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  1. I do not trust Blue Jay hitters. Not sure if it was because of Vernon Wells imploding or because two non tenders/ reclamation projects posted massive home run seasons in Bautista and Encarnacion I wouldn't go crazy for Jose but that's my opinion! Plus he is now becoming an injury prone player!
  2. A recycled name but a pretty good fit: Martin Prado, who can also play left field in a platoon if the Tigers go cheap
  3. Fix the draft. If a player enters the draft and is drafted he's that teams property, period! I hate players using college as leverage to get more money. Trading draft picks should be allowed!
  4. My three way blockbuster Nationals receive Rick Porcello San Diego receives Nate Karns Rhp, Matt Skole 3b/1b, Nick Castellanos Lf/ 3b, Hernan Perez 2b, Phil Coke LHP Tigers receive: Chase Headley 3b, Carlos Quentin Lf
  5. This is false! Illitch Holdings includes everything but the Casino and I know for a fact they file a consolidated financial statements with the IRS for every owned entity including both Olympia Entertainment and the Detroit Tigers as subsidiaries to the parent company Little Caesars. Marion is involved only in the Casino and has no part in the Holding Company and the same is true on the opposite spectrum with both Mike and Chris for fiduciary purposes.
  6. I think is very speculative to assume that Illitch treats the Tigers as some sort of sunk cost Hobby like having a train set in his basement. I don't buy that a team generates over a quarter billion in cash each year is just owning a baseball team because of some whimsical notion of winning a world series. Maybe I'm wrong but the Illitch family is investing a ton of their own money into a new hockey rink, flirted with the idea of owning the Pistons and also their own cable network. There measly 80 million dollar investment has turned into over 700 Million net worth on the ball club, and it directly affects there other business interest including a casino less then a mile away and a new proposed entertainment district within blocks of the park. Logically it doesn't make a lot of sense from my vantage point.
  7. Kinsler for Ethier makes a lot of sense for both teams
  8. I have no interest in Robinson Cano, unless the contract was less then 6 years, which isn't happening. We got lucky replenishing ourselves of that aweful contract, going back for seconds makes little sense. But I could see the Tigers doing this!!
  9. How can anyone complain about Jackson's money. He will make at least 12 million on the open market!
  10. They could get a much better offer then Porcello, plus they don't really need him anymore since they just added Kennedy and Johnson. A team like San Diego is going to want mlb ready prospects like Castellanos plus more.
  11. So now there is a rumor that Avacil Garcia banged Prince's wife
  12. That would be a PR nightmare, no way they would trade two of their biggest stars in one season!!
  13. You can always go out and get someone, Casey and Delmon we're had for virtually nothing! If the Tigers believe he has a plus bat then they need to start getting him regular Ab's in the show, they won't bring him up to platoon similar with how they handled Garcia!
  14. Castellanos will never be average at third, but he's not replacing a gold glover at third either. The risk is mitigated with Iggy and with Cabrera's versatility he can make a slow transition to the position while being able to get regular AB's as the Dh spot is now open! He's still a plus bat that can put up good numbers playing at the minimum! I would keep him for now!
  15. I would be upset because now is the time to start holding Chadd's feet to the fire and pick up some cheap young talent. As the roster ages it's crucial to replace it with young talent via the draft or trades. Plus the owners are playing with house money with the added revenue, so contacts will naturally escalate! They can't help themselves!
  16. He's going to cost about the same as Granderson and he basically Nick Swisher with a much better defensive profile. His defensive numbers suffered by playing centerfield last year. He has a better arm then Granderson and won't cost a draft pick in a very strong draft year. Plus that deal was about including Pederson who will be a very good outfielder to replace Hunter then Jackson!
  17. I have a feeling they won't sign anybody, and instead trade for someone like Ethier. They might even pay the entire tab with the condition that the Dodgers send Joc Pederson, who could replace Hunter or Jackson and is nearly mlb ready. Dirks and Porcello is around 10 million and Eithier is at 15.5. His contact would replace Hunter's in 2015 and you still get a cost controlled player back in return. You could sweeten the deal with a infield prospect you no longer have a need for!
  18. I will withdraw since I am an admitted Fielder lover, plus I'm glad I don't have to argue about his high risk contact with the Motown elite.
  19. Money is only part of the equation, getting Cabrera off third to prolong his career was of equal importance!
  20. NO, I called this trade during Shelton's August cap thread having $165 to work with and Sabertooth went ballistic on the idea. However, I thought Peralta would only cost around 8 million, which was wrong!
  21. We are definitely not done trading I could see taking a run for the final year of Pablo Sandoval's contract of 8.5 million for Porcello, Suarez, Collins. Low risk high reward, plus the Tigers aren't scared of bad defense at the hot corner! He's best bud's with Miggy, which helps
  22. This is downright shocking. No Briceno on the list plus they added both Valdez and Miller. I figured they would add Valdez becuase of the fastball.
  23. If you compare his season with Ruiz's they are pretty much identical. Both had a down year but I don't see any reason he wouldn't get paid the same numbers at his floor and could earn even more with better production over the next two years.
  24. Like a lot of jobs, coaching baseball is set up for failure. If the team wins its due to the immense talent or if a runner scores on a close play it was the correct call. Prolonged hitting slumps, easy outs at home and bullpen breakdowns usually means a ton of second guessing, since everyone is essentially right second guessing since there is no way to judge whether the alternative strategy was the correct call.
  25. These prices are the reasons the Tigers need to be in the trade market. The obvious going rate for Max is high, but the fringe starters all up after 2015 is where you need to trim the payroll. Avilla is going to get a deal at least what Martin or Ruiz got, which is around 9 million a season. Porcello is a 12 million dollar man considering what Hudson just got. Jackson is going to get at least 12. That's a lot of raises!!
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