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  1. I agree they probably won't trade away their top prospects. If anything I could see them making Bruce available for cost controlled options!
  2. Everyone talks about not being able to have two 20 million dollar pitchers on a roster, but does that mean its ok to have two 15 million dollar pitchers a 12 million dollar arm and one 20 million plus guy in Verlander? If Fister hit the market this year he would easily get 5 and 85. I think based on age and durability that Porcello would get around 5 years at 60 million. Both would get qualifying offers. The bottom line is that trading Max still means your going to have to most likely overpay to keep your other two starters the following year. In terms of value, I don't see much difference in two years of James Shields over Doug Fister. Or two years of Jeff Smardzija over Rick Porcello.
  3. It's year three in the Epstein/Hoyer era. I know they have moved the needle in their farm system, but their team is pretty much unwatchable! They still don't have any young arms to get excited about and beyond their big four prospects I don't see all that much! At some point they are going to have to dip into free agency beyond giving marginal 4th starter big money contracts! They clearly have enough money to make big commitments! Cano would be a nice start, which could lure Scherzer next year.
  4. They may give you the last shot at matching the contract like Anibal did, but they won't take less to stay!
  5. Or use the savings on signing help. You can get two decent bullpen arms for the six million in savings. If they deal Porcello it should be about improving the team beyond 2014!
  6. Well Nathan should be the top priority followed by Balfour. I don't think the Tigers should group the three together because their is a clear pecking order. I still have a hard time buying that Leyland went two months and a full spring training without approaching his best reliever and asking him to close games all while having Phil Coke and a straight 92 mile Velverde fast ball mixed some Smyly and Dotel to close games. I was sold a bill of goods that he didn't want to close only to find out he did want to close but was never asked? Sounds like his agent might have had to coax him into saying yes.
  7. One offseason isn't going to change the makeup of this team! They are a bunch of plodders on the base paths and should play for the home runs! In terms of fit and dollars Nelson Cruz would be the perfect fit for the sixth hole! I know he sucks in left but I have watched poor defense before and Castellanos is worse! I'd be fine giving up the pick and he could be had cheap due to the biogenesis scandal and draft pick. 3 years 33 million! In 2015 he becomes a dh and part time outfielder when both Victor and Hunter leave. I'd be fine with a Kelly Johnson/ Perez platoon at second for next year!
  8. I doubt we resign Infante. He had a career year and I believe Dave learned his lesson the last time he started handing out extensions to non star players. Since those extensions they have played the arbitration game and the Free Agent route with big signings. He isn't afraid to give up draft picks to sign free agents and that might drive the price down a little bit fir someone like Granderson!
  9. No mention of Max Scherzer by Ausmus in the press conference or DD when they talked about the players, which was kind of depressing!
  10. well I just don't see a lot of teams that need a closer besides the Yankees. I suspect Oakland, Tampa, St. Louis, Texas and Cleveland will go with in-house options. There are several other closer types that will be available via trades with how much arbitration raises are being paid out for saves. At the time, the Benoit deal was viewed as an overpay and while he had a nice season, paying him an extra 7 million because he pitched the ninth instead of the eighth is a mistake! I have no problem offering 2 years and 14 million to a handful of guys on the market, but wouldn't pay much more than that. Boston found a creative way to build a successful bullpen when the two guys that paid the most for flamed out. If we were willing to pay 14 million for a closer then we should have traded for Papelbon instead of Veras.
  11. I would not give Benoit a QO. I just think you have to wait out the reliever market. Most teams are getting away from spending big money on a bullpen and I don't see a market for that type of over payment. I felt Boras got extremely lucky to get the multi-year deal for Soriano and Benoit is not in the same class and much older! It's a buyers market for closers, no need to over pay to get one!
  12. These moves are more about opening spots on the 40 man roster then financial. They have to add Moya, Suarez, Fields, Briencio, and probably Jose Valdez to the roster or expose them to the rule five draft.
  13. The Tigers need to acquire cost-controlled players if they have plans on not being regulated to the luxury tax in future years. I think its apparent they aren't going to be able to buy there way out of this like they did from 2010-2013, especially as more money trickles down to every team with future revenues. They will have to pay an extra 30 million over last season just to keep the same team intact, most likely!
  14. Well if the playoffs are any indication, Matheny had Kelly in the three spot and Lance in the fourth spot. Both Martinez and Rosenthal are starters converted to the pen due to all the depth, but both are impact starters in the future. Both have been fantastic in the playoffs. Miller would have been in the three spot and Lynn would have been placed in the bullpen had it not been for the innings limit. Garcia might not be ready but they certainly have enough depth to dangle Lynn, who is a year away from arbitration and may qualify as a super-two this season! He seems like the odd man out from my vantage point!
  15. Except Lynn won't be in the rotation next year. If it weren't for Shelby Miller's innings limit he would have been regulated to the bullpen and they still had Jamie Garcia on the shelf and both Rosenthal and Martinez two starters more than likely ahead of him going into next season. Plus they keep drafting starters with their worthless comp picks they seem to have every year. The $7M surplus you suggest could cost them if they believe in one of their younger arms more than Lynn and could save even more! I could care less about acquiring Lance Lynn anyway. He really isn't all that great. I put him in a trade as possible candidate because more than likely St. Louis moves him in some deal to get a J.J Hardy type if that's the direction they go. But I could see the logic behind getting a pretty good one year arm in Scherzer, and getting the 28th pick in 2015, without paying as much to add a star!
  16. Well they will offer arbitration to Beltran and let him walk and replace him with a Tavares. They probably won't sign another free agent because that's not what they do. Why not use your multitude of depth to get a 20 million dollar pitcher and pay him 13 million to replace the loss of Beltran. Lynn is a fourth/fifth starter and I think they view Rosenthal as better.
  17. ey Well he's behind Miller and Wacha and MLB trade rumors speculated it so I included him in the deal. Scherzer is more than likely a one-year player and they have thrived with multiple draft picks each year and would get an ace starter for a season and have plenty of in house options to give up those pieces without blinking an eye. They added three comp picks last year and have a wealth of arms that will begin the arbitration process around the same time. I could see them doing it simply because they can and want to continue their developing and drafting pipeline in future years.
  18. Its about roster balance. I have advocated keeping Scherzer but I can see a case for moving him for the right package. If you get two cost-controlled pitchers like Lynn and Martinez and a ready to contribute second basemen in Wong then I would be all ears. Wong is blocked, Martinez is destined for a bullpen role and Lynn is approaching arbitration and he will start getting expensive and they have plenty of in house options to replace him.
  19. Well they could always use more pitching and have a ton of young arms in the fold. Plus if they trade for Max in the offseason they would still receive draft compensation if he signed elsewhere following year. They are dealing from a position of strength and could probably afford to give up a few prospects currently blocked or destined for a relief role without it hurting to much.
  20. Choo is going to get 20 million a season and some dumb team will probably give him a sixth year. I am fine dumping Fielder but I don't think you do it without eating a significant portion or taking on a bad contract in return. I would love a scenario where we could find a way to move Cabrera to first and sign Peralta to 3b. But I don't think you just pay 8 million a season to get a player off your roster and then go right back to the well and sign another free agent for a similar contract. At some point your going to need to develop some const-controlled players to replace the cost-controlled players that are now becoming expensive!
  21. I'm pretty sure they tried Victor at third in a few warmups since he was signed as a shortstop. Prince at third would be a disaster.
  22. Let's talk about dealing Scherzer, since we have a 20-game winner rotting away in the bullpen.
  23. We are not getting Stanton unless you throw in Prince Fielder and pay him 23 million for the next seven years to play in Miami!
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