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  1. The players union always appeal to the masses ... that's what unions do. They aren't saying much and not defending anyone by design.
  2. Brandon Inge lost his spot when we signed Fielder and when we traded for Cabrera. Guillen was forced to move from short to first when we got Renteria. Smyly got bumped for Sanchez
  3. Reports: Tigers looking to sign shortstop Stephen Drew, trade Jhonny Peralta | Detroit Free Press | freep.com According to several reports ... yes
  4. They were actively trying to move him during the offseason with a stronger defensive presence. They got great production out of him this year, but the fact remains that at this point in his career he should be playing third and not shortstop, especially with Miguel Cabrera at third.
  5. The only reason the union hasn't really came out to defend against the suspensions is because the players want this cleaned up. Did anyone listen to Scherzer a couple weeks ago about PED's. As a whole, the players were pissed that Melky Cabrera got a nice size contract after serving a suspension. Most the comments I've read by the players indicate that the punishment doesn't fit the crime, and that the players involved should have a harsher penalty. It would be short-sighted on the Tigers to trade for a new shortstop, only to bench him for the stretch drive, and then turn around next season claiming your our guy again!
  6. Seems like a big thank you is in order from the team that wears stripes on their uniforms. Confusing that Braun get's a slap on the wrist after its been proven he's a two-time offender and AROD get's a lifetime ban and the foolish commitment to him his voided, so the Yankees can get out from the luxury tax hell that contract put them in!
  7. They needed an upgrade defensively, especially with another few years of Cabrera at third. If you sign someone, say Peralta or Drew, that's 8 million dollars that could be used to pay an extension for Cabrera or Scherzer. You try to trade for Andrus and it will cost you both assets and money! Garcia and Castellanos were blocking each other, so they trade one and acquire another cost controlled player at the minimum when money ultimately becomes tighter. They are never going to be a luxury tax team!
  8. That still doesn't solve the problem heading into next season, when they'll need to field a shortstop for the entire season!
  9. Peralta is not coming back. His suspension is a season ender!
  10. +1 Peralta is at .386 BABIP currently this year, so the same argument can be made that he's been a little lucky with the bat this year!
  11. Currently Elvis Andrus has a career .680 OPS ... his 30 steals a year are nice though!
  12. That is exactly what Omar Vizquel was, I'll take it!
  13. LOL!!! Except we did the same thing by signing Garcia, Danry and Villareal for just money as you suggest. I'm sure every team in the league is kicking themselves for missing out on having better scouting and not signing those three as 16 year olds!
  14. Peralta is not coming back period. Let's not fool our selves into thinking that. He will never play here again. The Tigers don't want a confirmed "cheater" on their baseball team and taint a possible World Series! He would be a total distraction with the media as well. Time to move on Folks ... Hence The Trade!!!
  15. Peralta will never play another game in a Detroit uniform, most likely!
  16. I love this deal. We get a gold glove infielder who isn't Brendan Ryan with the bat. Maybe An Aybar type, but a solid player at a low cost. Sucks losing Garcia but his defense will make up for Nick C in left!
  17. Fister for Wells and Furbush is one spot! Ruffin on 8/17 is another spot! That's two spots. Based on statistics you could argue Duane Below was one of our top relievers last year heading into the trade deadline, doesn't mean he had any value other than an innings eater long-man, same as what Pauley was! Zack Miner looked like a decent reliever in that same role a few years back! Maybe they don't DFA him, but he was not targeted by the Tigers. We got him because the players we offered them opened up two extra spots on our roster and created a decision for them for two of their 40-man spots!
  18. Quick check: David Pauley has been traded three times and DFA ten times. He was traded three times and DFA once prior to his stint in Detroit! He was signed by Seattle as a minor league free agent in 2010, and was 28 at the time of the trade to Detroit.
  19. Pauley was nothing more than an organization filler player. Just because he put up decent stats doesn't mean he was in the long-term plans. If the Tigers made a trade which forced them to DFA two players I can guarantee Evan Reed would be one of the two players ... regardless of the stats. Which is exactly what Pauley was a journeyman reliever without an out pitch!
  20. Something tells me we toook Pauley due to the fact that Seattle was likely going to DFA the dude. We gave up three players on the 40-man roster for Fister. It was a free player most likely!
  21. Meanwhile Scott Downs is traded for Cory Fricken Rasmus and the Tigers were not one of the five teams to watch Brain Wilson Pitch a few days ago ... I give up!
  22. If Danry Vasquez was in last years draft and was putting up the numbers he's putting up in the MWL, I doubt any of the experts would be saying this was a steal. International guys tend to get downgraded because they put up pretty aweful numbers during years 16 thru 18 while the high school draftees are playing showcase baseball and generating buzz against high school kids!
  23. DISCLAIMER: While I'm not suggesting Dave Dobrowski is a bad general manager, He is pretty aweful at putting together major league bullpens. We should be signing two to three relievers per year to minor league deals and incentive based contracts and see what sticks. They generally shy away from the above such moves and every year are hunting for bullpen arms. Its a pretty aweful strategy and it keeps biting us year after year.
  24. I'm not mad at the trade, but I don't like the idea of giving away our top tier prospects for guys that could have been had for low-level commitments. K-Rod signed a minor league deal two weeks after we signed Velverde. Oliver Perez was signed for a minor league deal, Kevin Gregg was signed to a minor league deal and all those guys would have cost us a player we were willing to fork over 1.1 million dollars for when he was 16! Nobody knows what type a player Danry Vasquez will be but if I'm an Astros fan I'd be ecstatic to get a high upside prospect for a guy that gave the exact production of Phil Coke for four plus years then had a magical first half of a season. Heck Quenton Berry did that not to long ago!
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