if they were a great team, there's still nothing to become upset over, it's a freakin game...relax. At any rate, I love it for the entertainment value. I'd prefer to watch it at home on the big screen but a friend has season tickets and the wife no longer likes to go. Therefore, he takes me. Damn those concessions prices are outrageous.
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