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  1. Ellsbury has more of a risk for injury due to the fact he relies on speed and plays a position that requires more athleticism. If he loses his speed and is regulated to a corner outfield spot his value diminishes quickly. See Carl Crawford!
  2. How did you come up with that hypothesis? Based on those numbers Staub didn't come close matching Prince's numbers during there prime seasons. He hit 30 homers once in his career, I'm not seeing the correlation.
  3. Comparing a large population to a small sample size poses inherent risk to the theory itself. Plenty of outliers and is far from all encompassing. But of course there is more risk being fat then skinny or average! It's not rocket science!
  4. David Ortiz, Jim Thome, Frank Thomas, Giambi to an extent although he's admitted to PED use, McGuire (see Giambi) off the top of my head. Those that failed Mo Vaughn, most of the Colorado Rockies during the late 90's This is all off the top of my head so not sure how accurate!
  5. That is fine but you could use the PED argument against signing any free agent since most are in their thirties by the time they hit free agency. My argument is that as long as their is a DH role you can stick a fat guy there to play out the golden ages of his career and still have a valuable player. A free agent like Elsibury is more of a risk because he won't be able to infuse PED's in his system and still play centerfield and steal bases as he ages. He is more likely to fall off a cliff under this scenario then Fielder!
  6. I believe that PED use in the game hurt the "Fat" guys advantage they had over the average size ballplayer in terms of power and OPS. PED use created a level playing field for weaker less talented players to hit more homeruns during the steroid era. I don't think any baseball player ages all that gracefully into their thirties, but the PED era helped average size players as much if not more during the past 20 plus years especially in the measurement of WAR, assuming they were not regulated to the DH role that most "fat" players assumed during this era.
  7. We would not get a valuable piece in a Prince trade, the best you could hope for is we moved him and didn't have to pay any of his salary. If the contract was moved it would maybe allow you to bring back Peralta and Infante back for the same price even though that is probably a stretch! Peralta is seeking 15 million per year!
  8. I'm sure that all the other player's fathers have similar body types. Fielder's father is used against him because you have stats to back it up. You don't have any type of stats on players father's because their not available to you.
  9. This is a really weak argument and very speculative. The only basis of your claim is the fact you saw his father's career and was able to track his performance metrics in the same manner you do with Prince. You don't know the genetic makeup of 99 percent of the players because you have no idea who their father is. Out of the 99 percent of ballplayers whose father's never played big league baseball, I'm sure each of their son's ISO was better then what they showed on the softball diamond or the Mexican League when they were 30. My guess is Prince was going through a really tough time being on the road, away from your kids and in the process of a divorce and more then likely turned to Cheeseburgers to relieve his stress.
  10. If Fielder has a bounce back year with the bat, which I fully expect, he will be a legitimate trade chip next season. No need to give him away, especially with the crazy contact numbers flying around right now.
  11. Bronson Arroyo is projected to get a two year deal worth 24 million, so I think it's all but a lock you would offer Rick a qualifying offer given his age.
  12. +1 St. Louis had no intention of bringing back Kyle Lohse but they offered him arbitration. There was talk he was going to sign a minor league contract to get around the compensation issue that was preventing teams from offering him a fair value contract. I would love extra picks but I also like that we are becoming a class organization where players want to come similar to the Red Wings.
  13. Same with Verlander most fans wanted him gone in July and thought his contact was an albatross. I'm sure they will pop back up when his fastball is sitting at 92 on a June 2014 start!
  14. They added 400K in attendance in year one and maintained those numbers in year two plus significantly increased tv ratings in year one, which could be worth significant dollars during the next cable contract. Even if he's hated he will still generate substantial amount of coverage which only helps in attracting the casual baseball fan!
  15. Unloading Fielder will require the team to eat a significant portion of the contract and they are not going to do that! If they were able to offload him they would replace him with another bad contract like Cano. Signing Fielder helped increase revenue at both the stadium and television ratings, which one of the reasons they signed him.
  16. I have a feeling St.louis is going to get Profar and they have the right players to make it happen!
  17. He's undervalued here because he's the fifth starter, but he is going to get 10 to 12 million on the open market! Fister is going to get a contact similar to Anibal Sanchez, so your at 25 million minimum!
  18. I think I would rather lock up Scherzer then both Fister and Pocello and believe it will be cheaper by a couple million.
  19. Porcello alone should receive a young starter in return plus a reliever Something like Porcello to Arizona for Skaggs and a reliever To the Nationals for Storen and Aj Cole To Texas for Luke Jackson and a reliever Why trade for a reliever like Chapman when you can go out and sign Balfour or Nathan for the same amount of money and don't have to give up a valuable trade chip!
  20. No way he signs for that amount. I think he will get 20 million per for six years!
  21. I'm down with a Fielder for Furbush swap after we lost him for Fister!
  22. To be fair he worked in the same front office as Randy Smith
  23. Chapman is only a few years away from free agency and a main reason they want to move him as a starter. If he stays in the pen he will stand to get 8 million next season plus they have to convert his previous contract into salary ... So he's far from being cheap!
  24. Hamilton sounds like the modern version of Otis Nixon! Hopefully minus the crack face!
  25. The plan is to move him back to third when LaRoche becomes a free agent after next season.
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