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  1. Just saw this trade posted by a fan on a Dodger message board Max Scherzer For Andre Ethier Of Joc Pederson Of Zach Lee Rhp Chris Reed lhp Not a fan but absorbing a large/bad contract could increase the value of the return from our end!
  2. We need a legitimate loggy. Breslow or Oliver Perez should work. We should just cut ties with Phil Coke. I hope after this year we sign a cheap insurance guy with a track record for previous success like an Ardsima or Ryan Maddson that will be cheap. And a couple minor league non tender types like Tony Sipp. The Tigers weren't aggressive enough last offseason and they paid the price. I'm not saying to shell out tons of money but every mlb player is aware of our bullpen struggles and would see us as a major opportunity to rebuild their career. The pick five strategy cost us dearly when guys like Coke, Rondon, Dotel, and Albequerque were not what was expected to begin the year!
  3. Brad Asmus was interviewed for a manager position last year, not sure why the guy didn't pursue a position on a big league bench. I have a feeling his lack of experience comes up a great deal in interviews, so the part of him that didn't recognize the need to get out of the special assistant role is disconcerting for me. What does a special assistant do? Not sure why Sandy Alomar isn't mentioned when he at least has legitimate experience in a mlb dugout!
  4. I think you can trade Porcello and be fine in the rotation with Smyly. Washington needs a starter and they have a similar arbitration payment due to Tyler Clippard, throw in Espinosa and it would be a worth while deal. Porcello was useless in the post season for whatever reason, and at least with Smyly he can go back into the pen and be a valuable asset. Or you could try and fill second base with someone like Kendrick as oppossed to giving big money and years at Infante.
  5. That's a pretty meh haul. So you would be fine trading a cy young winner for a middle reliver assuming you mean Robbie Ross and a second base prospect not ready until 2015 plus a couple fringy starters. Grimm is now a Cub FYI!. Yea count me out on that. Now you have created two holes and have filled nothing except a middle relief role. No way you could sign Infante after you just traded a core player for a second base prospect!
  6. With the way this team is configured it would be stupid to trade Max. Unless you go on a mini fire sale and trade a few people I fail to see how this gives us a chance at winning next year. Take the draft pick and annual savings from what his market value is and move on. I would much rather sell high on Victor and open up the roster to more flexibility and team speed! If the goal is a World Series then trading Max significantly lowers our chances.
  7. A couple of trades Tigers receive Ian Kinsler 16 Million in 2014 Texas receive Prince Fielder 24 Million in 2014 Tigers recieve LHP Prospect David Holmberg Diamonbacks receive Rick Porcello Tigers resign Jhonny Peralta 2 years 12 million Tigers resign Miguel Cabrera 8 years 240 Million (+4 million in 2014) Tigers resign Max Scherzer 5 years 90 Million (+5 Million in 2014) Tigers sign Joaquin Benoit 3 years 24 million (+4 Million in 2014) Tigers sign Oliver Perez 1 year 3 million Lineup Jackson CF Kinsler 2b Cabrera 1B Martinez DH Hunter RF Peralta 3b Avila C Castellanos LF Inglesis SS Bench Perez UT Holiday C Tui UT Dirks OF (+ 2 million) Rotation Verlander Scherzer Sanchez Fister Smyly Pen Putkonen Ortega Bonderman Perez Rondon Veras Benoit
  8. Whoever owns the team will have a vested interest in making sure the Tigers remain a really good baseball team for the next few years. The cable deal expires in 2017, and the next deal is said to be worth at least five times as much as the current one, which generates 40 million annually.
  9. Garza fetched a nice haul and there was no compensation attached. Why even trade him at this point. You get another year paying less then market value for an ace pitcher and another legit shot at winning the World Series and at worst you walk away with a Comp A pick in the 2015 draft
  10. NO! RA Dickey fetched two top fifty prospects and James Shields turned into Will Meyers Your essentially trading three productive players if you include Omar Infante for a guy that MIGHT OPS for .800 next year playing at second base, when his true value is at shortstop!
  11. They signed him last WEAK, after Hernan wasn't grasping the english languch
  12. Only story out is an insider post by Keith Law! There is no place for plagerism on this board
  13. MODS can you please add the subsuquent roster move to the Title ... Herman Perez has been recalled
  14. It would have required a roster move, so a new thread was warrented!
  15. LOL: Does this mean he hasn't earned his secret decoder ring: LOL
  16. I still don't get the connection. Is Burke Badenhop on the list as well given his connections to Miami. Or his he a suspect because thus far every player on the list is Latino .... Or cause he's really good at baseball so he is obviously cheating! Just trying to connect the dots!
  17. Look at the ACES sports agency client list, they have had their hands all over this mess
  18. I would argue that there is far more transparency in this era then any other era, and it will only get harder to cheat. I doubt a wide angle camera lens in the 70's would have been able to get a close up of Kenny Rogers hand in the World Series. I'm sure other players in the past have gotten bombed at a country music concert and weren't taped making asinine comments then have them blasted over social media.I'm sure a star player got away leaving less than a five percent tip on a carry out order and not get it posted all over social media.
  19. Not to the extent of the steroid era. When the game's biggest stars are all cheating you have a problem! I really believe the game is cleaner then its been since I have been following. I can tell because there is a difference because now most 35 year old players are playing like there 35 and not 25. Yet the owners were still under the assumption that it was OK to give Albert Pujols a contract of 20 plus well into his 40's and AROD was getting paid until 43! Normally during the All-Star break they have union meeting with the player reps. There was many expressing to the media about wanting to get the game cleaned up ... which was the first time I have heard a loud majority actively campaigning against it.
  20. Well when Fehr was in-charge a majority of them were cheating. It's the owners that can't help them selves. They will sign a Melky Cabrera to a lucrative deal if necessary. The new union boss was saying they would fight the charges then hasn't said a word since the All-Star game, which isn't a coincidence.
  21. Or most of the players in the Union are tired of the cheating and want it out of the game. The hall of fame has pretty much wiped out an entire era of baseball. There has been so much cheating that there have been claims to the legitimacy of Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander among others, simply because they are having great careers, which is sad, unfortunately.
  22. I'm wondering if the Giants had a heads up that MLB was going to suspend Cabrera last year. They traded for Pence and it took everyone by surprise when it occurred!
  23. You said you were around college football players and that you did not see much of a difference physically from ages 19 to 22
  24. He used the college football argument, which last time I check a majority of the All-Conference awards are handed out to upperclassman as opposed to freshman. Why are the majority of these guys redshirted as freshman? Probably a little bit underdeveloped both physically, and not used the speed of the game. Either way plenty of development occurs between ages 19 and 23 in both sports.
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